As Weekends Go: Jan Brigden’s most memorable weekends

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As Weekends Go is out in paperback today and, to celebrate, we have Jan Brigden on the blog, chatting about her favourite weekends … 

Whilst writing As Weekends Go, I fondly recalled memorable weekends of my own and how each of them, from the action-packed to the funny to the downright lazy, had benefitted me.

For instance, I always feel a huge sense of achievement when pounding the streets, (or by the end of a long day, dawdling …) taking in the sights and sounds of a new place, exploring its quaint and quirky sides, its glitz and charm, learning its history, sampling its culinary delights and snapping photographs, as with York, (below) the central city in my novel.

Me in grounds of RY Hotel (1) 20160707_150420 (1) Shambles (1) 20160707_150316 (1)

One of my most comical weekends away was spent huddled under four blankets at night, fending off frostbite in a rickety old caravan down on the south coast, in what felt like the coldest March on record. Yes, I know … March? What were we thinking? Alas, it was the only time all thirteen of us could synchronize our timings. Yes, the weather was foul and half the facilities closed, but we made our own fun and have never stopped laughing about it since. That has to be a positive, surely?

Equally beneficial, are those rare weekends where I find myself commitment-free. Should we be lucky enough to have two days back to back sunshine (indulge me!) simply wandering in and out of the garden in my flip flops, towel spread on the grass, radio on low, cool drink beside me, book in hand, refreshes both mind and body no end.


Obviously in winter, the book would remain, but it’d be the sofa I’d be stretched out on, with the pear cider exchanged for a steaming mug of tea or hot chocolate. You get my drift though.

I always think if you’re talking about your weekend on Monday and still talking about it months later, you know you’ve done alright.

Of course there have been less enjoyable Saturdays and Sundays, days I’d happily write off, but all in all, As Weekends Go, the good ones far outweigh the duds!

Love Jan x

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5 thoughts on “As Weekends Go: Jan Brigden’s most memorable weekends

  1. Lovely post, Jan. I love our weekends in the James household, when we’re all together, chilling our from the week just gone and preparing for the one to follow. Congratulations and happy paperback publication day. As Weekends Go is an excellent read and I look forward to having my copy in my hands 😀 xxx

  2. Since I retired an immersed myself in writing, the days fly by and before I know it, Saturday has arrived. I must admit, weekends don;t have the same resonance when one is no longer a wage slave and the days stretch ahead for me to fill as I please. One pleasure I am reserving, however, is to re-read Jan’s fabulous book in paperback. I know it sounds totally mad, but I’m sure I’ll find things I missed first time around. WQell done to her and here’s to great success for As Weekends Go.

  3. Laura & Lizzie, thank you both so much for taking the time to comment. Your good wishes and support are very much appreciated 🙂 Xx

  4. What a lovely blog post, Jan!
    Thank you for sharing your memories with us, and congratulations again! 🙂

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