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blueprint-for-love-50-percent1When my sister and I were children, we used to play a game called I-Want-To-Be-Her. It was quite simple – whenever we were watching a film or a TV series, we would shout “I want to be her”, meaning a character in the film/programme, usually the most beautiful actress. In the interest of fairness we would also take turns at being the one to get first dibs.

You might think this would keep the peace, but you’d be wrong. My younger sister proved to be infuriatingly adept at spotting the right woman to root for, or the one “to be”, whereas I often ended up “being” the beautiful villain-ness.

So I developed my own brand of deviousness – or maybe that devious streak was already there, which might explain why I always ended up as the bad girl… hmm. Anyway, I would persuade (read: bully, cajole, trick) her into watching re-runs of the same programme when it was my turn to choose first, and then choose to be the good girl. It worked, but the victory felt hollow because it still didn’t change the fact that she was better at spotting the nice people than me. Grrr!

However, today I get first dibs, and I choose to be my heroine, Hazel, who features on the cover of my sweet romance mystery novella, “Blueprint for Love”. I just love her red coat and black boots, and I wouldn’t mind living in that house in the background either…

So does Hazel have a devious streak, or is she a goody-two-shoes? Or maybe her personality is somewhere in-between. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

13 thoughts on “Henri wants to be…

  1. Lovely cover! And I could definitely live with a red coat and black boots 🙂 I’m pretty sure I would have been useless at that game because once I’m into a story/film/book I forget to think of anything else but what’s going to happen next!

  2. What a great game! I’m going to watch a film tonight but my girls aren’t old enough for the game yet….one day though. Mind you, I could be setting up a terrible squabble!


  3. I fancy the red coat and black boots too! When I was very little I wanted to be Alma Cogan. Hmmm…

  4. I always wanted a sister. I had (well -still have) an older brother. Girlie games were just not on the agenda – although he taught me how to use a pocket knife, climb a tree, drive a truck (I was 14 at the time) and introduced me to the music of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Big brothers do have their uses too. Did I mention he used to bring home these friends from University (when I was about 16)…. Yeess… big brothers definitely have their uses.

  5. My youngest daughter, when barely old enough to speak, used to say ‘I want to be her’ about random people. I think it was all of the Spice Girls at one point, and one of the presenters from Blue Peter also featured.. I have to report that now, some fourteen years later, she is none of these women, but a very nice example of herself.

    And yes, to the red coat and black boots! I also like her bag, and want that house…

  6. Ooh, Margaret … Alma Cogan, that dates the pair of us! She was adorable, wasn’t she? So glamorous with those nipped-in-waist dresses and full, full skirts, and the pixie crop hair. The singer with a giggle in her voice. I wanted to be like Lita Rosa – who remembers her now? I saw a photo of her in, I think, Picturegoer magazine, wearing high-heeled mules with swansdown on the front – and I’d never seen slippers like that before and coveted them unashamedly. The house in the back ground here reminds me of the house on the cover of Jane Gordon-Cumming’s book, A Proper Family Christmas (originally published by Transita.)

  7. It seems I have a few competitors here for the red coat and black boots. That’s okay, folks, as long as I get the house 😉

  8. Henri, I used to play something very similar with my best friend, Anne. We would each have a list of actresses/singers – if we saw one we liked, we’d say “I’m going to be her”. And then we’d pair them off as best friends, and write letters to each other as them, detailing all the exciting things we’d been doing, and the famous boyfriends we’d have.

    I’d love to still have those letters to read. Happy days.

  9. Hmm – rather like the idea of being the beautiful villain-ness – probably something to do with writing romantic suspense?

  10. I bit my sister once when she infuriated me – I was very young at the time, before anyone wonders if this happened recently – now our scraps tend to be over who gets to Ma’s custard first!

  11. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only who liked to play pretend-games! I suppose you could say that I found a perfect outlet for these tendencies, in writing books 😀

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