Love Me for a Reason by Angela Britnell


Hands up those of you with a weakness for a smartly dressed man – yes, I’m talking to you! Nathaniel Dalton, my gorgeous new Choc Lit hero, fits the bill perfectly and he’d be thrilled to hear me say so. When I first “saw” him in his beautiful designer suit, handmade shirt, silk tie and gleaming wingtip shoes I had a little swoon, but when I picked myself off the floor I discovered why appearance meant so much to him and a niggle of sympathy crept in.

When you’ve grown up as the son of hippy goat farmers in rural East Tennessee you either follow the same path or make a one hundred and eighty degree turn in the other direction like Nathaniel. When the story begins he’s achieved most of his goals with a top notch accounting job, a fancy condo in the most sought after part of Nashville and the financial security to help out his eccentric family. When the time is right he’ll select one of the elegant Nashville socialites he routinely dates to be his wife. But we all know what happens to plans don’t we?

In Nathaniel’s case it’s Daisy Penvean. Daisy of the flowing tie-dye clothes and laid back artistic lifestyle, whose iron has been gathering dust forever. Nathaniel shouldn’t be attracted to her but can’t seem to help himself. Daisy hates the fact she fancies a man whose shoes are so shiny she could fix her make up in them. But she can’t help it either.

Outward appearance. It says a lot and yet it’s often the unsaid that means more. Maybe that’s why so many romantic heroes are men in uniform – whether it be military or fireman’s uniforms, or their own version like Nathaniel. It says something about them but leaves a layer of intrigue out there as to whether the man underneath matches the outer persona.

You’ll have to read Love Me for a Reason to discover Nathaniel’s “uniform” secrets and whether he has left the past behind as much as he thinks, or whether he ever really wanted to in the first place.

Love Me for a Reason is now available as an ebook on all platforms. Click on one of the links below to purchase.

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An interview with a hero: Ben Messina

So Ben Messina, noted mathematician and romantic hero, welcome to the blog. Thanks for coming along. First things first, tell us about that name – I’m guessing you’re not originally from Yorkshire.

Actually I am. I lived in Whitby for eighteen years and then moved to York. My mum and dad are Italian though.

So the Italians have a reputation for being a very passionate nation. Do you think that applies to you?

Well, erm, I’m not sure.

[At this point Ben starts to look around a bit nervously.]

Erm, what’s this interview for?

It’s for the Choc Lit blog – about the book you’re in.

Yes. About my book. It’s about zero. Zero is the most fascinating number you know. It’s completely different from any other integer. Do you know that the Romans didn’t even have a concept of zero? Neither did the Greeks. Pythagoras, himself…

The triangle guy?

That’s right – he never accepted that nothing could be a thing.

I did not know that. But that’s not what the interview’s about. It’s about the book you’re in.


The book you’re in – Much Ado About Sweet Nothing. You’re the hero.

What do you mean, hero? Like the men on the front of those books they have in the library – the ones with worrying hair and no shirt on.

Well not exactly like that, but it’s about love and romance and, well, you.

No. You must have got that wrong. Now my brother, Claudio, he’s more the romantic hero type. He’s completely smitten in fact with this girl Henrietta. It’s sickening. I’ve tried to explain to him that infatuation is all just a matter of brain chemistry, and it’ll inevitably pass given time, but he won’t listen. He even has the romantic hero tall, dark look. He goes to the gym and everything. It’s not right.

So you’ve never been in love.


Not even when you were younger. There wasn’t ever a girl who got away.

Well, there was one girl. She was different, I suppose. Anyway, that was a really long time ago.

And you never wonder about going back?

You can’t go back. Deciding whether to be with someone is an all or nothing thing. You can’t just flip and change. It’s nothing or everything. [He laughs.]

What’s funny?

Nothing or everything. That’s what my book’s about. I’m much happier talking about that to be honest. Love and romance aren’t my thing. I could tell you about infinity, if you want. Infinity is all encompassing. You can’t break it or make it smaller whatever you do to it. Infinity is everything. It’s bigger than all of us.

A bit like love then?

Well no. I mean love is just a neurological or psychological response to a specific human mate, based on the evolutionary imperative to reproduce and…

[Ben keeps talking. I wonder if he’d notice if I sidled away.]

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Sarah Tranter – my first post!

I cannot believe I am doing this. That I am actually in a position to be writing a post on this blog in order to introduce myself as the newest Choc Lit author. Wow. Truly wow. Yet even now it doesn’t feel real. Ever since Choc Lit said yes to my book, reality has remained the preserve of moments. Seriously incredible moments. Seriously squealy moments. And I’m not a squealy person (and I know spellchecker is telling me squealy is not a word but it should be). But I now squeal. And normally at the most inappropriate times because I have no control over when these moments of reality might hit. But anyway ― sorry! This is not meant to be a blog about squealing. So….

A pretty pic of Wiltshire

A pretty pic of Wiltshire

Hello. My name is Sarah Tranter and I am the latest addition to the Choc Lit author family. And what do you know ― I just squealed! Right. Professional. I believe I need to tell you a little about myself and my book. I’m not used to talking about myself so my advice is to skip the next couple of paragraphs in order to get to the interesting stuff about the book.

I live in Wiltshire with my long suffering husband (nobody likes being woken up at 3am as a reality moment hits their bed buddy) and our two beautiful boys. So, yes, I am a proud mum and I also write. Obviously. Not that I can possibly imagine you are interested, but before the mum and the writing bit, I worked in London in public relations although I initially started out in

2 Wiltshire boys who may or may not be related to me

2 Wiltshire boys who may or may not be related to me

politics. Still can’t quite believe that fact but yep. I did a degree in politics at Leicester,

some voluntary work for the Labour Party in Yorkshire and then a stint as a constituency researcher for a Labour MP. I loved it too.

Yet writing has always been there. If it hadn’t been for a boy (my now manly husband) changing my plans, I was all set to study English Literature and creative writing. It’s something I knew, even then, I wanted to do. It took the passing of far too many years before I got back onto the creative writing track. And then it simply happened. I still don’t know how. I was at home with my boys and at my lowest after a car accident and found myself writing a scene ― about a car accident. That first scene grew into a chapter and then more scenes, more chapters written during stolen moments and before I knew it I had a book. In fact I had the ingredients for a trilogy.

So the book! ‘No such thing as… immortality?’ is the first book in the ‘No such thing…’ paranormal romance trilogy and will be published in January 2013!

A vampire.  NOT Will but I needed a visual

A vampire. NOT Will but I needed a visual

It is Choc Lit’s first book to be written entirely from the hero’s perspective. It obviously includes a car accident but to give you some blurb, this opening book is about a community of five vampires in residence at a remote house in Derbyshire. Their community and relatively peaceful existence is shattered by the discovery that despite the fact they don’t believe in faeries, it seems that fate may have thrust one into their midst.

It’s essentially Will’s story. And he’s a vampire. Not only does he not believe in faeries but he has taken great comfort over the years in both his physical and emotional invulnerability. So from my perspective, he was long overdue a shake-up 🙂 So as not to give too much away, I will say no more. Except that I am very much hoping it is as enjoyable to read as it was to write.

So there you go. My hello and an introduction to the book. And if you are still reading this, thank you! And thank you Choc Lit and its wonderful authors for such an incredible welcome into the family ― and to my writerly (spellchecker can go and jump) friends for their support. You know who you are. Thank you!