Cloud Nine …

book… or ten or eleven or … yes, that’s where I am this morning because the advance copies of Trade Winds just arrived!  Don’t they look gorgeous?  The photo doesn’t really do the cover justice as the title and swirly bits around the edge are all shiny and beautiful.  I can’t tell you how excited I am or how thrilled to finally be holding a copy of something I’ve been waiting for such a long time!  Forgive me for the overuse of exclamation marks, but today I really think they’re justified!

8 thoughts on “Cloud Nine …

  1. The cover is lovely – am looking forward to getting my copy from Amazon, and admiring the swirly bits for myself. Oh, and reading the book, too!

  2. Brilliant cover, I can see why you’re so excited. Can’t wait to hold one in my own hands.

  3. Just heard from Amazon that my copy is on its way! So blissful weekend coming up.

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