Kate’s Interview with a heroine

So today, I’ve been chatting with the heroine of my next book, Impossible Things:

What is your name?

Interesting question. I’ve been called Agnes and Jorrie and Little Witch, but I think I’m called Ishtaer. Apparently that’s too short, however, and lots of words I don’t understand have to be added to it to make a proper name. That’s what Lord Krull says.

Lord Krull?

Oh, you’ve heard of him. Even I’d heard of him, and I didn’t remember my own name. Scourge of the seas, terror of the Empire, the most feared pirate and warlord in the world? I thought he was the devil when I first met him. But then he rescued me and made me well and told me to call him Kael. I think he’s being kind. It’s very confusing.

There’s a rumour going round you’re his…well, you know, that you and he…

Oh. Yes. I’ve tried denying it but that just seems to make people believe it all the more. I’ve tried telling people that I’m not interested in Lord Krull or any other man, and I’m convinced I’m the last woman in the Empire he could ever desire, but no one believes me. So I’ll just say we shared a cabin on the voyage over the Great Sea and let people hear what they want to.

Riiiight. So is it true that you’re the first female Warrior in history? And that you’re the first person ever who’s been Chosen by the Gods not once or even twice, but three times? And that you can talk to ghosts?

I suppose I’m just full of impossible things.

17 thoughts on “Kate’s Interview with a heroine

  1. Brilliant, Kate, can’t wait to read about these two (especially Lord Krull)! 🙂

  2. We need more! It is IMPOSSIBLE not to wonder about what’s going to happen. (see what I did there?)

  3. Brilliant, I’m so looking forwards to meeting the latest Kate Johnson heroine!

  4. Ishtaer and Lord Krull shared a cabin on a boat? And we’re supposed to believe this is entirely innocent? Methinks the lady doth protest too much…

  5. This is sounding so good, Kate. Consider me suitably intrigued 🙂

  6. Thanks guys! And I won’t say what happened in that cabin. You’ll just have to read it and find out, muhahaha!

  7. Can only second (third, fourth, fifth etc) what’s been said already. As a lover of Fantasy and Sci-fi, can’t wait for this one.

  8. Cabins are usually quite small..lots of ‘pressing together’… It sounds brilliant, Kate, can’t wait to be able to meet Ishtaer and Krull.

  9. I can’t wait to meet Lord K, who I suspect might bear a striking resemblance to a certain Mr Armitage? He’d better, anyway…

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