Kate’s Wednesday Hottie

(Yes, I know it’s Thursday. This is what happens when you forget to check the calendar.)

Lately I’ve been enjoying the new series of Silent Witness. Yes, it’s all a bit glossy, and I seriously doubt any pathologist has ever been as well-dressed and all-out pretty as Nikki Alexander (not to mention those Louboutins she wear to totter around the path lab), but I don’t really care, because of Nikki’s delectable colleague Harry Cunningham. He really does make a job involving the dissection of mutilated corpses seem sexy.

I first noticed him in Vanity Fair about fifteen years ago, playing the self-absorbed (and unfortunately named) George Osborne. And then last year, I wandered in to find my dad watching Silent Witness (oh great, I thought, another grisly crime drama) and he said, “Don’t you think this guy looks like a cross between Richard Armitage and David Tennant?”

Since those are pretty much my #1 and #2 crushes, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Still can’t.

Kate’s Wednesday hottie

Have we mentioned Aidan Turner yet? No? Why on earth not!

Let me give a brief description. He’s tall, he’s fit, he’s funny, he doesn’t seem to mind getting his kit off, he has gorgeous chocolate-drop eyes, and he’s Irish.

I first saw him in Being Human, as the century-old rockstar-like vampire Mitchell, and then in Desperate Romantics as a rockstar-like Dante Gabriel Rosetti. Do we notice a pattern here?

He’s currently in New Zealand, filming The Hobbit. Er, as a dwarf. Well, that should be interesting!

Christine Stovell nominates a Welsh Legend

No, not Tom Jones this time, just to reassure anyone who was scarred for life by the hairy hunks photo. This week, for his truly heroic qualities, I’m nominating Shane Williams, the Welsh winger who made his final Test appearance against the Wallabies in Cardiff last Saturday. Wales may have lost the game, but Shane Williams ended his outstanding international career in style. His somersault across the line to score his 58th try for his country in the dying seconds of the game, thrilled his supporters but broke our hearts as we contemplated what we were about to lose. Passionate, dedicated, a strong man who’s not afraid to shed a few tears: sounds like good hero material to me.

Diolch, Shane.  We'll miss you.

Diolch, Shane. We'll miss you.

So, which hot sporting hero would you nominate?

Sue’s new Wednesday Hottie

jerome-dambrosia-at-spa-8112I have to say that I don’t usually go for men who are so clean cut as Jerome D’Ambrosio.

But he is a Formula 1 driver!

And he’s got amazing eyes.

And a great smile.

All of those things appeal to me. Jerome is a young Belgian driver (seen here with the historic Spa circuit in the background) with a great future.

He’s currently racing for the Virgin team, which needs to get itself up the grid to really give its drivers a chance, he’s 25 … and he’s got great eyes.