Christina’s Novella – Out Now!

marry-in-hastesmallI’m very pleased to be able to tell you that my first novella, Marry in Haste, is now available on Kindle! It’s a Regency romance and here is the blurb:-

‘I need to marry, and I need to marry at once!’

When James, Viscount Demarr confides in an acquaintance at a ball one evening, he has no idea that the potential solution to his problems stands so close at hand …

Amelia Ravenscroft is the granddaughter of an earl and is desperate to escape her aunt’s home where she has endured a life of drudgery, whilst fighting off the increasingly bold advances of her lecherous cousin.  She boldly proposes a marriage of convenience.

And Amelia soon proves herself a perfect fit for the role of Lady Demarr­­­. But James has doubts and his blossoming feelings are blighted by suspicions regarding Amelia’s past.

Will they find, all too painfully, that to marry in haste is to repent at leisure?

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Sue Moorcroft on e-stuff

sue-on-kindleWhen people ask me, ‘Are you on Kindle?’ they generally mean, ‘Are your books on Kindle?’ I have pleasure in confirming that all my Choc Lit books can be purchased on Kindle, Smashwords, iBooks and every other kind of new technology.

But you can see from this pic, kindly supplied by my friend, Mary, that you can actually get a pic of me up on your Kindle, too, (I can’t imagine why you’d want to, but that’s not the point). This pic is on my Amazon Authors Page.

I have to say I’m really tempted by getting an e-reader, especially as so many of my friends around the globe got one for Christmas and keep telling me that they’ve bought my books with a few clicks. And I think of all the books I’d like from America or Australia and think, ‘Soon, I’m going to have to get myself one of those …’

Mary was also kind enough to send me:

sue-on-ipad-4-copyJust to prove that you can get my stuff on the iPad, too. Intellectually, I know that. I know that my books are available in just about all possible formats but, somehow, it’s nice to see proof! I like it when people come up to me at conferences and show me my books on their phones or mp3 players, too. Seeing is believing, as they say.

In a few months everyone will be able to buy Love & Freedom, too, in print or for the screen, because I got it finished and sent it in early this week. Which is why I have time to blog again. 🙂 I have just tried to add it to my Amazon Author Page, and failed. Seems it has to be published first. Ah.