Blogger of the Month: Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell


Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

Hi Linda! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am – oh I don’t want to say my age – I am a woman between 25 and 35. I’m of the Swedish speaking minority.  I suck at speaking Finnish, it’s crazy hard. Understanding is much easier. I love books and I always have done. Once when I was about 9 I came from the bookmobile with 30 books. They are my true passion. I used to write too, and enjoyed it, but I never find the time these days.

I live near a town, that is big enough for Finland, but I still have a forest, fields and marshland just outside the door. The sea is close too. So it’s always nice to take a long walk somewhere or go out biking, when it’s not icy and cold.

I love chocolate, cats, TV and movies. That is truly all there is to know about me.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


What’s the best thing about living in Finland?

Best thing, hm, well those kind of things that you don’t really appreciate when you’re younger. I love that education is free, even to university level. You get good, healthy free meals in school. Healthcare is good and the tiny sum I pay each year for using it is nothing.

And then those things I did think of when I was younger: no truly dangerous animals (I hate snakes), so I won’t get eaten. The worst natural disaster we have are snow storms, and we are Finns, snow storms are lame. You can be relatively safe where ever you are, and let’s see, we are up high in the list of least corrupt countries. But the best thing is probably the awesome nature (I do wish it was warmer though.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

How did you get involved with blogging?

I was finished with university, I had tried two crappy jobs and I was unemployed. I spent a lot of time online writing resumes and so on, and I came across book blogs for the first time. I realised that I would love to do that too. So I did – the beginning was rocky but I never quit and found great friends, and I do love doing it.

How many books do you read a week?

During a working week I try to read 3 books. If I am sick or on holiday I can manage 4-6 because I read and read.

Which book character most resembles you and why?

I’d love to say someone cool, but I really don’t know. I guess no one resembles me. But let’s look at the Bennet sisters: I can be forgotten like Kitty, I can be childish like Lydia, I am nothing like Mary, I can be calm like Jane and I can talk back like Lizzy.


Paperbacks or e-books?

I will always love paperbacks the most – I love the look and feel of them. I love to look at my books and for me paper is faster to read.

Austen or Brontë girl?

I am totally going with Austen, I love all her stories and Persuasion the most.

Romance or chocolate?

Sorry romance, chocolate every time! I am quite addicted.




7 thoughts on “Blogger of the Month: Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

  1. Persuasion’s my favourite too, although I do like your multi-Bennet-Girl personality comparison! We had Finnish neighbours on holiday a couple of years ago, and I couldn’t link Finnish to any language I was familiar with, so it was interesting to read your remark that it’s ‘crazy hard’ to speak! Lovely photos.

  2. What a fascinating post. So good to find out more about you, Linda. I love your comparison to the Bennett sisters LOL. Wonderful pictures. What I wouldn’t do to live by the sea.

  3. Great to find out more about you Linda and I’m very jealous of the snow! I grew up in Sweden so all the rain we have here in the UK just doesn’t feel like winter to me. Ha en bra dag 🙂

  4. @Kimba, awwww thanks

    @Chris, Persuasion just felt more me, I liked how she longed when they met again. Oh the tragedy of lost love.
    Yes Finnish is related to Estonian, Hungarian and all these tiny languages spoken in Siberia, so it’s different

    @Sarah, I do like the sea 🙂 Now we did move a bit further way, but that just made a bikeride longer, before that it was walking distance 😀

    @Christina, I need snow in the winter. It came first in January here, so sad. Winter means snow. Tack!

  5. Really nice to learn more about you, Linda. I was interested that you’re of the Swedish speaking minority, so I suppose Finnish is learned in school as a second language for you and your community. My husband is Norwegian and I speak Bokmal so find dialect ‘crazy hard’ to understand. (Two official languages in a country of about 5 million is quite something!)

    Describing yourself as a Bennett sister hybrid was an interesting way to introduce yourself 🙂

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