Jane Lovering answers your questions!

In honour of today being the day that Hubble Bubble is allowed out into the wild, we thought it might be nice if readers could learn a little bit more about the author –ie, me. So here are my answers to some of the questions that people have been posing to me over the past few days…

Maria, of Maria’s Book Reviews and Blog Posts asked me “Could Hubble Bubble be defined as a paranormal romance? Or simply women’s fiction inspired by the supernatural?”

And I’d have to answer that Hubble Bubble is not at all paranormal, or supernatural. There is no ‘real’ magic done, and nothing supernatural takes place. A group of women, who each have something that they wish for, decide to make their wishes come true, which means performing a ‘spell’ (that one of them has invented). Whether or not there is anything at work behind what subsequently happens, I leave my readers to decide…

Rachel Fayth Topliss asks “do you take your inspiration from people and things around you or do the ideas just pop into your head?”

Well, Rachel, I rarely write about real things, it’s more that all sorts of things pop into my head. In fact, I frequently hold ‘open house’ meetings, where some of the ideas meet some of the other ideas, get together, maybe have a drink or two, sometimes get a little frisky in my mental shrubbery and end up having to apologise to other, offended ideas.

And finally for the minute, Keira Bruce asks what my personal theme tune would be, and why?

After I’d discarded thoughts of me having a ‘personal theme tune’ which everyone would be obligated (by law) to play everywhere I went, to which I would rock up, dressed in leather (I had to discard it because the mental picture made me look like the hind legs of a pantomime cow) I came up with a couple of choices. Either, the Stranglers ‘No More Heroes’ (in a kind of ironic way for a romance writer, who likes her heroes – a little too much, some might say) or Meredith Brookes ‘Bitch’. I’d probably go for that one. Still in an ironic way, you got that, right?

There were so many brilliant questions that I’m going to use my next blogging opportunity at the Choc Lit blog to answer some more, so thank you to everyone who has submitted so far. It has taxed my brain to its (fairly limited) max, pondering the points you’ve so alliteratively put.

And, really finally this time, Hubble Bubble is a Book of the Month over at Apple, so, if the paperback is a little too cumbersome for your hands, or you want it in a more ‘travel friendly’ version, pop over and get it for your Ipad, or phone!


Hubble Bubble

8 thoughts on “Jane Lovering answers your questions!

  1. Jane, such a fun post – your sense of humor shines through which makes me want to read Hubble Bubble right now! Good luck and wishing you many sales.

  2. Brilliant that Hubble Bubble is Book of the Month at Apple. Congratulations Jane. Hope to see you at the RNA Conference, Love MargaretK x

  3. Thanks, people! Angela, it’s not so much a sense of humour, as a lack of any other kind of sense…

    Linda – thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Margaret – Thank you too! And very much looking forward to conference (if a drunken woman throws her arms around you, lisping that she loves you very much, it will be me. Just brush me off with your shoe, that normally works.) x

  4. Great post Jane – and belated congratulations on the official launch of Hubble Bubble – and of course Apple book of the month, too. Hope you had a fab publication day. I love that question about your personal theme tune LOL! Sx

  5. So when I hear that music, I’ll know it’s you coming and I’ll be able to –

  6. Thanks Beverley, Sarah and Margaret (I think…) It was a great question, wasn’t it? I’m trying to live up to the whole ‘Bitch’ thing.. I’m thinking about a PVC catsuit and a whip, and possibly thigh-high boots. Unfortunately I’ve only got waterproof leggings and a pair of waders, so I look less like an international dominatrix and more like the AI man coming to the cows….

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