The story behind The Girl in the Photograph


Yesterday it was paperback publication day for Kirsty Ferry’s third Rossetti Mysteries book, The Girl in the Photograph, and today Kirsty joins us on the blog to chat a little bit about the historical inspiration for the novel … 

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to finally see three of the Rossetti Mysteries in paperback. It is absolutely a dream come true, and they all look so utterly stunning together that I can’t help staring at them and, yes, even stroking the covers.

However, a book doesn’t turn into a book without a spark of inspiration, and my inspiration for The Girl in the Photograph was a lady called Julia Margaret Cameron. Cameron was a photographer who lived from 1815 to 1879. She became known for portraits of contemporary celebrities and depictions of Arthurian legends and other wonderful themes so beloved by the Pre Raphaelites that have coloured this trilogy. As the slightly rebellious nineteenth century Pre Raphaelite Movement, founded in 1843 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt (who you may remember from The Girl in the Painting) progressed from poetry, to art, to photography, so my books have followed this path. I also incorporated some later art movements in this book; Dame Laura Knight who was part of the Lamorna group of artists in Cornwall visited Staithes in Yorkshire and was part of their art community for a little while. Laura and the Staithes Group all deserved a spot in my book too.

I decided I wanted to use Cameron and her photography when I discovered a newspaper clipping hidden inside a second hand Pre Raphaelite Tate exhibition catalogue I ordered from Amazon. The clipping fluttered out as I was looking for a picture of Lizzie Siddal, the muse and lover of Rossetti.  It depicted a profile of a mysterious lady who Cameron had photographed, and there was a discussion over who she might have been. There was going to be an exhibition including this picture and the experts all had their opinions on her. I read the extract with a mounting sense of excitement. This, I knew without a doubt, was to be the premise for my next Rossetti book – a beautiful girl in a photograph, a moment in time captured in black and white and attributed to Julia Margaret Cameron. It was easy to know who would ‘star’ in my contemporary thread – it had to be Lissy, Jon’s sister from Some Veil Did Fall. The question was, what is Lissy really like? She spends all her time matchmaking, but she’s hiding some hurt from her past and has quite a brittle veneer – but then in comes Stefano, the one she can’t get over. Can he change her back to the loving girl she really is beneath all the London polish? And my historical couple – well, I couldn’t resist Julian as soon as I started writing about him. He’s a photographer capturing the last days of the Staithes Group of artists, and staying in the Dower House of Sea Scarr Hall, the home of Lady Lorelei Scarsdale. Like Lissy, Lorelei is hiding some secrets and only Julian can get close enough to discover who she really is.

So yes, I loved writing these books (which is why I did a Christmas one as well – there were only ever meant to be three originally!) and loved the way everything just slotted into them from my research and inspiration. I really hope you enjoy reading them just as much.

THGITPGPREORDERThe Girl in the Photograph is now available to purchase on as an eBook and in paperback from all good book retailers. Click on the banner above for buying options. 

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Ten quirky habits of a romance author


To celebrate release day for her Choc Lit debut Little Pink Taxi, Marie Laval is sharing her ‘ten quirky habits of a romance author’. But that’s not all. Read right until the end of the post for details of an exclusive competition too! 

Today is the day I waited so long for – the day my romantic comedy Little Pink Taxi is released. I have been talking nonstop to friends, family and colleagues about it, and have been inundated with questions regarding my writing process. How I get my ideas? How do I pick the setting for the story, or choose my characters’ names? Do I have a routine? And so on … So I thought I would try and answer some of them today.

1)   The notepad

This may seem terribly mundane, but the first thing I do when I start a new story is to buy a notepad, but not just any notepad. It has to be a French Clairefontaine exercise book. I am addicted to them, probably because they are smooth and shiny, and remind me of being at school in France. Once I have my new notepad, I carry it in my handbag, and fill it with everything and anything I can think of about the setting, the characters’ background, their feelings and motivations. I jot down random thoughts, dialogues, quotes or even poems and songs.

2)   The map

I absolutely love maps, so the next thing I do after buying a notepad is to purchase a good road map of the area where the story is set. I now have an extensive collection, including maps of Algeria, the Highlands of Scotland, Provence, Paris and Bordeaux, where my next two novels are set. I like to refer to existing landmarks but the actual setting is always fictitious. In Little Pink Taxi, Raventhorn castle and the village of Irlwick are made up, but most of the other places mentioned are real.

 3)   The hero

How strange that I always know exactly what my heroine looks like, but that I need to search the internet and flick through countless adventure, sailing, mountaineering or car racing magazines for inspiration about the hero! This is however time pleasantly spent, and undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable aspects of my research. For Marc, my inspiration was Daniel Craig …

4)   The characters’ names

Sometimes names spring into my mind even before I get an idea about the storyline, but in some cases it can take a little longer. Rosalie Heart’s name was an obvious choice as soon as I figured out her personality – kind and bubbly – and her occupation as the driver of a pink taxi. Marc Petersen’s name took a little longer to click. In fact, he was called Magnus at first – a reference to his Danish ancestry – then I decided to make his name sound more French, since he is after all half French too. The names of the hero and heroine have to fit well together, and as Marc and Rosalie sounded like a good match, I was happy with my choice.

5)   The setting

Several years ago there was a television series I liked very much which was called Monarch of the Glen and which featured a beautiful castle called Glenbogle Castle. I loved it so much that I have wanted to set a story in a castle just like it ever since. In my mind, Raventhorn – the fictitious castle in Little Pink Taxi – is identical to Glenbogle castle, and like in the series, there is a loch and a forest, and of course, the dramatic backdrop of Cairngorms.


A castle that looks similar to Glenbogle.

Unfortunately, having never stayed in a beautiful Scottish castle, I had to rely on research to get a feel for the place. That’s where the Internet is so useful. You can take virtual tours of hotels and stately homes, visit estate agents websites, watch documentaries or use Google Earth. When I have collected lots of photos, I like to create Pinterest board. You can look at the one I made for Little Pink Taxi here.


Cairngorms National Park

6)   The playlist

I couldn’t write romance without having a soundtrack for my story. Rosalie Heart loves pop music and always sings to her favourite radio station, Happy Baby Radio, when she is driving. Unfortunately she can’t sing and her choice of music drives Marc crazy. So, which songs were in the Little Pink Taxi‘s playlist? Being French, I could have included Joe Le Taxi, but I chose old favourites such as ‘Don’t Speak’ by No Doubt, ‘Can’t Fight the Moonlight’ by Leanne Rimes, Seal’s ‘Kiss from a Rose’, and songs by Sade, The Lighthouse Family and Gabrielle.

7)   The facts

I love research and could happily spend weeks reading articles, books and journals. For Little Pink Taxi, I learnt a lot about Norse mythology, got sidetracked into researching the meaning of tattoos in the Russian mafia (which I didn’t use in the end!), and of course, I read about taxi driving.

8)    The dark moments

There are days when words flow and the characters talk to me, but there are also lots of dark moments when I despair that everything I write is rubbish. When that happens, I go for a walk to clear my head or I talk the problems over with my daughter Clémence at our favourite local café. As she is only twelve, she is far too young to read my books, but talking to her usually does the trick and helps me find solutions to the problems. That’s why Little Pink Taxi is especially dedicated to her!

9)   The gift

When I come to the end of a novel I buy myself something that reminds me of the story or the characters, and this time I treated myself with a lovely scarf and tweed handbag from a Scottish brand – both pink, of course!

10) The inspirational quotes

And lastly, in times of doubt or when I have so much on I don’t know how on earth I’ll manage, I remember my mother telling me to stop moaning and ‘Take the bull by the horns’. My own favourite inspirational quote is from French author Paul Valery: ‘The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.’

Little Pink Taxi is out now and available to purchase on all eBook platforms. Click the banner below for purchasing options. 

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To celebrate the release of Little Pink Taxi, which is set in the Scottish Highlands, Marie Laval is giving away FOUR fabulous tweed corsages from Ness Clothing  to four lucky winners!

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To be in with a chance of winning, simply make sure you have read the above blog post carefully and then answer these four questions. Enter by sending your answers to

1. What nationality is Marc Petersen (the hero from Little Pink Taxi)?
2. What real-life castle was the inspiration for Raventhorn Castle in the book?
3. Which TV series inspired Marie Laval to write Little Pink Taxi?
4. What is the name of Rosalie Heart’s favourite radio station?

About the Author:

Originally from Lyon in France, Marie has lived in the beautiful Rossendale Valley in Lancashire for a number of years. A member of the Romantic Novelists Association and the Society of Authors, she writes contemporary and historical romance. Her native France very much influences her writing, and all her novels have what she likes to call ‘a French twist’!

You can get in touch with Marie on Facebook and Twitter, and why not check the beautiful photos of Scotland and Denmark on the special Little Pink Taxi Page on Pinterest?

History and Imagination: Living in the Past by Jane Lovering


Last week on Valentine’s Day we released Living in the Past by Jane Lovering – which is Jane’s first timeslip book and, rather uniquely, is set between the present day and the Bronze Age! On the blog today, Jane talks a little bit about why she decided on this particular time period and the advantages and disadvantages of writing about (not so recent) history … 

I’ve always been fascinated by history – but not recorded history. My particular love is for the history that exists before people started writing stuff down and putting ‘spins’ on it. The history I love is conjectural, where only traces are left we have to imagine what those things were, and what they were for. So, essentially, it’s a history that has already come with its own stories, because we have to fill in so many gaps with our imagination.

This is why I wanted to write a timeslip, featuring a period of history that really doesn’t give us much in the way of definite answers. It’s all traces in the soil, a few artifacts for us to argue over and some tantalising art. We don’t know whether some things were ritual, practical or ‘just because’ and writing a book is one way of saying ‘maybe this is what happened and what these things were for.’ Of course, I don’t know. Just like I’ve imagined midwinter and midsummer gatherings where ‘greater family’ would gather to trade animals and goods. I mean, it seems reasonable, they were going to need new bloodstock from unrelated animals and items that they perhaps didn’t have the means to manufacture. We have very little evidence for this, but it’s the sort of thing that might well have happened, so I’ve just pushed imagination forward a bit!  We’ve got a good idea of what the outside of a Bronze Age house might look like, but no idea what they would have had inside, apart from a hearth, so I’ve dreamed up home-carved furniture and a stack of wood, drying for winter beside the fire, meat hung up to cure in the smoke and a bed covered in woven blankets. I don’t know whether any of these things really did get stored inside, but it seems logical to think that they might.

I fully expect to be overtaken by research in the future. Fifty years ago who would have dreamed of some of the reconstruction and archaeological techniques we have today? Ground penetrating radar, geo-phys in all its glory, microscopes that can tell us what people ate and isotope analysis that can tell us where animals and people were born and raised. It’s amazing stuff.

And romance? Well, love is love and has been through the ages. Humans must have fallen in love back in the Bronze Age, just as they do now. It’s an emotion that’s necessary to human continuation, after all! Would it have been so different four thousand years ago? And as for time-travel, well, maybe that’s just another discovery we are waiting to happen …

Living in the Past is now available to purchase on all eBook platforms. Click on the banner below for buying options. 


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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! A Valentine’s Wedding Fair – Final Part by Jane Lovering


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! However you plan to spend it we hope there is plenty of chocolate to be had … and maybe a little bit of romance too 😉 

Speaking of romance we left the heroine of our Round Robin, Jess, in a little bit of a sad state yesterday when Victoria Cornwall had her turn. Now it’s up to Jane Lovering to finish the story! Fittingly, it’s also publication day for Jane’s new book Living in the Past today – you can find all the details at the end of this post so read on!

If you haven’t caught up with previous parts of the story yet, make sure you read them first:

Part One by Kirsty Ferry HERE
Part Two by Morton S. Gray HERE
Part Three by Angela Britnell HERE
Part Four by Victoria Cornwall HERE 

And, as always, make sure you read right until the end to find out how to enter an exclusive competition! 


After a few minutes of buttering up his ex wife, Mark came back to Jess and the stall. ‘Sorry, Jess,’ he said, lowering his voice so it was covered by the hubbub in the room, ‘I had to do that. Their insurance covers them against “interference”, and I wanted to make sure they couldn’t claim against us for getting them moved into the sun.’

Jess felt her heart give a tiny upward wobble. ‘You noticed that, then?’

Mark’s smile was decidedly cheeky. ‘Oh, I notice a lot more than you or Harriet give me credit for. Now, let’s get these ruined cakes cut up, clear the table and give your wonderful cake the centre stage. D’you know …’ he looked around the room at the crowded stalls, all wall to wall icing, embroidery and tea cups, like a Women’s Institute fete gone rogue, ‘I think the minimalist look might just give us the edge here.’

He was right. Amid the overdone decorations and overfilled tables, their stall, with just its understated cover, spaced plates of samples and the occasional champagne flute with its inch of bubbles, looked, Jess thought, classy. And, as the building opened for the Fair to begin, it seemed as though a lot of prospective brides agreed.

‘How lovely to have a bit of space to actually look at your cake.’ One very elegant girl, wearing a diamond large enough to be used in an industrial machine, sipped at her sample champagne. ‘So many of these stalls look so … cluttered. A bit desperate.’ She picked up one of the Buntings cards and slipped it inside her classy card holder, then popped it into her Mulberry bag. ‘Several of my friends are engaged, I’ll pass your details on to them.’ And then she was gone, on her Louboutin heels, pausing only to raise an exquisitely plucked eyebrow at the gentle cascade of chocolate that the Bobbins centrepiece had become.

Jess felt almost sorry for Harriet. An eye for detail had given Jess the ability to see things that other people didn’t always notice, and she’d seen the way Armand was looking at Jake. Jake had always had a bit of a ‘reputation’. Her friend had sort-of hinted that he’d slept his way into his current position with anyone who offered. Jess watched Jake and Armand make eye contact, and a conversation consisting entirely of eyebrow-movements begin. Jess looked across to see that Harriet had noticed too, and that her immaculate nails were now tightly embedded in the sleeve of Armand’s jacket. Oh dear. Not the relationship from heaven that Harriet always talked it up to be then. She felt a twinge of pity for Harriet, whose desire for total perfection in all things had driven Mark away – he was more the kind of man for chaos and last-minutes than spreadsheets and countdowns.

Mark brought Jess back with a small nudge against her shoulder. ‘Here.’ She looked up to see him offering her a plate, with only a few of their taster samples left on it, and a glass, containing what looked like a sample-and-a-half. ‘Nearly all our cards have been taken, and there’s only this left. Plus we’ve had loads of enquiries – reckon this has been our best Wedding Fair to date!’ Jess took the glass. Mark was holding one of his own, and he gently touched the two flutes together. ‘Here’s to the future,’ he said, quietly. ‘Yours and mine. Ours.’ And, before they drank, he gave her the smallest kiss on the top of her head, in a moment Jess knew she would remember for a lifetime.

As they sipped their champagne, Jess heard a passing bride comment on the Bobbins stall. ‘Oh look, a chocolate fountain! How very twenty fifteen!’ and she had to hide her smile behind the last morsel of red velvet cake.

Aww, so happy that Jess got together with Mark in the end. They had us worried there for a moment – but as always, the Choc Lit authors pull it out of the bag and create the perfect Valentine’s story. Well done everyone! 

If you enjoyed Jane’s part of the story, you can order her novels from all good book retailers and stockists – and Living in the Past, her new novel, is out today and available on all eBook platforms! Click on the cover images below for more details. 



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How does a passing bride describe the melted chocolate cake (which she mistakes for a chocolate fountain!) on the Bobbins’ stall?

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A Valentine’s Wedding Fair – Part Four by Victoria Cornwall


Let the countdown to Valentine’s Day commence! It’s time for another Valentine’s Round Robin from Choc Lit, back by popular demand. Five talented Choc Lit authors have been working collaboratively on a super sweet short story – A Valentine’s Wedding Fair – which we will be sharing in five parts in the run-up to Valentine’s Day (with the final part falling on the big day itself!) Come back every day to read a new extract AND enter competitions to win chocolate & book prizes.

Each author taking part has no idea where their part of the story will go, which leads to a few surprises along the way. But you’ll need to read on to find out more ;)  

Victoria Cornwall has written a fabulous penultimate part today – but, before reading this extract, make sure you’ve caught up with Parts 1-3 of the story. 

Part One by Kirsty Ferry HERE
Part Two by Morton S. Gray HERE
Part Three by Angela Britnell HERE

And, as always, make sure you read right until the end to find out how to enter an exclusive competition! 


Jess opened the fourth box. She breathed a sigh of relief. Her piece de resistance, a cake decorated with ivory lace icing, had survived, unlike her other creations which reminded her of last night’s news footage reporting the aftermath of a tornado in Nebraska. Jake arrived and she shot him an irritable glance.

‘What were you thinking, Jake?’ she said under her breath when Mark had left. How Jake got the Event’s Manager’s job she would never know. She suspected it had something to do with his habit of doctoring his CV.

Jake held up his hands in mock surrender. ‘I swear I wasn’t looking at her cleavage.’

Jess rolled her eyes. ‘I didn’t mean that, I mean putting Mark’s ex-wife’s stand next to ours. Today is turning into a disaster.  I haven’t even hung up all the bunting yet.’ Jake reached for a red sugared heart. Jess slapped his hand away. ‘This mess is your fault, Jake. If you hadn’t had your eyes glued to Harriet’s cleavage …’

Jake nodded knowingly. ‘I knew it was about the cleavage. It was difficult to avoid, Jess.’

A devious thought struck her, ‘I’ll forgive you, but only if you do me a favour.’

Jake eyed her warily, ‘What are you up to?’

‘Nothing much. I just want you to use your position as Events Manager to ask Harriet to move the stand for her chocolate cake a bit more to the left. It will give us more room.’ The sun will catch it nicely there, thought Jess. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the chocolate covering to melt.

Jake walked over to talk to Harriet and Jess returned to her boxes to see what she could salvage. Her first task was to set up the only cake that had survived. She had to admit, it was one of her best. She stood back to admire it. She had hoped to impress Mark. As if on cue, Mark reappeared carrying a box of wine.

‘I’ve had an idea,’ he said, opening a bottle and flashing her one of his sexy smiles. ‘We can give out free drinks and taster samples. If we slice up the broken cakes, no one will know what a mess they look now.’

It was a brilliant idea. Jess felt the urge to hug him. In fact she had the urge to hug him quite often these days, but had always resisted … until now. She was about to fling herself at him, when he turned round with the sharp end of a knife pointing at her. It killed the moment.

‘Here.’ He held the knife out to her. ‘You start cutting and I’ll get the plates.’

Deflated, Jess took the knife from him. She helped herself to a very large glass of wine as she began to slice up a squashed cupcake. She glanced over at Harriet’s chocolate cake. Either the wine was more potent than she had expected and it was distorting her vision or the top tier was already beginning to slide. She hoped it was the latter.

Unfortunately, Mark had noticed too.  He rushed over to rescue Harriet and arrived just as the top tier slid slowly forward and onto her dress. Jess downed another glass of wine as she watched Mark fuss around Harriet. She wasn’t sure what upset her most, that they appeared to be enjoying each other’s company or they were doing it amidst her favourite chocolate recipe. Could the day get any worse?

Oh no – poor Jess! And there’s only one more part of the story left for her to get her happily ever after. Let’s hope Jane Lovering is kind to her tomorrow … it is Valentine’s Day after all 😉 

If you enjoyed Victoria’s part of the story, you can find her novels on all eBook platforms – and The Thief’s Daughter is also out in paperback and can be ordered through your local book shop! Click on the cover images below for more details. 

Image of both books


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What happens to Harriet’s chocolate cake? 

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A Valentine’s Wedding Fair – Part Three by Angela Britnell


Let the countdown to Valentine’s Day commence! It’s time for another Valentine’s Round Robin from Choc Lit, back by popular demand. Five talented Choc Lit authors have been working collaboratively on a super sweet short story – A Valentine’s Wedding Fair – which we will be sharing in five parts in the run-up to Valentine’s Day (with the final part falling on the big day itself!) Come back every day to read a new extract AND enter competitions to win chocolate & book prizes.

Each author taking part has no idea where their part of the story will go, which leads to a few surprises along the way. But you’ll need to read on to find out more ;)  

Before the weekend Kirsty Ferry and Morton S. Gray set the scene and left us in the midst of drama (Read Part One by Kirsty Ferry HERE  and Part Two by Morton S. Gray HERE). Where will Angela Britnell take us today? Read on to find out … 


‘Oh, Mark how terrible! All your beautiful cakes are ruined. I’m dreadfully sorry.’

Jess ordered herself not to be a witch for thinking that if Harriet’s fake eyelashes fluttered any faster they’d take flight. Mark stood with his mouth gaping, sympathy for his ex-wife oozing from every pore and she itched to smack some sense into him. Seriously?

‘We’re mortified aren’t we, Armand? We’ll help you get all this cleaned up.’

‘But, chérie—’

Harriet rested one elegant hand, showing off her manicured blood-red talons, on Mark’s shoulder. Jess’s self-control strained with the effort of not swatting it away. ‘Being business competitors is one thing but it’s nothing personal.’

Jess snorted in disgust and the other woman’s mask slipped briefly before the practised smile returned. No one else noticed. Stamping her foot would be juvenile but Jess might as well be one of the blobs of pink icing oozing out of the upturned boxes for all the notice anyone was paying her.

‘Don’t worry.’ Mark’s soothing tone irked her. ‘I’ve got my secret weapon here.’ Jess’s back received a friendly pat. ‘She’ll work her usual miracles. You take care of your own display. We’re good aren’t we, JJ? Accidents happen.’

She grunted something he could take as agreement and Harriet’s smirk deepened. Before the ill-fated wedding Mark’s new fiancé buttonholed Jess and spelled things out in no uncertain terms.

You’re in love with Mark. I recognise it but he doesn’t because he’s a man and they never see the sweet, loyal girls who’re always there as anything more than a vaguely female version of their mates. I’ll make something of him that you never could. Stick to making cakes and keep your puppy dog eyes to yourself.

‘Armand, let’s get ready to amaze our customers.’ Harriet’s gaze swept over Jess’s faded pink vintage floral dress. ‘The whole shabby chic thing works well on you, dear.’

The sly dig reminded her of Pippa Warrington at primary school who pretended to admire Jess’s newly chopped off hair, courtesy of her older brother’s attempt to emulate Vidal Sassoon, while tossing her own enviously perky blonde ponytail.

‘You all right, JJ?’ Concern laced Mark’s deep voice and Jess forced on her friend/efficient employee smile. ‘We’ll make this work.’

‘Of course we will. Let’s see how bad the damage is.’ She lifted the first box onto the table and prised off the lid, unable to suppress a sharp intake of breath.

‘You spent hours on those.’ The miniature fairy cakes were a smashed mess and all the spare icing and decorations they’d brought along couldn’t save them. ‘She manages to spoil everything doesn’t she?’

In spite of the cake disaster Jess’s heart did a little flip. Maybe Mark wasn’t a lost cause where it came to Harriet after all. A ring of steel settled around her spine. She’d overcome far worse than this in her life including a childhood spent in care and a dangerous drift along a bad path until baking saved her. ‘Only if we let her and we won’t.’ Mark’s expression softened and he rested his big competent hands on her shoulders. For a wonderful moment Jess was only aware of his deep brown eyes and warm smile.

‘The pièce de résistance. The star of the whole wedding show.’ Harriet’s gloating voice pierced Jess’s happy glow.

As she jerked around Mark’s fingers dug in, willing her not to grab his ex-wife by the throat.

The magnificent chocolate cake complete with cascading creamy white icing roses was a work of art. Jess’s own prized recipe in its full glory. She met the challenge in Harriet’s gaze. For some reason the other woman wasn’t giving up her claim on Mark anytime soon. Bring it on. You don’t know who you’re tangling with but you’re about to find out.

Well if Harriet didn’t annoy you already, Angela Britnell has certainly exposed her truly manipulative and scheming side. Poor Jess! We hope she gets the ending she deserves but there are still two parts to go, with Victoria Cornwall adding her part tomorrow. Anything could happen!

If you enjoyed Angela’s part of the story, you can find her novels and novellas on all eBook platforms.Click on the cover images below for more details. Also make sure you keep an eye out as we’ll be revealing further details about an exciting new release from Angela Britnell very soon!



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A Valentine’s Wedding Fair – Part Two by Morton S. Gray


Let the countdown to Valentine’s Day commence! It’s time for another Valentine’s Round Robin from Choc Lit, back by popular demand. Five talented Choc Lit authors have been working collaboratively on a super sweet short story – A Valentine’s Wedding Fair – which we will be sharing in five parts in the run-up to Valentine’s Day (with the final part falling on the big day itself!) Come back every day to read a new extract AND enter competitions to win chocolate & book prizes.

Each author taking part has no idea where their part of the story will go, which leads to a few surprises along the way. But you’ll need to read on to find out more ;)  

Yesterday Kirsty Ferry started us off with Part One (which you can read HERE) and today Morton S. Gray takes over. What drama will unfold at the Valentine’s Wedding Fair? Read on to find out … 


Straight in front of Jess and Mark, parked to unload outside of Valentine Manor was a van emblazoned with the Bobbins logo. Harriet had arrived already.

Jess heard Mark sigh heavily. She guessed it wasn’t much fun being confronted on a regular basis by the biggest mistake of your life in the form of your ex-wife, who just happened to be a competitor for the same customers.

She turned to her boss. ‘Come on, let’s get unpacked. We’re going to be in the same room all day, so we may as well get the first meeting with Harriet and Armand out of the way.’

‘Guess so. I just felt my heart sink to my boots yet again.’

‘Look, if I’d said anything to you before you married her, you wouldn’t have listened to me … would you?’

‘They say love’s blind and it’s so true.’

It got worse when they got inside Valentine Manor. The beautiful ballroom, decorated in pink and white, where normally the wedding receptions were held was chaotically full of people and boxes. The wedding fair opened at ten and the retailers were rushing to get organised before the public arrived.

‘We’ve got stand twenty. It should be in the middle, opposite the main doors. Jess struggled to see past the boxes she was carrying. Mark followed behind her with an equally heavy load as they dodged past the other stall holders.

The awful truth dawned on her. Bobbins had been placed right next to the Buntings stand. Harriet must have spoken to Jake the Events Manager about prime positioning in the room too. Jess felt her own heart sink to her boots.

It wasn’t just the competition or the frosty relationship between Mark and Harriet after their divorce that worried Jess, but the fact that Bobbins had chosen bright red as the predominant colour for their display. Jess suspected that being right next to the tall red plastic shelving on Harriet’s table, Buntings’ display might look rather more shabby than chic.

She concentrated hard on smoothing the rosebud embroidered tablecloth on their own stand, trying to ignore that Harriet was watching her closely and was wearing a red apron with a heart-shaped top, showing an ample amount of cleavage at the V of the heart.

After piling up their food boxes on the table and pulling a have you seen that face at Jess, Mark went to park the van, leaving her to arrange the tasty delicate stock. She’d begun to assemble the cake stand centrepiece when Jake, her best friend Ellie’s dishy brother came walking towards her. Jess felt her heart rate accelerate.

‘All okay? Do you have everything you need?’ He appeared to be talking to Jess, but her smile was lost on him as his eyes were firmly fixed on Harriet’s cleavage. Hmm … maybe she wouldn’t be going for a drink with him after all.

Jess wasn’t the only one to notice Jake’s fixation with Harriet’s ample chest. Armand barged between the two stands to position himself in front of Harriet with a thunderous expression directed at Jake. As he pushed between the two stands, he didn’t seem to realise that his elbow had connected with the piled-up plastic food boxes on Buntings’ table. Jess watched with open-mouthed horror as her carefully prepared cakes, truffles and canapes went into an avalanche slide over the back of the stand with a sickening crash.

Having seen what had happened as he returned to the stand, Mark came flying across the room to confront Armand, who was still oblivious of what he had done and seemed about to challenge Jake for ogling Harriet.

Jess was frozen to the spot, torn between going to see if anything could be salvaged from the toppled food boxes and waiting to see if she needed to break up a fight.

Disaster! What a fabulously dramatic second part from Morton S. Gray. Question is, are you Team Buntings or Team Bobbins? We think we already know the answer! Come back on Monday when Angela Britnell will be taking over. Will punches be thrown? Will cakes be salvaged? You’ll have to wait and find out! 

If you enjoyed Morton’s story, you can purchase her debut novel The Girl on the Beach on all eBook platforms. It’ll also be out in paperback in April! Click on the cover image below for more details. Also make sure you keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we’ll be revealing further details about an exciting new release from Morton S. Gray. Stay tuned!



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A Valentine’s Wedding Fair – Part One by Kirsty Ferry


Let the countdown to Valentine’s Day commence! It’s time for another Valentine’s Round Robin from Choc Lit, back by popular demand. Five talented Choc Lit authors have been working collaboratively on a super sweet short story – A Valentine’s Wedding Fair – which we will be sharing in five parts in the run-up to Valentine’s Day (with the final part falling on the big day itself!) Come back every day to read a new extract AND enter competitions to win chocolate & book prizes.

Each author taking part has no idea where their part of the story will go, which leads to a few surprises along the way. But you’ll need to read on to find out more ;)  

Kirsty Ferry is the author start us off this time! Remember to read right until the end to find details of the competition. 


‘It’s a good location,’ Jess’s boss, Mark, said to her. ‘The name should attract a few people anyway.’ Jess worked at a caterer’s, and was preparing some samples to take along to a Wedding Fair at Valentine Manor, a local stately home that had been turned into a wedding venue.

She’d been in the kitchens mega-early icing some tiny fairy cakes, decorating each pink and white morsel with a red sugar heart and they almost looked too good to eat. She’d also made a gorgeous red-velvet cake in the shape of a heart, and Mark was helping her load the candy-floss coloured van up. As well as the cakes, they’d made little chocolate truffles and neat canapes that melted in the mouth. It all looked very tasty and Jess knew it would look even better when they’d set everything up.

‘Here, don’t forget the cake-stand,’ she said, handing Mark a vintage rose-patterned three-tier china stand. They prided themselves on a shabby chic sort of presentation, and she also had a surfeit of bunting and floral paper plates to decorate their stall with.

‘Our centrepiece,’ he said with a smile. ‘Can’t leave that behind. Okay. Are you ready?’

‘Yep. Who’s driving?’

‘Me. You’ll take a corner too quickly and shatter the cake stand in the back.’

‘Once! Once I did that. And you can barely see the join. Especially with a paper doily on top.’

‘Superglue is a wondrous invention,’ Mark said solemnly. ‘Come on then. Let’s get there before Harriet does.’ His face closed up as he mentioned his ex-wife. She’d taken all the tricks of his trade – and Jess’s to-die-for chocolate cake recipe – and set up a rival company.

It seemed at every Wedding Fair Mark and Jess attended with Buntings, Harriet was there, with her new company, Bobbins, and her new boyfriend, Armand. It seemed as if this fair at Valentine Manor would be no exception. Jess had become something of a website stalker and kept close tabs on Harriet and her up-and-coming events pages. She knew without a doubt Bobbins and all its associated dreadfulness would be there today.

‘Never mind Horrific Harriet. At least I made sure we got the best stall.’ Jess’s best friend’s brother, Jake, was the Events Manager and she’d pulled a few strings to get Buntings centre-stage. She only hoped that Harriet would stay out of their hair. She couldn’t abide the woman – never had been able to. Jess had, in fact, been the world’s most miserable wedding guest. She’d had to bite her tongue to stop herself from screaming in the church: ‘Don’t do it! She’s just vile!’

‘So how did you manage to get us the top spot at Valentine Manor, then?’ Mark gave her a comical, side-long glance and she laughed.

‘I may or may not have agreed to go for a drink with Jake. Note – may or may not I’m not being accused of nepotism.’

‘So you say,’ said Mark and turned his attention to the road.

‘So I say.’ Jess turned her own attention to the scenery as they drove towards Valentine Manor.

She’d had a really good feeling about today for some reason.

And that feeling lasted until they pulled up in front of the manor and began to unpack their nibbles…

We’re loving the way this story has started off! Cake and Valentine’s Day – what a match made in heaven. But we get the feeling that ‘Horrific Harriet’ might have a few tricks up her sleeve. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow when Morton S. Gray takes over to see how this plays out …

If you enjoyed Kirsty’s writing, you can find her books available to purchase from all good online book stockists and retailers. Click on the image below for purchasing options. 


Kirsty’s upcoming novel (and second in the Hartsford Mysteries series) will be out on 3rd April but is available to pre-order. Click on the cover image for buying options. 



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What is the name of Harriet’s new boyfriend? 

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Lynda Stacey’s Top 10 tips for becoming an author!

all 3 books

Yesterday we celebrated the paperback release of Tell Me No Secrets by Lynda Stacey and today we have Lynda on the blog sharing her top 10 tips for becoming an author! Aspiring authors, take note! 

When I began writing Tell Me No Secrets, it was a very different book. The whole story was different, it had totally different characters and a whole other plot going on. But the more I wrote, the more Kate Duggan screamed to become the heroine of the book. She just stood out, her personality was huge and after months and months of writing the initial story, I literally deleted it all and brought Kate Duggan forward to take the lead role … and now I’m so happy that I did. The story is now better for the changes and I’m really excited to have this book released as a paperback.

Kate is quite a complex heroine but I love her. Her back story is extensive and we join her at a time in her life when things really should be getting easier … not more difficult. She’s in a relationship with Rob, her fiancé. She’s about to start a new job, the first she’s had since being involved in a massive car accident that not only killed her only brother, but paralysed her sister and left her, Kate with the most horrendous red, puckered scar that had carved itself across her jawline. This whole event has left Kate with OCD, and I found this a really useful tool in the crafting of her character.

And with this in mind, here are my Top 10 tips for becoming an author…!

  1. Read as much as you can. Read widely, and read multiple genres. Look at how other writers construct their books. I’ve read for years and years. You could say I’ve been in training for being an author since I was around 4 years old.
  2. Write about something you are passionate about …!
  3. Don’t be afraid to start again. I’d written around 20,000 words when I decided that Kate Duggan just had to be the main character and no, I don’t regret the deletions.
  4. Stop talking about writing a book … sit down … and write. It isn’t going to write itself.
  5. Don’t show your writing to anyone else until you at least have a beginning, a middle and an end. I can guarantee that by the time you get even close to the end, you’ll have altered parts of the beginning and middle at least three or four times.
  6. Don’t send that first novel off the moment you’ve typed ‘THE END’. My advice is to put it away, start writing something new and come back to it after a couple of months with fresh eyes.
  7. Get a professional critique. I really can’t stress this enough. I had my work critiqued by the lovely Jane Lovering, who was amazing. I can honestly say that her critique gave me all the tips I needed to move my novel forward.
  8. Exercise patience. It takes months for agents or publishers to make decisions. Unfortunately, your work is not the only manuscript on their desk. Take the time to write something else.
  9. Build your social media profile. Follow people on twitter, create a professional author page on Facebook and above all else, keep your tweets/posts professional. Don’t get involved in politics or controversial subjects.
  10. Finally, DON’T ever give up. If you get rejected, write something else and try again. The first novel I ever wrote was rejected … it’s now been rewritten and is the second novel that I had published… Its title: Tell Me No Secrets

About Tell Me No Secrets: 


Can a secret be worse than a lie?
Every time Kate Duggan looks in a mirror she is confronted by her guilt; a long, red scar reminding her that she was ‘the one to walk away’ from the car accident. Not everyone was so lucky …
On the surface her fiancé Rob is supportive – but the reality is different. He’s controlling, manipulative and, if the phone call Kate overhears is anything to go by, he has a secret. But just how dangerous is that secret?
When Kate begins work at a firm of private investigators, she meets Ben Parker. His strong and silent persona is intriguing but it’s also a cover – because something devastating happened to Ben, something he can’t get over.
As Kate and Ben begin their first assignment, they become close. But, what they don’t realise is how close to home the investigation will bring them, or who will be hurt in the process …

Buying links: 

Amazon UK:

For more on Lynda Stacey:
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018 from Choc Lit


Merry Christmas everyone, Happy Holidays!
Thank you for all your fabulous support in 2017. We look forward to sharing more exciting releases and fabulous Choc Lit & our new Ruby books with you in 2018.

Love from the Choc Lit Team x
(Lyn, Lusana, Sarah, Jane O, Liz, Jane E, Pia, Paul, Marie, Jessamy & Berni)

And now for some messages from our Choc Lit Santas …

juliet Santa photo Juliet Archer:
“Wishing all of you Choc Lit cheer at Christmas, and some great reads in 2018!”
The Importance of Being Emma
Jan Santa photo Jan Brigden:
“Thank you dear readers for your terrific support this year. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year, full of joy, peace and good health (with the odd choccie or two for good measure, of course!) Enjoy the festivities!
As Weekends Go
Angela Britnell - Santa! Angela Britnell:
“Wishing all our wonderful readers a peaceful and happy holiday season and an excess of books and chocolate!”
You're The One That I Want
Valerie Olteanu - Isabeall Connor - SantaLiv Thomas - Isabella Connor - Santa! Isabella Connor (Liv & Val): 
“Nollaig shona dhaoibh.
Wishing all Choc Lit readers and their families, a wonderful Christmas, and a happy 2018.”
An Irish Promise
Victoria  Cornwall Santas Victoria Cornwall:
Thank you to all those who have read my debut novels this year. I am humbled you chose to read them and very grateful for the support you have shown me. To all Choc Lit readers, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy,  prosperous and healthy New Year. You are all amazing.”
Christina Courtenay - Santa! Christina Courtenay:
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Hope you have time to relax with a good book in front of the fire; chocolate, wine, mince pies or other goodies to hand – enjoy!
Velvet Cloak of Moonlight
Kirsty Ferry - Santa! Kirsty Ferry: 
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year, all filled with only good things. Lots of love, Kirsty xxx”
A Little Bit of Christmas Magic
Kathryn Freeman - Santa! Kathryn Freeman:
“Christmas greetings to all our lovely readers. I hope Santa brings you both a first and A Second Christmas Wish. And that 2018 will be a fabulous year for you. All it takes is A little Christmas Faith ☺”
A Little Christmas Faith
Morton S Gray - Santa Morton S. Gray:
Wishing all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018. Thank you for supporting The Girl on the Beach this year. Hoping you have a peaceful and fun time whatever you choose to do over the Christmas season. May your troubles find resolution and your dreams come true. Mx
Liz Harris - Santa Liz Harris: 
“Dear Readers, Thank you for your friendship and support throughout the year.  I hope you’ve all had a truly wonderful year – a year full of happy memories.  Hopefully, 2018 will be an even better year for you.  A happy, healthy 2018 to you and your families – may all of your dreams come true. Love, Liz xx”
Little Girl Lost
Caroline James - Santa Caroline James:
“Warmest wishes to each and every Choc Lit reader, may all your Christmas dreams come true in 2018, Caroline xx”
The Best Boomerville Hotel
Margaret James - Santa Margaret James:
Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given Choc Lit authors this year. We really appreciate your feedback, comments and reviews, so please keep them coming? We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with peace, love, happiness and delicious things to eat. All the Choc Lit and Ruby authors are looking forward to entertaining you in 2018 and in the meantime we’re sending you virtual chocolate and champagne!
Girl in Red Velvet
Marie Laval - Santa Marie Laval:
“A very French Joyeux Noel and all Best Wishes for the New Year!”
Little Pink Taxi
Jane Lovering - Santa! Jane Lovering: 
A huge thank you to everyone who has supported Choc Lit this year, readers, reviewers, bloggers, reading panel, even people who just come to look at our photos and laugh. Let me wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2018 to come!”
Christmas at the Little Village School
Hannah Pearl - Santa Hannah Pearl:
“Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and best wishes for 2018.  I’m so happy to have joined the Choc Lit family this year, and look forward to all of the wonderful stories that the next year will bring from this lovely team.”
Little Black Book
Lynda Stacey Santa - Santa Lynda Stacey:
Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas… along with lots of turkey, sprouts, figgy pudding and mince pies..! (Obviously not on all the same plate) xxxx”
House of Christmas Secrets
Berni Stevens - Santa Berni Stevens:
Wishing you all a fabulous festive time and lots of happy reading! Love Berni xxx
Revenge is Sweet
Christine Stovell - Santa Christine Stovell: 
“Nadolig Llawen!  Wishing you every happiness for Christmas and the New Year.”
Follow a Star
Carol Thomas - Santa Carol Thomas:
“I wish you a merry Christmas filled with festive cheer, and a very happy new year. I can’t wait to share my Ruby Fiction book with you in 2018 – proving that dreams can come true!”
Regret Me Not
Evonne Wareham - Santa Evonne Wareham:
“Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas, and a brilliant New Year, with time to read the books you enjoy most and maybe to find a few new authors too.”
What Happens at Christmas