Magic Sometimes Happens … Happy e-publication day!


Hooray! Margaret James is back with another feel-good love story. Magic Sometimes Happens is out in all eBook formats today, so relax and enjoy! To celebrate, Margaret’s stopped by to tell us a little bit about her new novel …

While I was planning Magic Sometimes Happens, I knew I wanted to write a story about two very different people who fall in love. Or at least they think they’ve very different. But, as in almost all romantic fiction, they find that although they might come from different backgrounds, have different agendas and live in different countries, in all the most important ways they are the same.

What attracted my heroine, fashion-mad PR consultant and very British Rosie Denham (who also appears in The Wedding Diary as Fanny’s assistant!), to my hero Patrick Riley, a married American college professor who hardly notices what he wears, is the father of two cute but exhausting children, drives a trash-mobile, and whose obsession with his cutting-edge research into thought-to-text technology has effectively destroyed his marriage? Who is not even remotely interested in cardigans, cupcakes or consumer durables?

Let’s ask Rosie’s best friend, Tess:

He’s clever, kind and funny, and he’s damn good-looking, too. You should see him with his children, Rosie, talk about a perfect father – and the kids, they obviously adore him.

Clever, kind, funny, good-looking and a perfect father – how could Rosie possibly resist him? Perhaps she won’t even try?

As for Patrick: a hero should always be prepared to take a few risks, shouldn’t he – with his money (as an academic, Patrick doesn’t have too much of that), with his job, with his own safety, perhaps even with his life? Of course he should! So, when Rosie loses something very precious, something which most people would write off as irrecoverable, Patrick moves several mountains in his determination to make Rosie smile again:


I called a friend who had connections with the CIA.

   ‘Yeah, it might be possible,’ he told me, after I explained. ‘I might know a guy who knows a guy. But a private contract – it would cost a bunch of money. We’re talking big bucks here.’

   ‘What, thousands, millions?’

   ‘It would be ten thousand dollars minimum, and in cash.’

   ‘If you let me have some contact details, I’ll go on from there.’

   ‘No, I’ll meet you for a beer some time. I don’t want to put this stuff in emails or tell you on the phone. You never know who’s listening.’

   ‘Maybe we could meet later today?’

   ‘Yeah, I guess,’ he said. ‘It’s been a while. So tell me – you mislaid the secret of eternal life?’

   ‘I want this data found.’

   ‘Okay, okay, but listen up – before you give your money to this guy, you need to know that he won’t offer any guarantees. Also, if he manages to track your data down, he could take his time to hand it over – might be months or even years. The fact is, he might never hand it over, but don’t even start to think you’ll get your money back.’

What has Rosie lost and why is Patrick so anxious to recover it? I hope readers will think it’s worth finding out.

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15 thoughts on “Magic Sometimes Happens … Happy e-publication day!

  1. Publication day is always so exciting for an author! Thank you, Choc Lit team, for all your hard work on this title.

  2. Ooooh, I can’t wait to read this one. Loved “The Wedding Diary”, and it’s great knowing that the Denham family is still going strong!

  3. Oh Margaret, you’ve got me really curious now! It sounds lovely. And I just loved The Wedding Diary so I’m really looking forward to reading more about Rosie. I wonder if any of the other characters make an appearance.

  4. Thank you, ladies. As for the Denhams – they are my alternative family and I am sure I shall be writing about them for years! There are lots more stories to tell. Some of the characters from The Wedding Diary have sidled into Magic Sometimes Happens – well, I couldn’t stop them joining the party, could I?

  5. If you were a fan of Fanny, Angela, you’ll be glad to know she makes an appearance in this new novel, too. I couldn’t keep her out, darling. She and Caspar insisted on coming along.

  6. Congratulations on your e-launch, Margaret. Am loving it already. Some great extracts there. Can’t beat a bit of mystery.

  7. Delighted the Denham story continues and look forward to getting my mitts on it. Happy publication day!

  8. Thank you, Zana. They don’t get to the far side of the world in this novel, but maybe next time…

  9. Thank you so much, Bob! I love exploring faraway places with strange-sounding names.

  10. I’m so sorry to be late to this, Margaret. Many congratulations on the publication of Magic Sometimes Happens (love that title) and here’s wishing it – and you – mega-success! Cx

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