Sarah Tranter – What am I working on now … and a tip or two

I consider myself to be a very lucky girl at the mo. I’m spending rather a lot of time with Nate. Anyone who has read No Such Thing as Immortality will know exactly who I mean. Nathaniel Gray, the former Earl of Ridings, but now a two-hundred year old vampire.

copy-of-nstai_packshotI’m working on book 2 of the No Such Thing series. As this book continues Nate’s story, and is written from his perspective, the two of us are finding ourselves engaged in an awful lot of one-to-one time. It’s at times like these I ask myself why I ever became a writer. It’s such a very very hard life 🙂

He’s intense, too. Seriously intense. And has been leading me astray no end. All he has to do is look at me with those eyes of his and raise a brow. Plot line? There was one once upon a time, but now I have not a clue where he’s leading me. I know where I want him to end up, but he’s presently got other ideas. But it’s his prerogative. It’s his story after all. And I am so enjoying the ride.

I’ve yet to decide on a title for this second book. No such thing as […..]? There are currently four possible blank-fillers, although the count is growing daily rather than shrinking. We will see.

So there you go. What I am presently working on. If you can of course, call it work. And to all those who have contacted me to find out when book two is out ― soon I hope  🙂

Edits also loom for Romancing the Soul, due out in January 2014. This one is ratherrts_small different – not a vampire or faerie in sight. Mainstream but with perhaps a twist as two soul mates deal with the consequences of meeting during a past life regresssion.  I adore the cover for this one, too – thank you so much Berni Stevens and Choc Lit!

And a couple of writing tips for those that way inclined. I’m not at all sure I’m qualified to give them. I kind of make things up as I go along. And no doubt I will not be asked to provide them again. But on the basis of recent weeks, I would suggest:

Not letting your characters go into a kitchen when you are on a diet (see – I so won’t be asked again). You might think you have your cravings under control, but your characters will likely prove otherwise. You will end up with a scene incorporating all of your favourite comfort foods. In my case, quite an accomplishment with so many of the cast being vampires, not at all interested in hot toasted bagels with marmite or macaroni cheese. You may be able to make use of some of it. You may not. But it’s safe to say it can rather take you off course.

The second ― I’m actually chuffed to bits with. In my case, it has allowed me dedicated early morning romps with Nate. The advice? If you seem to be struggling to get words down on the page, try making a dramatic change to your writing routine. I’m not a morning person at all. No Such Thing as Immortality was written very late at night and right through it on occasions. But with my boys’ bedtime getting later and later and with that, the point at which I can recommence writing (I am knackered at 9.30pm) I’ve had to take desperate measures. I’ve been setting my alarm clock to go off at 5am. And for me, sitting in front of my laptop in a freezing cold kitchen at 5.10am, kitted out in extreme weather gear, has proved an amazing incentive to write. I am only out of my warm cosy bed to write. If I don’t write, I’ve wasted that huge effort that was getting up. Previously, that pre-feeding the boys 5―7am slot was spent asleep so I now only associate that time with writing. I find I don’t get distracted with washing and cleaning because I simply wouldn’t climb out of my bed at that time in the morning to do that stuff. It may not work for everyone. In fact, it may only work for me (generally work ― kids!) ― but it’s a great sensation to know you’ve words under your belt before the day starts proper. In my case, that sensation, obviously, has absolutely nothing to do with having a bit of extra time with Nate🙂


21 thoughts on “Sarah Tranter – What am I working on now … and a tip or two

  1. Ooh, Sarah, really looking forward to your new book Romancing the Soul, and then to reading more of Nate’s story. I love Marmite, BTW – a hug in a sandwich. I am aware others do not share my passion…

  2. A hug in a sandwich sums it up I reckon, Margaret. I used to hate the stuff as a kid – now I am a little addicted 🙂 Do hope you like Romancing the Soul x

  3. You lucky, lucky thing, Sarah, to get to spend time with a gorgeous hero! Totally love the cover for “Romancing the Soul”, very atmospheric and misty. And thanks for the tips re. routine – I’m in need of any tips I can get (am suffering blank page horror at the moment – argh!).

  4. Thank you, Henri – the cover is gorgeous, isn’t it? Chuffed to bits with it. Just a little matter of edits to get through before I hold it in my hands, but am attempting not to think of those. Marmite, Henri – may work on blank page horror? Particularly if you don’t like it? :)Sure it won’t be blank for long. Hang in there. Hugs X

  5. I’m a night owl, Sarah. I can spend hours at the desk during the day, but really get going once the children are in bed. I find it easier to stay up than get up.
    Really looking forward to both books 🙂

  6. I’m a night owl, too, Laura TBH just recently have had to turn it on its head. I’m sure I’ll be fluttering back to it soon. Thank you and have a fab weekend 🙂 X

  7. Sarah, can’t wait for your next two books. I love the regression idea – did a fanfic one myself a few years ago, and toyed with doing another at some point. Fascinating subject. And the cover for RTS is gorgeous, but would we expect anything else.

    Oh, and btw, a light spread of marmite and mashed banana makes a lovely sandwich.

  8. Wonderful cover, can’t wait to see the whole book! And useful tips for writing there, particularly with reference to food – I find my characters drink an awful lot of tea and coffee, but eat nothing much more than biscuits. Obsessed, me?

  9. Gorgeous cover and the story sounds fascinating! My husband laughed when I admitted to writing a scene where the heroine makes fried chicken for the hero – he grumpily complained I haven’t made it for him in 30 years of marriage and where did he go wrong? I did not dare to describe the handsome Jago or hint that might be why!

  10. I alternate between having late nights and getting up early (5.a.m.) the only time I hit a problem in on changeover when a late night becomes an early morning!

    Love the cover for Romancing the Soul and can’t wait to read it.


  11. Marmite and mashed banana? Oh Liv I am going to have to try it. I never used to like peanut butter but adore peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches. Oh Gawd now I’m going to be dreaming about sandwiches:) Agree with you regression is a fascinating subject.
    Jane and Angela – I’m so pleased it’s not just me that finds food creeping into the story LOL. And I’ve just realised it’s the real Jane speaking – you mentioned biscuits:) Angela – that was a very brave thing to admit to your husband. I wouldn’t brave it this end:)
    Sue – you are a flitterer then 🙂 Must say I’ve found a few late nights creeping in again recently, too. I’m not good with changeovers either. Last time that happened I pressed snooze on the alarm at 5am and next time I opened my eyes it was 9am. Not good when it was a school morning. Needless to say the boys didn’t wake me up, athough I know for sure my eldest knew the time. Thank you so much for popping over. And I am so pleased you all like the cover for Romancing. Berni did a fabulous job.

  12. Marmite spread down the middle of a leaf of baby gem is wonderful! I really like your idea, Sarah, of working outside of one’s comfort time zone – will try that next time I am stuck or merely lacking motivation – whichever is the sooner. As you say, the cover of Romancing the Soul is wonderful….looking forward to reading it. Really good post….and thanks for helping me out over it….:)

  13. Thank you, Juliet. I love it! And another 5amer?! You so should not be putting temptation my way … 🙂
    And oh yes, Linda – it is wonderful that way – as well as a marmite and salad sandwich. God I’m back to sandwiches. No writing for me today. Working outside of your comfort zone is a great way of putting it, Linda – and it’s certainly worked for me. And setting the alarm clock is a great motivator. And my pleasure 🙂 Sx

  14. So glad book two about Nate is coming along nicely! And yes, it’s such a hardship having to spend time with our heroes, but we have to sacrifice ourselves 😀

  15. Oh dear, what am I missing in life – am I the only one who hates Marmite? But I love the cover of Romancing the Soul, Sarah and look forward to reading it.

  16. I can so relate to the food and writing thing. My characters always seem to be eating, cooking or drinking. Wonder what that says about me? And like everyone else I can’t wait for the next book! And as far as Marmite is concerned I love it. Not had it for ages though. I am a day time writer too but not that early. I would probably die if I had to do regular 5amers. Keep up the good work and I will have a lie in for you. Chortle 🙂 xx

  17. What a great example you are, Sarah, to anyone who says ‘I’m going to write a novel when I get time…’ You’re a busy woman with a young family and yet, yep, here comes Book 3 because you got up at the Crack of Doom to make it happen. Respect. And I’m so looking forwards to both books!

  18. Sounds like those freezing starts are really making your writing hum along, Sarah! So impressed. Totally love RTS cover too. Clever Berni. Clever you also for great plot line. Looking forward to reading about past lives..

    As to things culinary, I’m into marmite – well, vegemite – and avocado on toast 🙂

  19. Sarah, I’m so looking forward to the next “no such thing as”, poor you having to spend so much time with Nate! Really looking forward to “Romancing the Soul” too & excellent front cover too. I just have to add I also love marmite! Well done & keep at it x

  20. Thank you, guys and so lovely to see you on here, Hannah. Mandy – thanks for those lie-ins for me. Chris – what a lovely thing to say. No respect required – acts of a desperate woman. Zana – it is one of those plot lines I couldn’t help but follow. And marmite and avocado – I am sooo going to have to give it a go. So hope you like the next No Such Thing, Hannah. Yes it was a real hardship spending all that time with Nate. Draft one completed and a little time out. Am missing him 🙂 Another marmite lover! I should be doing a survey here. Thank you again! XX

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