Weddings are about – everlasting love, the happy union of twin souls, and – cake?

What do weddings mean to most of us?

That’s in addition to the ceremony, the public affirmation of love and devotion, the joining of two people and hopefully two families forever?

Well – as I was researching The Wedding Diary, I realised most weddings also mean: gorgeous dresses, gorgeous shoes, fantastic nail-art, amazing table decorations, astonishing hairstyles, lots of polyester (especially among the over-fifties), hugely unsuitable hats, hyper-critical grannies, shiny black BMWs and – cake.

You can’t have a wedding without a wedding cake, so here’s one to get the party started.

Where do your stories start? Most writers get asked this question, and there’s no easy answer. Stories often seem to come out of nowhere, but in the case of The Wedding Diary I owe a great debt of gratitude to my local writers’ group, Exeter Writers, who got the ball rolling in a discussion about writing and weddings and winning, which all came together in The Wedding Diary. It’s about a girl who wins a fabulous luxury wedding. But there are a few problems, not least of them a missing bridegroom.

Last Saturday, Exeter Writers had a little private party to celebrate the publication The Wedding Diary. I took in a batch of cupcakes, which amazingly all got eaten. Who would have thought it?

But I kept one back for Choc Lit.

20 thoughts on “Weddings are about – everlasting love, the happy union of twin souls, and – cake?

  1. I’ll read the post later…when I’ve finished gazing at the cakes…

  2. They look so scrummy Margaret. I think I’ve still some of my wedding cake in the freezer. Gives an idea of when I last defrosted it:) Lovely post and great to see you at the party. Are you going for Bath buns tomorrow? X

  3. Gosh, wedding cake still in freezer, Sarah? That’s willpower for you!

  4. My son had a cupcake wedding cake – they were to die for. And continuing with the wedding theme, my daughter is torn between May and September (wasn’t that a tv series?) for her wedding next year. I’ll be MoB instead of MoG.

    Nice cakes. Sorry, I meant to say nice post. 😉

    Liv x

  5. Exciting times, Liv – MoB is a big responsibility! Sarah, we had cucumber sandwiches in the Pump Room today, Bath buns tomorrow, or that’s the plan. Trisha got into the spirit of the thing and drank a glass of Bath water. I’m hoping she’ll survive…

  6. I’m glad that ‘Bath water’ had a capital B..

    I seem to remember my friend trying it and I had a sip – it was vile!

    I love Bath – we should have a Choc Lit convention there. They’ve got a Cadbury’s and a Thornton’s shop, I think?

  7. We should indeed have a Choc Lit convention in Bath. The water in that pool is enough to put me off. It looks as if the Loch Ness Monster could be lurking in its depths. I’d be scared to put a toe in it in case it got bitten off.

  8. I’m having cakes later today. Hope they look and taste as yummy as yours! Hope Bath buns live up to expectations. My friend had a muffin wedding cake last year- blueberry!

  9. Mmmmm, lovely cake, Margaret. Did you make them with your own fair hands? Or perhaps you used more conventional ingredients? xxx

  10. Ah yes,wedding cake……for my daughter’s wedding I made a large fruit cake for the bottom bit, a chocolate cake for the middle bit, and – at my son-in-law’s request – a strawberry jam sponge for the top bit. Somehow, I failed to get even a nibble of any of it myself…..sigh. So, I think I’m due a Margaret J cupcake sometime soon….they look delish. But you ask….were do stories begin? Hope for Hannah began when I saw the graveyard tablets (you can’t call them gravestones) of Dartmoor prisoners which only have initials and date of death….but hey, we have to start somewhere…:)

  11. I’m a bit of a cake tart (sorry). Today, Trisha and I had blackcurrant mousse cakes, lemon curd cakes and caramel profiteroles. All in the cause of research, obviously.

  12. My wonderful, but hugely busy, sister really wanted to make my wedding cake. She was still baking on the morning of the wedding – having had the odd disastrous attempt the day before – but still managed to finish icing it an hour before the ceremony started! It tasted looked and tasted fantastic 🙂

  13. What lovely cupcakes Margaret. What I want to know is how you manage to keep so slim if you indulge in such treats! Which is exactly what The Wedding Diary was to read – a real treat. Good to see you at the RNA Party. x

  14. Good to see you too, Margaret, and thank you for kind words about TWD. I’m not that slim. There are plenty of RNA members who are rather more sylph-like than moi. Zana, what a lovely sister! I too have a wonderful sister and know I am very blessed.

  15. No married children yet, but if there’s cake I shall try to persuade one of them to give it a shot… Would that be wrong of me? “You HAVE to get married – I need the cake.”

    And those cupcakes looked so gorgeous I dribbled on my keyboard.

  16. We did – sorry, Henri. We all had a bite each. I’ll make you another one. I promise.

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