Trick or Treat? Truth or Dare?

A week on from my debut novel, Truth or Dare? going ‘live’, I find myself wondering which of the risen dead will come knocking at my door and speak those immortal words: ‘Trick or Treat?’TOD_FRONT large

In my experience, it’s usually a skeleton no taller than my knees, an infant vampire in desperate need of his two front teeth, and a very cute, very round, padded pumpkin with arms perpendicular to its body.

My children are excited about Halloween – the moment the bell rings, they rush to the front door, ready to dish out to their friends jelly dummies, foam shrimps, and fruit chews that take a year to break down. It is an event with which I have only recently become accustomed, as trick or treating wasn’t as popular in England in my youth.

As children of the seventies, it’s unlikely Kate Blair and Rosie Jenkins, the two friends in Truth or Dare?, would have ventured out on a cold, October night on the off-chance of bagging free chocolate from their neighbours, and the thought of tricking an elder would have horrified and perplexed Kate to the point she’d have turned as white as a ghost – an upshot Rosie would have used to her advantage, given the chance.

Even as an adult, studious Kate wouldn’t dream of taking on a mystical persona and bang on the door of a poor, unsuspecting soul on All Hallows’ Even. But don’t be fooled. Should she choose to cast the spell, she possesses the magic to enchant Declan O’Brien.

Rosie, on the other hand, is a cheeky devil, whose charm bewitches and bewilders every unsuspecting soul in to dishing out all sorts of wonderful treats and delights, and should she choose to use it, she has the power to mesmerise computer wizard, Josh Willis.

Now, here’s spooky … Halloween falls the night before All Saints’ Day, and it is in All Saints’ church, at the beginning of 1989, where Kate and Rosie pledge to bury their past, unveil their true selves, and enter in to the spirit of a new life.

What does their future hold?

There are no crystal balls here, but my future is clear. It will involve sweets. And chocolate, which is the best defence against deflated car tyres, flour-bombed windows, and mummified trees, wrapped in a hundred miles of toilet paper.

So, as the ghastly ghouls and the walking dead come knocking on your door, here’s a thought with which to conjure: Trick or treat? Truth or dare?

Whichever you choose, take care out there. And chocolate.

Always take chocolate.



Truth or Dare?

Love’s a dangerous game … 

Kate Blair’s sick of unrequited love. She’s quietly waited for Mickey for the past six years and finding a compass-carved heart, with their initials scratched through the middle, only strengthens her resolve: no more Mickey and no more playing it safe.

It’s time to take a chance on real love and Declan O’Brien’s the perfect risk. He’s handsome, kind, and crazy about her so it’s not long before all thoughts of Mickey come few and far between.

But old habits die-hard. Kate may have started to forget … but has Mickey?


Truth or Dare?  is available on Kindle now.

It has been nominated for the Festival of Romance Best Romantic Ebook, with the winner to be announced in Bedford on November 9th 2013.


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15 thoughts on “Trick or Treat? Truth or Dare?

  1. If anyone manages to find their way out to the wilds of far flung west Wales to trick or treat, I’ll be most surprised! But as soon as I get five minutes, I’m looking forwards to my own treat – reading ‘Truth or Dare’. Happy Halloween, Laura!

  2. Laura, what a great post!

    We’re all ready, house is decorated, sweets to the ready. Had one group of trick or treaters already and their costumes … ONESIES lol

    Wishing you oodles of success with Truth or Dare.

  3. We have had trillions of kids this year, dressed as ghouls, zombies and witches. I think there must be more spooky types in Cornwall than Bristol. And like, Chris I am so looking forward to Truth or Dare. It is sitting on my Kindle, just waiting … 😀 x

  4. Great first post, Laura! We always get our fair share of trick or treaters. Sweets aplenty are handed out and Dave & I are usually left with a couple of token chocolate eyeballs or snake jellies covered in so much sherbet it makes you shudder. Still, it’s Halloween so it has to be done 🙂 Best of luck with Truth or Dare? It’s a fab read! Xx

  5. Fab first post, Laura! My two are looking forward to the trick or treating, too. Definitely agree with you re the 70s. Was never quite like this when I was a kid. Seems we are following the States re Halloween. Hope you have a fab one! And as you know, I can’t wait to read Truth or Dare either. New kindle should be here within a fortnight and I can finally get stuck in. X

  6. Good luck with the FoR! All my eyeballs have been given away tonight and there are only reject Heroes left…

  7. Thank you for all your great and kind comments – I do appreciate them 🙂
    Chris – I remember The Slaughtered Lamb in An American Werewolf in London – are we talking that remote? Do you still stock up just in case?
    Thanks, Mandy – we’ve spent the day in Bristol at the Science Museum – there were more mini witches than is anticipated.
    Berni – it’s an honour to share the blog day with you, and I’m do pleased you enjoyed ToD.
    Jan – 2 eyeballs and a snake? That would scare me. 😀
    Hi Sarah – we didn’t get home this evening until later, so we missed our usual trick or treaters. Managed to see our neighbours’ children and pass some Haribo to them.
    Glad to read you took my advice, Kate. Chocolate is all powerful.
    Thank you, Margaret – just over a week to go before the FoR. Are your reject Heroes Twirls by any chance?
    Have a good evening. I’m already prostrate on my memory foam, and it’s lovely 🙂 xxx

  8. I’ve never taken my children trick or treating but we do welcome callers to us. We dress up and try and scare them first when we open the door before handing over plenty of sweets. Having moved earlier in the year, I wondered what the road was like for trick or treaters – let’s just say I have as many sweets left as I started with. Still we had fun dressing up and carving a cat pumpkin.

    Wishing you every success with Truth or Dare? Laura – it’s a fantastic novel.


  9. Just got in from the cinema – tonight would be a great night to murder someone. Can you just see the response to the police asking, “Did you see anyone who looked suspicious?”

    The town was awash with vampires, ghouls, skeletons, witches etc. Before we went, we had some trick or treaters – all young children, all with their parents, all looking sooooooo cute, and all really polite.

    Glad ToD has had a good lift-off, Laura

    Liv x

  10. Thank you, Sue 🙂 We don’t take our children unless it’s been pre-arranged with neighbours, but we’re happy to supply the local children with sweets – they’re very polite. xx
    Liv – as we drove home from Bristol last night, Garry remarked, ‘Oh look. A ghost.’ No one batted an eyelid 🙂 Thank you for your kind comments. xx

  11. I wish trick or treating had existed when I was a kid! All that free chocolate … 😀

  12. No Trick of Treaters around here. We live near a fast road, so I’m guessing the kids don’t venture out to us. My 3yo was dressed as a fat pumpkin though.

    I’ve read ToD and loved it! Well done you.

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