Kate Johnson’s incredibly exciting Christmas present

Up until now, my most exciting ever present was a pair of kittens (to clarify, they didn’t come in a box; I got a card saying We Owe You One Cat from my parents. I bargained them up to two). Now, no disrespect to said kittens, but I think they might have a challenger.

I’ve just been sent the cover for The Untied Kingdom. Behold!

The Untied Kingdom cover

It’s absolutely perfect, from the tattered flag to the bleak landscape. I love the light and dark, and the detailing around the title. And I really love that the couple are shown in silhouette, so you’re not coloured by anyone else’s vision of how they look before you read the book.

And because it’s Christmas, I’ll share a picture of my other best ever present (I didn’t mean it, cats, I love you just as much as the new book cover!).

Sugar & Spike making first contact

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

10 thoughts on “Kate Johnson’s incredibly exciting Christmas present

  1. Haha, yes Sue, it is, isn’t it? While she spends most of the book in khakis, that skirt outline is actually quite appropriate to the general feel of the book which I envision as having a rather 1940s, clothing rationed look.

    Hero also has unkempt hair, which is entirely right too!

  2. Brilliant cover, another triumph for Choc Lit – if there was ever a competition to award a publisher a prize for the best covers, Choc Lit would win. The cats are lovely, too! So happy Christmas all round!

  3. Thanks guys! It really is gorgeous, isn’t it?

    And of course, yes, that picture of Sugar & Spike is one of my favourites. Their first day in the house–after this they went back inside the box and hid there for a bit! Tinker, our resident old man who Sugar’s about to bump noses with, was entirely unimpressed.

  4. Gorgeous cover, Kate, I’m not surprised you’re pleased! Choc Lit have done it again, brilliant! The kittens are lovely too, but my best ever present was probably a puppy, which I’d prefer any time. (He was supposed to be for my kids, but I was the one who wanted him really).

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