Henri’s new cover


Today I’m taking a little break from editing my first novel (don’t worry, dear editor, I’ll be right back!) to share my excitement over the cover for my next romantic thriller ”The Elephant Girl”, scheduled for publication next summer.

I was absolutely stunned when I saw this. It’s totally different from my first cover, so different perhaps that you could be forgiven for thinking this book was written by another person. But, no, it’s still me, and as with the first book, it reflects the setting of the story. This time partly in India and partly in London’s multi-cultural Shepherd’s Bush area.

When it comes to the details, it’s almost as if the cover designer had a direct feed to my brain (mm, a slightly worrying notion now I come to think of it…). The elephant pendant is exactly what I imagined my heroine’s necklace would look like, and putting it on the spine of the cover as well was truly inspired. The pointed paper knife hints at danger, and the colourful fabric used for the background just screams, ”pick me up!”

Hand on heart, would you be able to walk past this in a bookshop and not stop to take a second look? I know I wouldn’t.