Juliet’s Split Personality of the Year Award

Last night was the award ceremony for BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year and, despite competition on an Olympian scale, the overall winner was the fabulous Bradley Wiggins.

2012 Sports Personality of the Year Bradley Wiggins holds the trophy aloft after being presented it by the Duchess of Cambridge

It’s now time to hear your nominations for a far less famous award – Split Personality of 2012. My husband has nominated me, having sat through numerous meetings with our accountant where I refer to Juliet Archer in the third person. I am an employee and director of our limited company under my real name, but our activities include my/Juliet’s writing income and expenditure. Our accountant has got used to it and even joins in, pulling out a chair for Juliet and offering her a coffee!

I certainly wouldn’t want Juliet to ‘come out’ in my day job, where my livelihood depends on a completely different sort of professional credibility – although I’m sure some of what I encounter there may be ‘pure fiction’! So I’m stuck with this split personality thingy going on – great fun most of the time, but scarier as I get older, when launching into a talk about Mr Darcy to an audience of baffled clinicians becomes a distinct possibility …

Of course, split personalities needn’t be writing related. People often show different sides of themselves with different family members or friends – whether it’s biting your tongue in front of the in-laws or remembering your children may look to you as a role model.

What about you? Do you have a split personality, or do you know someone who has? Let’s have your nominations!

18 thoughts on “Juliet’s Split Personality of the Year Award

  1. Oh Juliet. Mmmm. Picture number 2. What a wonderful way to start a monday. Nearly as good as the YouTube lake scene that was on facebook last night in celebration of Jane Austen’s birthday.
    Am attempting to refocus on your question. LOL – I can imagine your difficulty when you’ve two professional identities to juggle. In my last job, I certainly found myself slipping in to a work mode and having to be a social butterfly LOL. But to have two professional modes? Seriously confusing! I honestly don’t know how you do it.
    Presently, I find myself in mummy mode more often than not. Rather than having to slip into that mode, as was the case with the professional one – I find now, it’s something I find myself having to slip ‘out’ of. That might be one of the reasons I love writing so much. When I write, I’m Sarah – and in a way I’ve never been before. It’s very liberating. And I find elements that are vetoed in mummy-mode, but which clearly need a release (swearing for instance) find their way on to the page. You wouldn’t believe how many naughty words I remove from the first draft!
    Great blog, Juliet! And fantastic picture! SX

  2. A short story writer I know has about five writing names……and gets cheques sent to her in all of those! She uses different e.mail addresses for them, too. So, she had to sit down with a bank clerk one day and square it so they can all go into one account.
    I wouldn’t want the pressure …..or would I??

  3. Great post Juliet, and as Sarah says, a photo of Colin Firth as Mr D’Arce would lift anyone’s spirits. The ‘split personality’ theme resounds with me, as I’m sure it does many women – and that’s even without a professional role. If you want a smile girls, just look up what Mae West said . . .

  4. Hi Sarah, I totally forgot it was Dear Jane’s birthday yesterday! Mummy mode – LOL! I really enjoy that one, even now. Of course, I’m using the term ‘professional’ loosely – especially in the writing sense!

  5. FIVE, Linda? That’s making split personality a profession in itself. I could manage the multiple income streams – but the email addresses would send me bonkers. Two are bad enough!

  6. Hi Margaret, you’re right – it’s definitely a woman thing. My dad was a headmaster at work and a headmaster at home, bless him! I will look up what Mae West says – it’s sure to brighten my day…

  7. I’m inclined to think that nearly everyone has a split personality, taking ‘personality’ in a fairly broad sense of the word, even if they wouldn’t recognise that. I think that, consciously or subconsciously, most people have a public face that they show the world, and a private face, which is what they would describe as the real them. In fact, the real them is probably a combination of both those faces.

    Liz X

  8. I certainly have to be a bit braver when I’m out an about as writer! I learned a bit about leaving the shy person at home from my younger stepson who played some big gigs with his band, Clocks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnaPGyPVLL0). I was always impressed that someone so shy could overcome his nerves and sing in front of a huge audience.

  9. Although I’m a Gemini and am therefore supposed to have a split personality as of right, I don’t think I do! I’m always me. What you see/hear (we won’t go any further) is what you get. I couldn’t have a pen name. I’d always be signing books/cheques/tax returns with the wrong name, and people would be asking me – who the hell is that?

  10. Great post! I’m not really sure what being me is. I tend to be a bit of a chameleon in that I can blend in to most social situations. If I’m with people who are loud then I tend to be, if they are quiet and reserved then I can be that too. But I guess most of the time I am loud! I can be a bit OTT and that can frighten folk, hence the chameleon act when necessary.

    As a teacher I was ‘on stage’ for 15 years, meaning I was never allowed to be myself at work in front of a class. With the older ones I was nearly myself, but if a teacher is too relaxed in front of lets say Year 9, then they will be eaten alive in my experience. I do enjoy being quiet, not talking to anyone and having ‘me time’ too. So, I think that’s my answer…if you can unravel it then you have me…good luck x

  11. I knew someone once who literally took on the personality of whoever he was with at the time. When I told him that’s how he came across, he readily agreed, so was aware of it. I’m sure a lot of people are like it, especially if they aren’t too confident about themselves.

    As for myself, I don’t think I know me at all. I know who I want to be, but frequently ask myself who I actually am!

  12. I definitely have a “split personality” as I have my pseudonym and my real self, but I find that they very often overlap. There are times when I wish I hadn’t created this other persona, but it can also be fun to be someone different when you meet new people! I don’t think I’d want more than two though, too complicated 🙂

  13. LOL, Liv, I think we all know that feeling at times! And your friend sounds as if he’s an expert at what NLP calls ‘matching’ – very shrewd move.

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