Choc Lit Halloween Round Robin: Final Part


10455119_10152773259162482_2738666113214067691_nHappy Halloween to all our friends and followers! We hope you’ve enjoyed our spooky Round Robin. Now, courtesy of Berni Stevens, we present to you the sixth and final instalment. Make sure you read right to the end for a special Choc Lit competition and a chance to win three Choc Lit paperbacks of your choice …

A New Love for Halloween: Part Six by Berni Stevens

The tall shadow detached itself with some difficulty from the shrubbery, and began to walk towards Jo. The front door key dropped to the path with a clang as her nerveless fingers lost their hold on it.

‘I’ll get it,’ the shadow stooped to retrieve the key for her.

Amused blue eyes met hers. ‘Are you all right?’

‘Er … huh?’

‘It’s me, Zach.’

So he hadn’t been a dream then? Her world had become decidedly weird ever since she’d opened that cursed spell book.

Jo took her front door key from Zach, muttered her thanks and tried to fit it in the lock with a hand that trembled.

With a deep laugh, Zach put his hand over hers and turned the key.

No blue fire this time, she thought, with an inward sigh of relief. She seriously hoped that part hadn’t been true.

She stepped into her hallway, becoming aware that he still followed.

Turning round, she said, ‘Don’t you have a Halloween party to go to?’

He shut her front door behind him. ‘I think it could be more interesting here.’

A flutter of panic shot through her body at his words. She headed for the kitchen, clutching her bag tightly. All she could think of was the need to keep her mobile phone close.

Gran’s spell book was still on the kitchen table where she’d left it. As she reached her free hand out to pick it up, it suddenly seemed further away.

Zach loomed in the doorway, a sardonic smile on his handsome face.  She wished he’d leave.

‘Did you want something?’ She asked instead. Possibly not the most sensible question under the circumstances.

‘I’d quite like to carry on where we left off the other night,’ he said, moving closer. But hadn’t that all been a dream?

‘Coffee then,’ she said hastily, going towards the kettle.

‘Not exactly.’ His voice sounded close in her ear, and she jumped violently, dropping the kettle onto the work surface.

Gran’s book suddenly flew off the table and smacked into the back of Zach’s head, making him lurch forward, and when Jo side-stepped, he collided with the sink.

‘I think I’d like you to leave,’ said Jo, when a loud knock at the front door made her run from the room with a sense of relief. She flung the door open to see another musketeer – again. Well, actually, it was the first musketeer. But this time, he was surrounded by what looked like a bunch of miniature goblins and witches. There was even a tiny vampire leering toothily up at her.

‘Trick or treat?’ They chorused.

‘I’m sure I can find some treats –come on in,’ she said.

A surge of tiny demonic bodies hurtled down the hall, instinctively finding their way to the kitchen.

‘Come on Argos,’ she said smiling at Dan.

‘That would be Athos, or so I’m told,’ he replied.

The kitchen was empty – except for the squealing children.

Jo reached for the dish of squishy pumpkin and bat-shaped jellies, and handed them to the head goblin.

‘Your friend was just here,’ she said to Dan. ‘The other musketeer.’

My friend?’ Dan looked puzzled. ‘I’m the only musketeer. I know there should be three – well four – but none of my mates would dress up.’

Jo sank into the nearest chair. Could this night get any weirder?

A breeze sighed through the room, even though there were no windows open, and Jo swore she heard a voice whisper, ‘He’s the one.’

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To win three Choc Lit paperbacks of your choice, answer all 5 questions and email to

  1) Is Ellie from Dance Until Dawn …

a) a figure skater b) lead singer of a heavy metal group c) a dancer?

 2) Vampire State of Mind and Falling Apart are set in which city?

 3) In The Secret Kiss of Darkness Jago Kerswell is …

a) a highwayman b) an innkeeper and smuggler c) a vampire?

 4) Fill in the blank: Some Veil Did Fall is the first of Kirsty Ferry’s ____ mysteries. Is it:

a) Millais b) Hunt c) Rossetti?

 5) Out of Sight Out of Mind’s heroine Madison Albi is a scientist with a very special power. Is it:

a) mind reading b) time travel c) invisibility?

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