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I’m going to continue my Q&A in my next post, because I’ve been struck with a meme recently… You must know it, it’s the ’25 things you never knew about me’ one, and it occurred to me that I could use this to tell you a bit more about Hubble Bubble. So I’m going to, and you can’t stop me! Mwhahahahaha!
So. Here we have ’25 Things you didn’t know about Hubble Bubble’, although, given my attention span, you’ll be lucky to get ten and a button.

It is set around the market town of Malton, which is 15 miles south of where I live.
‘Barndale Woods’ don’t really exist, although they are based on woods near Sinnington, which aren’t nearly so menacing.
‘Rufus’ is a scaled-up version of my terrier, Tiggy, who is slightly sticky, like dog-velcro.
I absolutely HATE driving in snow, and wouldn’t have even stuck my nose outside in the conditions Holly drives in.
I’ve never delivered a baby, although I’ve assisted at the births of kittens, calves and foals. Well, I say ‘assisted’, I mostly just cried and went ‘awwwwww’.
The spell that is cast in the book, and the ingredients necessary, came to me in a blinding flash, while I was writing something else.
The first draft of Hubble Bubble was written, beginning to end, in six weeks.
I try to work a ‘Doctor Who’ reference into every book I write. Hubble Bubble is no exception.
Likewise, there is either a dog or a cat mentioned in every book somewhere, except, for some reason, Please Don’t Stop the Music. That one has cows.
While I was writing Hubble Bubble, when I got to the bit where the weather closes in and there are terrific snowstorms, we actually had a terrific snowstorm. I’m going to write about someone who finds Johnny Depp on her doorstep next, you know, just in case…
Cerys’ obsession with toast is based on one of my daughters, who appears to eat little else.

And I’m afraid that will have to do, because I’ve run out of things to say that aren’t blindingly obvious. I consider the meme to be discharged!
The 'original' for Rufus

Did we tell you that Hubble Bubble is currently one of the Best Books of the Month at Apple iTunes here?:-)

17 thoughts on “Bubbling ideas by Jane Lovering

  1. Thank you, Angela! I hope my enormous pic of my little dog doesn’t give you nightmares…

  2. I shouldn’t have read this – there’s spoilers! Really enjoying it, Jane – can you come up with some spell to make me forget the spoilers?

  3. Nah, Liv, no spoilers! Just background info, none of it related to *&^**% and the fact that they *^£%*&. And then the big ***%^%*().
    By the way, I’ve come up with a spell to stop you reading the spoilers in this comment. Let me know if it works, will you?

  4. Well, you’ve certainly vetted my appetite for HB now! And by HB I don’t mean pencils, although they’re on my list of favourite things. So, I’ll be heading on over to the e-book sellers now to press a couple of buttons.

  5. Oh, now you’re talking! I love the smell of pencil wood shavings in the morning.

  6. Sounds great, Jane, and I love your little dog, he’s so cute!! 🙂

  7. oh, so much to look forwards too – and a cute, but sticky dog as well. I’d like some dog-velcro, especially if it was Tiggy-shaped.

  8. On my kindle asnd can’t wait to start reading. Love the picture. X

  9. Thanks, chaps! Both for the support and the nice words about Tiggy. She’s actually rather a revolting little creature, but she’s very well trained and loves people, so you can’t have everything, I suppose. She often sleeps with DS2 and it’s quite a sight, when I put my head around his door in the morning, to see her hairy little face on the pillow next to him!

  10. Christina, I am first on the list for if Tiggy ever needs a new home! As for sympathetic magic – I am writing about meeting Gerard Butler in Exeter Sainsbury’s right now.

  11. Margaret, Tiggy may need a new home soon, she’s nearly destroyed this one. But she truly is a lovely little dog, if you don’t mind an odd smell and holes in the sofa and lawn. Actually, that might be me, but we’ll gloss over that…

  12. Ha! A Stitch in Time first draft was written beginning to end in six weeks…do you think we are twins? Great post, Jane x

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