Today is The Day for Christina!

stos_coversmallSo it’s finally here – official publication day for The Silent Touch of Shadows! It’s a day I’ve waited a very long time for and I can’t tell you how pleased I am that it’s arrived at last.

There are some stories that are really worth fighting for, because you believe in them whole-heartedly even when no one else does. You’re sure the basic premise is sound and you have the feeling that if you revise it just one more time, it will be snapped up. And even when that doesn’t happen, you still go on believing that one day it will. For me, The Silent Touch of Shadows was one of those.

This novel started as one of those ideas that simply wouldn’t leave me alone. The story came into my mind almost fully formed (which is very rare as you all know!) and I just wrote it down. Since it’s based on a real ghost, I suppose you could argue that I had supernatural help, but I don’t know about that … 🙂

I thought the manuscript was perfect as it was after the first draft (I was very new to writing then!), but it’s gone through a lot of rewrites since (I’ve lost count actually) and hopefully has improved with each one. Along the way, I never lost my faith in it and although I put it to one side many times while writing something else, I always came back to it. And now it’s out there at last, I guess it just goes to show – perseverance does pay off!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the run-up to publication, it’s much appreciated!

Wednesday’s W is for Winning!

stos_coversmallThis week’s Wednesday alliteration is the word WINNING, as in fabulous prizes, which is what you will have a chance to do for the next three weeks!  Leading up to the paperback publication of my new novel, The Silent Touch of Shadows, we’ve decided to have some fun with weekly competitions rather than a launch party.  So we hope you’ll join in from the comfort of your home or office and even bring your own wine.  Not that we’re encouraging drinking on the job of course!

On publication day itself, Saturday 7th July, we’ll be giving away the top prize – a Kindle, pre-loaded with some of mine and the other Choc Lit authors’ award-winning novels! – to one lucky person who has entered the contest during the previous weeks and the final day.  To make it fair, we’ll put all the names in a hat and draw one at random.  It could be you!

Now for the first two weeks, we would like you to guess the answer to a question and we’ll be posting one clue a day on Twitter, Facebook and my blog to help you out.  During this time, there will also be random book giveaways to those folks that RT on Twitter, Share on Facebook and generally spread the word – so there’s a chance to win something every day.  What could be better?

So can you guess what this week’s prize is? Well, that’s the first question, and here’s the first clue – it’s something you can wear on your wrist (and it’s vaguely related to the book of course). As I said, we’ll be giving you four more clues – one each day, on Twitter, Facebook and my blog. Once you know the answer, please leave a comment on my blog (here). The correct one, plus the week’s winner, will be revealed there in a week’s time, together with next week’s competition.

Please keep checking Twitter (@PiaCCourtenay), Facebook and my blog for clues and best of luck everyone!

(And if you don’t want to wait, The Silent Touch of Shadows is available now on Kindle)

Christina x

Christina has a New Cover!

Layout 1Apart from having a book published in the first place, I think my favourite part of the process is watching the cover design take shape and then seeing the final result.  And here it is, the cover for my next book The Silent Touch of Shadows!  I’m really thrilled at how it turned out and absolutely love it!

The Silent Touch of Shadows will be a slight departure from my previous novels, as it’s a time slip story with some paranormal elements.  It’s set partly in the present and partly in 15th century Kent.  The heroine in the present is harassed by a ghostly presence when she moves into an old Kentish manor house.  Being a genealogist, she decides to do some research to solve the mystery and slowly unravels the story of the house’s previous owners and a six hundred year old love story.

It will be published in July and I can’t wait to hold a copy!