Juliet’s Olympic Thoughts

Image for Catastrophisation

This isn’t a dutiful homage to the Olympic Games – you’ll get plenty of that elsewhere. And as an antidote to the coverage itself you can always watch the BBC’s Twenty Twelve, with the wonderful Hugh Bonneville.

But what if there was such a thing as the Writing Olympics? Which events would we have?

The equivalent of the 100m and 200m sprints could be haiku poetry and ‘flash’ writing. 400m – a short poem. 1500m – a short story. 5,000m – a novella. 10,000m – a novel. 26km marathon – a saga/bonkbuster. Relay – an anthology. Javelin – unfavourable reviews?!

And who would be the medallists in each event? Difficult to pick outright winners from so many different participants. Maybe, as with sport, it’s who performs best at a given time. And perhaps all writers deserve a gold medal for ‘staying the distance’, whatever their chosen event.

Any other Olympic thoughts on writing?