Bad blue eyed boys

Isabella Connor (or rather the two authors behind the name) and Christina Courtenay have at least three things in common – we love bad boy heroes, we love men with dark hair and blue eyes, and we are all fans of the hit TV series Once Upon A Time.

Our fellow ChocLiteers may think us shallow, but apart from being a brilliant modern gritty take on fairy tales (and incidentally, a great lesson in how to revamp old stories and make them relevant to today’s readers/viewers), Once Upon A Time also provides a seemingly endless supply of “eye candy”.  And the main one, as far as we’re concerned, is Irish actor Colin O’Donoghue who plays Captain Hook in the series.  This isn’t the silly pompous twat of the Disney version, but a proper bad boy pirate, complete with black leather trousers and a long black leather pirate coat that we would give anything to own!  Plus lashings of guyliner.  What’s not to like?  Rumour has it he becomes a hero in future episodes.  We’re sure we can live with that!

Isabella and Christina have even more things in common actually – we have books out in August and both feature – yes, you guessed it – heroes with dark hair and blue eyes.  In Beneath An Irish Sky, the young protagonist, Luke, isn’t really a bad boy, but he does have attitude.  Basically, he’s just very feisty and fighting against what he sees as a massive injustice.  He does have very blue eyes though …

And in New England Rocks (YA contemporary) the hero is Jesse Devlin, a troubled teenager with ambitions to be a rock star who wants to escape from the hell that is his home town.

We have all heard the argument that bad boys would make for very bad partners in real life, but doesn’t that depend on whether you want to spice up your existence a bit or play it safe?  We know which one we’d prefer – you only live once (upon a time …)!shutterstock_900189251

15 thoughts on “Bad blue eyed boys

  1. Blue eyes and black hair is a bit of a favourite combination of mine. And Colin O’Donohue… well, if I were 20 years younger and not already married to such a hunk….

    I have Luke and Jesse already downloaded onto my iPad and am really looking forward to reading about their exploits.

  2. My weakness too! I’m loving Luke already and will have to see what Jesse is like soon! Just realized the new novella I’m working on has a dark haired, blue eyed man with attitude as well.

  3. Angela, loving your novella already. Definitely put me down for a slice or three of that 🙂 Beverley – get in line for Colin O’D…

  4. Blue eyes and black hair – yes, quite a fascinating combination. My first boyfriend had that colouring and he was mad as well as bad, but quite interesting, too. I learned a lot from him.

  5. That sounds like something that could go in a novel, Margaret? 🙂

  6. Not a big fan of blue eyes – it’s the brown eyed boys for me all the way! Sorry… And bad boys… well, they’re nice to fantasise about, but in reality there just one huge big pain in the backside and a lot of nights spent crying down the phone to an understanding friend. Although, of course, Isabella and Christina, I have had to get hold of your books, just to make sure, you understand…

  7. I usually tend to go for dark hair in my heroes – maybe because I seem to be attracted to dark-haired men in real life, but blue can challenge green for the colour of their eyes. Have never seen Once upon a Time, but it sounds intriguing, as do both of your books!

  8. Laughing here at Jane’s comment – so wise! The books are on my Kindle ready to go, congratulations all.. and now I feel some research coming on!

  9. Jane, I can live with brown eyes too. Margaret – OUAT is crammed full of edible heroes. And I don’t mean the tinned kind. Chris, what will this research entail…checking out bad boys?

  10. Blue eyes are all very nice, but I’m a sucker for green eyes myself. Channing Tatum and Sean Bean spring immediately to mind.

    Still, I mustn’t be biased – I would be willing to spare a moment for blue-eyed bad boys – Ian Somerhalder.. where are you?

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