Christine Stovell nominates a Welsh Legend

No, not Tom Jones this time, just to reassure anyone who was scarred for life by the hairy hunks photo. This week, for his truly heroic qualities, I’m nominating Shane Williams, the Welsh winger who made his final Test appearance against the Wallabies in Cardiff last Saturday. Wales may have lost the game, but Shane Williams ended his outstanding international career in style. His somersault across the line to score his 58th try for his country in the dying seconds of the game, thrilled his supporters but broke our hearts as we contemplated what we were about to lose. Passionate, dedicated, a strong man who’s not afraid to shed a few tears: sounds like good hero material to me.

Diolch, Shane.  We'll miss you.

Diolch, Shane. We'll miss you.

So, which hot sporting hero would you nominate?