A Rocky Horror Halloween: Final Part by Kirsty Ferry

It’s time for this year’s Halloween Round Robin! And this year we have not one but TWO fabulously spooky tales written collaboratively by eight talented Choc Lit and Ruby Fiction authors to share with you 👻 We’ll be sharing one today and one tomorrow – keep an eye on the blog so you don’t miss out! 

Victoria Cornwall really left poor Bella in the lurch in the last extract – and now it’s up to Kirsty Ferry to finish things off, one way or another 👻 This is the final part of our Round Robin for today but we’ll be back with a new story tomorrow for Halloween itself! 

Remember to read right until the end to find details of the competition! 

A Round Robin is best enjoyed if you read each part in order.
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The room swam before her eyes, and the ceiling was pressing down on her. The chanting was growing louder and within the weird incantations, she heard faint snatches of words she half-remembered from the Rocky Horror Show. These ghouls were going all out for it –she had to give them credit for that. They were taking some sort of evil pleasure in making her remember the show, remember that the show was what had led to this – her very probable demise.

It had been a hell of a lot more fun when she’d been in the show – right up until she’d been attacked backstage.

Magenta. The strong, sassy French Maid. The one who survived at the end of the show. The one who disappeared in that space ship thing with …

‘Riff Raff!’


Bella turned her head painfully as the cat came right up to her. She stared at it, eye to eye, and something else floated into her head: the words of one of the songs she’d belted out with Frank ‘n’ Furter, Brad, Janet, Riff Raff and Columbia.

Something about how, in just seven days, they could make Rocky a man.

Well she didn’t have seven days. She had approximately seven minutes, if she was lucky.

‘Can I make you a man, Riff Raff? Can you save me?’

It wasn’t even funny. But the cat was looking at her strangely, and it pushed its face right up to hers. It’s eyes locked onto her, and she stared back at it.

Suddenly, her mind filled with images of the show, rushing at her like a whirlwind. The mad antics of them all as they tried to do a synchronised Time Warp or jiggle feather boas in time with one another; the laughter as they all painted their faces with absurd make-up and squeezed into basques. The face of the guy who had played Eddie – the bad-boy biker who had roared onto stage and taken her breath away in more ways than one.


She had deliberately pushed him out of her mind – when she’d been hobbling around in that stupid cast, he’d disappeared abroad for a holiday job, and she never saw him again. They’d written to one another, but that had gradually dwindled away as university and new friendships took over for them both.

He was the one who had told her that Justin had been the one to push her over – Justin, who fancied her in her French Maid’s outfit to a worrying degree. Justin, who had played Rocky and thought that she should fancy him back as he posed in his tiny gold lamé outfit.

Well she hadn’t. She had been more into the leather-clad, toned body of Max.

And that was when the warning bells had really started to ring tonight, if she was entirely honest. Justin would never have been seen dead in the role of Frank ‘n’ Furter. Frank didn’t get the girl, did he? Rocky got the girl. And Eddie got the girl. Sure, Eddie got chopped up and cooked for dinner, and Rocky threw himself off a tower, but they both got girls.

‘Max?’ Her voice was almost a whisper. ‘Is it you?’

This place was messing with her, it really was. How the hell could Max be a bloody cat? How?

The cat blinked and pressed its cheek close to hers.

There was a spell on the place, there had to be. Some sort of hex that was confusing her and churning all this stuff up from the darkest recesses of her mind. She took a deep breath and tried to think logically, if such a thing was even possible.

From the corridor came a steady thump, thump, thump as the footsteps of her demonic captors edged closer. Her heart began to pound and she closed her eyes again, praying to anything that might be listening.

Okay, if she was truly stuck in Rocky Horror Hell, what did they do to make Rocky come alive. What did they do? There was a spark of life, she seemed to remember, that fizzed him alive. And there was another song – she’d loved it, loved the idea of it, but she hadn’t been part of the group that sung it. About how you shouldn’t just dream it, you should be it …


The cat seemed to be encouraging her, nodding, almost.

She remembered standing with Max in the wings, their fingertips touching as they smiled out at the rest of them on the stage. So, feeling completely ridiculous, she started singing the song quietly to herself.

The footsteps outside stopped, and Bella, aware of the pause, dared to look at the cat. It moved away from her and melted into the shadows. It was deathly still now, and even Mike’s voice had stopped and the phone lay silent.

This was it. She was going to die any minute, and she wished with all her heart that the cat really was Max, and her lovely positive song had made a difference. But no. Instead, she was going to die here alone, all murdered and abandoned.

Then a bright light burst from the shadows and the almighty roar of an engine shattered the silence of the room. Bella screamed, and tried to curl up into a ball as the room was illuminated by the headlights of a black and silver Harley Davidson. The bike shot past her and broke down the doorway where the demons were lurking.

She watched in horror as the man on the bike, all dressed in black, drove straight into the fake Rocky cast and scattered them like ninepins. He held a stake like a jousting weapon and stabbed them, one after another, and they exploded into clouds of dust.

Then he skidded the bike into a 180 degree turn and faced Bella.

‘Hey. That was a fun reunion, wasn’t it?’ The man grinned and dismounted, then he walked over to where Bella lay. He knelt down and offered her his hand, then pulled her to her feet. ‘Long time, no see, Magenta.’

‘Max? Max! It is you.’ Bella stared at him and her heart bounced around in her chest again. ‘You were. You were the cat!’

‘Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t. I just know I got an invite to a reunion – and I didn’t even particularly like some of the cast ten years ago. Are you pleased you came?’

‘Hell, no!’ Bella stared at him. ‘Where on earth – where on earth did you learn that?’

She was barely aware that the rooms were crumbling and disappearing around her and she was no longer in a spooky, Gothic house, but right in the middle of a graveyard. But the moon was shining and the dead couldn’t hurt her.

‘Where?’ Max grinned and she realised she was still holding his hand. Neither one of them seemed in any hurry to let go. ‘After we did Rocky, I got the urge to go to Transylvania. The rest, as they say, is history. Now – we’ve got a few years to catch up on. Can I offer you a ride somewhere? Anywhere?’

Bella suddenly laughed. ‘Transylvania? Really?’

‘Really. Now – about that lift? Fancy it?’

‘Hell, yes!’ said Bella. And suddenly, a Halloween reunion didn’t seem so bad after all.

Well done Kirsty for finishing the story in style! And thank you to all of the authors involved for such a unique and fun story. We hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did  – and weren’t TOO scared 😉

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