Kathryn Freeman ponders whether a man can ever be Too Charming …

Too Charming by Kathryn Freeman (Choc Lit Lite novella)

Too Charming by Kathryn Freeman (Choc Lit Lite novella)

The definition of the word charming is:  delightful; pleasant; attractive.  Can a man really ever be too much of that?


Well in Megan’s view – heroine of Too Charming – the answer is a resounding yes, he can.  In my view, as I struggle to remember the last time a male in my household paid me a compliment, the answer is definitely no.


I suppose it all depends on your previous experience (or in my case lack of) with charming men.


When I started to think about the hero for my next book, I wanted him to be everything the hero in my previous novel (Mitch in Do Opposites Attract – out July 2014) was not.  It wasn’t that I hadn’t fallen in love with Mitch, I had, but I fancied a change of pace (in my fantasy world I love a bit of variety – in my real world, one man is definitely enough!).  So instead of rugged and gruff, I was itching to create a hero who was handsome and smooth.  Both have their appeal – Sean Connery or Roger Moore?  Daniel Craig or Pierce Brosnan?  Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?  How can a woman not appreciate both ends of the male spectrum?


With the outline of his character in place, Scott now needed a job where his pushiness, his confidence and his eloquence would be an asset.  Suddenly I had this image of him striding into court, bristling with self assurance, mesmerizing the jury with his wit and intellect. Defence lawyer Scott Armstrong was born.  He’s a ladies man.  A handsome flirt.  He’s irresistible.


Of course if he were, there wouldn’t be much of a story.  So before I got too carried away, I needed to create a heroine who wasn’t so easily convinced by Scott’s charm.  A woman strong enough not to be immediately captivated by a gorgeous man showering her with compliments.


Enter Megan, my feisty, no-nonsense heroine.  She was badly let down by a man who dazzled then seduced her, so she’s not about to be taken in by Scott – another smooth charmer.  When I first pictured her she was standing up to a man who towered above her, jutting out her chin, not prepared to give in.  The pieces of my story began to slot into place.  I’d make her a police officer.  Not only did it suit her character, it added to the tension between her and Scott.  Now he had to work really hard to impress her.  Not only is he too charming, he spends his days defending the very people she wants to imprison.


I love that about writing – you can play with your characters.  Invent them, bend them, shape them.  Put them into situations and watch how they cope.  My husband would say I love being in charge…


So there, in a nutshell, is how Too Charming started.  Of course to be a truly irresistible hero, one who might have a chance of changing the mind of a woman as strong willed as Megan, Scott needs more than his flashy good looks.  He needs substance.  I had great fun thinking of ways I could show this side of Scott, both to the reader and to Megan.


Was Megan ultimately persuaded, or does she still think Scott is too charming?  Sorry, but to find out you’ll have to read the book.

Kathryn xx

Available on Kindle UK  for only £1.99 and Kindle US for $3.19 now!

19 thoughts on “Kathryn Freeman ponders whether a man can ever be Too Charming …

  1. Hi Kathryn,

    The book sounds great. I can’t wait to read it and see what happens. It sounds as though you really have the tension going between these two, it’s exciting. Best of luck with the book.

    Lucie x

  2. Too Charming? That really is a tough question.
    I was interested to learn that your hero came before your heroine – for me, it’s usually the other way around. But I guess whichever way you go – the secret is two people who are absolutely right for each other – and watching them discover that.
    I’ve already got this on my Kindle – looking forward to reading it.

  3. Thank you ladies. Laura – so do I (and I can be a bit feisty myself when pushed!). Lucie – I keep my fingers crossed you enjoy Too Charming, and good luck with your own book. Janet – funny how when I write, my men always come first. However when I’m at home, it’s a different matter…!

  4. I was hearing the other day how ‘feisty’ originally meant ‘farty’..I am sure your heroine is anything but, Kathryn! They sound like a great couple-in-the-making, there is something quietly sexy about lawyers!

  5. I think charming men are great, as long as they are sincere. I was lucky to meet some truly charming men in the past. The most charming one was without doubt a Russian delegate I met at a conference, years and years ago. To this day I don’t know what made him so irresistible – his Russian accent, the chapka he wore who made him look like a hero from Doctor Jivago (the conference was in Poland in November and it snowed heavily all the time), or just the man, but he was definitely a charmer!
    Too Charming sounds like a riveting read and I really love the idea of your smooth, charming hero having to prove himself to your heroin.

  6. It sounds fab, Kathryn – a lovely romantic read. I know a few lawyers, none of whom are sexy, but hey, that’s real life. Thankfully, fiction is different!

  7. Jane, Angela, Marie and Margaret, thank you so much for taking the time to read this and provide comment. Marie – your Russian sounds like he could be a good hero for a future book! Isn’t romantic fiction wonderful – sexy lawyers, charming and sincere men and happy endings. No wonder we like to disappear there on a frequent basis!

  8. Great post. In real life I’ve often found that charming in a man is ever so slightly a bit too close to smarmy…..hmmm. Good manners, I find, are naturally charming – in either sex. But …. Mitch? With a married surname like mine I’ve always had my own Mitch, and my daughter-in-law now has hers…..:)

  9. Hi Kathryn
    Congratulations on your first Choc-lit release. My heroes are the other end of the spectrum – no social skills whatsoever, unless a useful right hook counts. One thing about Choc-Lit, you get variety. Looking forward to meeting Scott. Hmm … It might be nice to spend some writing time with a charmer for a change.
    (Wanders off, thinking …)

  10. People often think of charming as ‘smooth’ etc. But there are other traits which can be charming. I like vulnerability in my heroes, and find that charming. For me, being smooth isn’t enough – and Jane’s ‘smarmy’ is a definite no-no. I wouldn’t associate smarmy with being charming.

    People probably have different perceptions of what being charming is. To some, maybe it’s just being ‘delightful’ – a clumsy, well-meaning hero could be considered charming. And others obviously think of it as ‘smooth’ or ‘polished’, or just being well-mannered.

    I’ve got your book on my Kindle, Kathryn, so looking forward to making Scott’s acquaintance.

    Just read this and it’s nearly 1.00am so that’s my excuse if I’m rambling incoherently.

  11. It sounds a great read, Kathryn. I agree with Linda that sometimes charming can be close to smarmy, and can be insincere. But a truly charming man – now that could make all your readers sign. And as your hero is a lawyer, the dialogue is bound to be intriguing. Am looking forward to reading it.

  12. Congratulations, Kathryn. Great premise – looking forward to seeing how Scott will win charm proof Megan’s heart. Good luck with the sales.

  13. I’m just catching up after being away from home – I dipped into ‘Too Charming’ whilst I was away then couldn’t stop reading so I definitely couldn’t resist the delectable Scott!

  14. Your description of Scott reminds me of a definitely too charming barrister I knew when I was doing court rounds as a cadet journalist on a country newspaper. I will *definitely* have to check him out 🙂

  15. I don’t know how I missed seeing this blog come out, Kathryn. Well, I do – I’ve been on a frenzied race to finish my wip.

    I loved Too Charming. I read it on holiday in Portugal, and was delighted that I didn’t have any chores to do as I was away so there was no need for me to put the book down before I’d reached the end. It was great fun, and I loved the characters.

    I look forward to your next novel.

    Liz X

  16. I am reading Too Charming at the moment and it really is riveting. I am torn between rushing reading it to see what happens to Megan and Scott or slowly reading it to savour it more. I appreciate the characters more now I have read your blog Kathryn. Hope you are writing more books!

  17. A very good question and I’m looking forward to finding out the answer! 😀

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