About love and penguins.


Have you ever been to a wedding where white doves are released in a symbolic gesture by the happy couple. It’s a lovely moment. Very romantic. But I have to say, when it comes to romance and feathers – nothing beats the humble penguin.



You can download this fabulous penguin wallpaper from the lovely people at National Geographic - who obviously love penguins too.

You can download this fabulous penguin wallpaper from the lovely people at National Geographic – who obviously love penguins too.


Penguins usually live in huge colonies – numbering in the tens of thousands.  In the midst of this seething mass, they form strong monogamous pairs. A bird returning to the beach will instantly find it’s mate and its nest among thousands of almost identical birds. How romantic is that?

And think about the Emperor penguins in the Antarctic. After huddling together to survive the freezing winter, the male bird will cross a hundred kilometres of bare ice to bring food to his mate – or die in the attempt. That’s what I call hero material!

Even James Bond doesn’t look any better in a tux. And best of all, whenever people look at penguins they smile. Go – admit it. You smiled when you looked at the picture, didn’t you?

The reason I wax lyrical about penguins is because there are penguins on the cover of my new book for Choc Lit Lite… and everyone likes a book with penguins on the cover. Particularly when they are holding hands (flippers?) and gazing at the rising sun.


Such a lovely cover. Don't the penguins look like they are in love?

Such a lovely cover. Don’t the penguins look like they are in love?

There are penguins in the book too – about 4 million of them.

Bring Me Sunshine is a story about a girl who accidentally travels to the coldest and most remote place on the planet – and as she does, brings light and laughter to a man who has been alone for far too long. And it’s the story of a man who would go to the ends of the earth for the woman he loves.

I think the penguins would probably approve.


19 thoughts on “About love and penguins.

  1. I completely agree with you about penguins, they are wonderful creatures. I love the way they hop (the smaller ones) or waddle (the bigger ones) and are slightly cumbersome on land but incredibly graceful in the water. Thanks for making me smile, Janet (and penguins) – you’ve just made my day!

  2. I love penguins. One of my happiest memories is watching the little blue penguins in Oamaru in New Zealand with my husband (then boyfriend). The boy penguins come home from a hard day’s swimming and hunting and all the lady penguins come out of their nests to meet them and they do a sort of flipper cuddle thing. Unbelievably cute!

  3. I spent a lovely evening at Phillip Island in Victoria – watching the Fairy Penguins come home from the sea and trot up the slope to their nests, where their chicks were waiting. Oh so cute. They are tiny birds, and it was a long hard climb. Their determination to get home was really something to see. Loved them!

  4. Thanks Liz – I should point out ladies – that any suggestion I may have a stuffed toy penguin sitting on my bed is totally wrong – it’s actually on the spare bed!

  5. Yes – that’s exactly it Janet – the tiny penguins climbing up the rocks to their nests. I think Fairy Penguins and Little Blues are the same (different Australian and NZ names?)

  6. I think the penguins would approve, too! This sounds like a great read, Janet – I’ll get on to Kindle now.

  7. What a lovely cover – and concept, Janet. I’ve got to read the book so I can ‘feel’ what my husband went through when he spent 5 months as a pilot in Antarctica. I was pregnant at the time and the isolation was terrible – no jet in those days, and only satellite phones. He told me stories of couples getting together down there, so it’ll be interesting to read about it. This one will join my TBR pile.

  8. Thanks Beverley – I love the cover too. I used to date a marine biologist and when we broke up he joined the Australian Antarctic expedition. I felt awful at the thought of him being so cold and lonely!! He actually really enjoyed it – rats!

  9. I love penguins.

    The story sounds fantastic, Janet – and the cover is gorgeous too. Will be adding to my collection almost immediately

    Liv x

  10. I love penguins too – especially the king penguins who look like Rod Stewart! I really enjoyed this book, Janet, and I LOVED the hero!
    How privileged am I that I get to read all of the Choc Lit books before anyone else?

    Berni xx

  11. Thank you Christina and Liv .. I do hope you enjoy the book.

    And thank YOU Berni for the lovely cover. I am so glad you loved Kit – I fell for him too. Don’t tell my husband 🙂

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