Sarah Tranter – We have lift off!

If I was clever, I'd have added fire-spouting rocket boosters under this.

If I was clever, I'd have added fire-spouting rocket boosters under this.

No such thing as Immortality is officially launched today. You will be very pleased to hear, that I am not going to attempt to describe what I am currently feeling. There isn’t a chance I could do it justice in any event. Furthermore, I am going to have a crack at being professional. Unlike my earlier posts, there will be no squealing. There will be no over abundance of emotion. I am determined to be professional here.

So I should perhaps tell you a little about the book. The blurb. Think Twilight Saga for adults, but with 200 year old British vampires who apologise for making a scene, endeavour to dine on black pudding rather than people, and struggle with varying degrees of success to fit into the confusing conventions of contemporary life, such as wooing human females.

I thank the lovely Luke for that little summary. A bit of a change so as not to repeat what’s on the back cover.

Mmmm. Yes. So far so good. Professional … So … Right. Yes. And …

You know? There’s not a hope here! It’s publication day! My debut novel is officially out there! I’m officially out there! I am a published author! And this feels so beyond AMAZING! Thank you Choc Lit! Oh dear! Look at all the exclamation marks! And not everyone likes- ! It’s most definitely best I leave now. Right now because I can feel the unmentionable coming on.

Thank you everyone for all of your support. You know who you are. You are unbelievably incredible and I love you to bits. And― I’m so gone.

No such thing as Immortality spotted at WHSmith, London Victoria

No such thing as Immortality at WHSmith, London Victoria


21 thoughts on “Sarah Tranter – We have lift off!

  1. Mega congratulations, Sarah! Vampires eating black pudding – sounds a really fun book! Except … does that make me a vampire? (Clonakilty black pudding – mmmm.)

  2. Thank you, Zana and Juliet – yep today is a little exciting LOL! Juliet – depends if you have it neat from the pig? X

  3. HAPPY, HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY, SARAH. Mega congrats as well. And the cover of your book is so, well, tactile. And boy does it stand out on the bookshelves….gonna sell shedloads, I just know it…:)

  4. Thank you, Linda 🙂 It is so touchy, feely isn’t it? Berni did a fabulous job! X

  5. Happy publication day! But hang on a minute, you said you weren’t going to squeal, and I’m most put out over your inability to stay professional for not even five minutes. Honestly, Sarah! 😀

  6. LOL – I think you should squee as much as you want 😀 Happy publication day, enjoy every minute! xx

  7. LOL – Thank you Henri and Pia. Believe me, I tried soooo hard! X

  8. I loved, loved, loved this book! Happy, happy publication day to you, Sarah. Squeeeeeee!

  9. I don’t know what happened yesterday. I commented on two of your interviews but forgot this blog!!! Shame on me – and for just using three exclamation marks 🙂 Squeee is better than wee and I LOVED the book too! When’s the film out? xxx

  10. Hi Mandy – thank you for all your support yesterday – and all the other days 🙂 ‘Attempted’ restraint with the exclamation marks. And indeed, it is better than wee. What am I worried about, LOL? So pleased you loved the book X

  11. Sarah, you know how much I loved your book, and I’m now looking forward to the movie. Can I suggest Henry Cavill for Nate? Very well done, and can’t wait for the next part.

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