“Run …”

easterchickEaster is here and as with all holidays, it often seems to entail a lot of running around – buying eggs, preparing special food and perhaps going on egg hunts. So the Choc Lit authors thought we’d take time out to share some of our favourite Easter memories with you.

Happy Easter everyone!

Margaret – Easter was the time for egg-and-spoon races at my children’s infant school.  Okay, that was fine, I always enjoyed catching up on the gossip as the kids raced up and down the playing field trying (and usually failing) not to drop their eggs. But then, as the grand finale of the day, there’d be the mothers’ race.  I had to go in for it. Otherwise my children would have been shamed.  My children were shamed anyway, because I always came last.  These days, they both run marathons.  Obviously, they don’t take after me!

eastersueSue – As we were an army family, much of my childhood was spent in Germany, Cyprus and Malta, but we did have an English Easter when I was nearly four. My parents took my brothers and me to stay with my Yorkshire grandparents, apparently determined to visit every single one of Mum’s relatives. The advantage of this plan was that the haul of Easter eggs was incredible! Smarties, Flakes, Dolly Mixtures, Milky Way, an egg in a mug and one in an egg cup … In chocolate heaven, I gave every scrumptious one of them the same enthusiastic welcome. And, who knows? Maybe that was the onset of my chocoholism …

LindaEaster for me always conjures up Easter Sunday and going to church in clothes that came from a shop! Let me explain …my mother was a gifted dressmaker who sewed (or knitted) all my clothes – from knickers to winter coats with pockets and fancy collars. Easter was a very busy time for her as – in the 50’s which is where this memory comes from – she was always up to her eyeballs in wedding dresses and the first of the dozens of summer frocks she made. Our sitting-room picture rail used to be hung, not with pictures but with the most wonderful clothes shrouded in old sheets. So ….no time to make anything for me at Easter. If punching the air with delight had been ‘the thing’ then, I would have. My most favourite Easter outfit was a fine wool suit – how grown up was that aged 8 years! – with a pleated skirt and a little box jacket a la Coco Chanel. The material was a very pale pink check and I had a darker pink felt pillbox hat to go with it. And white cotton socks that came from a shop – not the itchy hand-knitted things I had to wear all winter. Gosh … such sartorial memories … excuse me, there are a few days left and I’m off to buy something new ...

easterchrisChris – The Easter holiday, when my daughters were very small, saw the latest batch of hand-made cards brought home from school and lovingly presented to Mummy and Daddy.  But what to do with all those cards without hurting little feelings?  Answer, put them in a box in the loft and rediscover them years later along with home-made books such as ‘Mother Hen Lub Her Chick’ and ‘Brown Hen goes Clack Clack’.  Here’s wishing you all a Happy Easter with a vintage card from me and my girls!’

EvonneEaster memories – my grandmother was very big on celebrating Bank Holidays in what she considered appropriate fashion – and for spring and summer, that meant a trip to the beach. At Easter the weather was a really mixed bag, which could involve playing on the sand with bucket and spade, gloves and gritted teeth, as the wind howled round.

When I was very small I wouldn’t eat the shells of the chocolate eggs. I wasn’t very into chocolate at all, in fact. I’ve made up for it since. My mother blames me for her subsequent addiction to chocolate egg shells!

To be continued tomorrow …