Perfect 10: What makes Christine Stovell smile when she writes?

1. Bill Blythe. Bill’s the hero of Follow a Star, coming out next year; strong, dependable and, to my surprise, red-haired; I have to say I absolutely adore Bill.

2. Harry Watling. Harry was my first heroine, the girl sitting by a sleepy creek in Turning the Tide. She was so grumpy in her first incarnation that my husband said he wished she’d sail off in her little boat and drown. I toned her down a bit!

3. Location. Penmorfa and Little Spitmarsh both feel like real places to me. It was lovely returning to Little Spitmarsh in Follow a Star.

4. Dogs and Cats. I can’t help it – at least one always sneaks into the story.

5. Laughing at my own jokes – sorry –especially if I know something will tickle one of my daughters.

6. My covers; the internet doesn’t do justice to the cover of Move Over Darling which is a gorgeous colour and beautifully embossed.

7. Research. My hero at home’s a sexy artist, like Gethin in Move Over Darling. Go figure.

8. Playing with Pinterest and now Animoto.

9. Putting the world to right. There are dark themes in my novels, but in general I always want to make life better for my characters. George, for example, Harry’s bad-tempered handyman in Turning the Tide is a recovering alcoholic. In real life he’d probably be lonely and homeless, but Harry loves him and gives him a purpose in life.

10. Happy ever afters. It’s romance and I love it when my heroine and hero finally overcome all their obstacles and set off into the future together. Gethin, in Move Over Darling, for example, was a hard man to pin down, but Coralie did it!

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Move Over Darling and Turning the Tide are available now in paperback and all e-book formats.

Christine’s third Choc Lit novel Follow a Star will be available in 2014. Keep an eye on the Choc Lit website for more information 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Perfect 10: What makes Christine Stovell smile when she writes?

  1. I’d just like to add to number 5 that laughing at some of your tweets makes ME smile when I’m writing (okay, on occasions I’ve been known to laugh, too!) – so thank you!

  2. I’m glad you can blog about laughing, Chris, after such a traumatic time for you.

    I just tried to think about what makes me laugh when I’m writing, and I can’t come up with anything, unless it’s been a good day and I’ve managed to inject some real wit into the story. I’m more likely to be found muttering expletives.

  3. You’re making me smile reading this, Chris. I am sooooo looking forward to meeting Bill! Sx

  4. Thank you, Kathryn – you will go far, you know!

    Liv, you know what they say about having to laugh at times!

    Honestly, Sarah, I had a real thing for Bill, He’s very kind as well as sexy which is a pretty irresistible combo for me. x

  5. I must admit to a sneaky liking for a redhead…so I can’t wait to read about Bill! As to what makes me laugh when I’m writing…ummm…usually my hero and heroine, when they’re having a bantering session.

  6. I like banter too, especially when the characters sort of take over and I feel like they’re doing the talking, rather than me just writing dialogue!

    Bill sounds great and if he’s anything like Gethin, well! Can’t wait to meet him 🙂

  7. Jane, perhaps we can make a go of our mash-up multi-million film pitch after all? We agree on the redhead thing!

    Christina, I love Gethin, but I reckon he’d be a hard dog to keep on the porch. (Ooops, am I allowed to say that?) If anyone can do it, Coralie can though.

  8. I’m like Jane. I smile when my couple are having a right old ding dong…er, that’s an argument in case you didn’t know. Just wrote a sex scene and hoped you hadn’t got the wrong end of the…er…I mean, oh never mind! Can’t wait to read Follow a Star 🙂 xx

  9. I can’t wait to read your next, Mandy. A Stitch in Time certainly had me in stitches. xx

  10. Hi Laura, just picked up your comment – sorry! – yes, writing endings is another good one!

  11. I like Harry Watling too. She’s so grumpy and stubborn, you’ve got to love her. I’m looking forward to being in Little Spitmarsh again. Are the old villagers still there?

  12. Thanks Rhoda! I don’t think it’s giving too much away to tell you we do get to see what Harry and Matthew are up to.

  13. Oh, I could never forget Little Spitmarsh, Harry Watling and Matthew Corrigan with his sleepy, sexy eyes. I read and review a lot of romance novels, but that’s one story that’s stayed with me. Hope you’re well, Chris!

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