Christina’s Wednesday Hottie

jack_huston4smallerIt might look like I’m monopolising the Wednesday Hottie spot, but I promise you I’m not – it’s just that Evonne is away this week so I’m swapping dates with her. She’ll be here with another delicious offering later in the month.

jackhustonsmallerIn the meantime, I give you – Jack Huston. The first time I saw this guy (playing a sort of Viking in the strange film Outlander) I did a double take. He could be Jared Leto’s brother! Their features are very similar, the hair colour sometimes the same, and they are of a similar build. Uncanny! So of course I’ve added him to the “possible heroes” pile.

I thought I’d show you photos of him with both long and short(er) hair, although I’m sure by now you know which one I prefer J Enjoy!

(Real Jared)

(Real Jared)

Wednesday Choccie Hottie (on a Thursday)

hephaistion10Slightly lost track of the days this week, so here’s this week’s Choccie Hottie a little later than planned – Jared Leto (of course – did you think I’d choose anyone else?). This guy is a veritable chameleon, with his various hairstyles and hair colours, but I still like him best with it long.

jaredlonghair2As I’ve said before, he was partly the inspiration for Killian in Trade Winds and he will no doubt continue to inspire other heroes of mine. Killian’s younger son for instance, hopefully coming next year …

Trade Winds is available on Kindle at only £2.10!

(Come back tomorrow to see what Chris has to say)