Happy 2014! I hope she’s handled you with silk gloves thus far.

I’ve learned that January 6th is the day many give up on their New Year’s pledges. How have you got on?

I’m not one for making resolutions on the 1st of January. I’m more of an anytime resolver. If something needs to happen, why wait? Of course this is personal preference, and probably a symptom of impatience. That’s me.

My current statement of intent is to write Book 3 within nine months, starting from today. With my left arm encased in an above-elbow cast following wrist surgery, it’s more of a dare than an anytime resolution, but the truth is I love a challenge.

In some respect, every time we make a resolution, we’re playing truth or dare, aren’t we?TOD_FRONT large

In 1989, twenty-two-year-old Kate Blair, the heroine in ‘Truth or Dare?’, resolves to change by welcoming passion and romance into her life. She believes that with stability and love as her foundations, everything in her chaotic and testing world will settle into place. And Kate needs order to survive.

It’s a huge ask, but with Rosie Jenkins, her best friend, spurring her on, Kate is optimistic she’ll reach the new decade a changed woman. It’s the degree of change she doesn’t calculate.

Is Kate up to the challenge? Or should she have taken a more manageable, bite-sized approach? Will her friend support her, whatever happens?

When I resolved to ‘write that book that’s in me’, I received, and continue to receive, amazing support from family and friends, and although by nature I am a determined, some say bloody-minded woman, I wouldn’t want to be without their belief. It inspires me to keep going. Cheering from the side lines and waving of the team pompoms is always welcomed, and greatly and genuinely appreciated.

So, here I am, wishing you a wonderful year and cheering you on in your endeavours. If you’ve resolved to take up spinning classes, ease up on the ale, or eat less chocolate, keep going. You can do it. I’m waving my pompom with my good arm. You know I am.

And so we’re clear, eating less chocolate is not an option. Not for me.

That’s the truth.

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9 thoughts on “Resolved

  1. Am waving a pompom right back, Laura and cheering you on. 9 months? You’ll do it in six 🙂 So agree with you re love and support from family and friends. A pre-requisite to self belief perhaps XXX

  2. Thank you, both. I might write a novella in those spare three months.
    This is the longest I’ve spent thinking about a novel before setting pen to paper. I’m hoping words will flow. And yes. Chocolate helps 😀 xx

  3. I feel tired just thinking about writing a book and a novella in one year, never mind with a plaster cast. Let’s hope the arm heals fast and you’re not plastered for long. 😉

  4. Happy New Year to you Laura, and yep, you’ll do it! I’m guessing The Hand knows it’s attached to a very determined Head (via a few other bits and pieces of course, because otherwise you’d look very strange). Cx

  5. Thank you, Kathryn – it’s exciting, isn’t it? I’m going for a personal best 🙂
    This is not the longest time I’ve spent plastered, Rhoda. #enoughsaid Thank you for the healing wishes.
    I’ve dressed as a golden windmill, Chris. I carry ‘strange’ off with alarming ease 😀

  6. Hi Laura, Cinders here – late for the ball as always. I’m still catching up with all the things I didn’t get time to do before Christmas. Non-important things like housework and feeding the family are taking priority over the important things, like blogs, and Twitter and Facebook.

    My resolution is to get my priorities right. 😀

    Laura, really enjoyed Truth or Dare, and looking forward to reading your next. Don’t think you need to make a resolution – when I’ve met you, your quiet determination has been inspiring.

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