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When sitting down to write a post, I normally have to think about what to write. This time around, it’s more ― what NOT to write. And that’s all down to the past ten days. It has been one amazing happening after another. Just as I recover from one ― another hits me between the eyes. Although, to be honest, it’s my heart that they kind of connect with.

As a debut author, I was expecting many firsts. But I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the past ten days.

· NSTAI went live on kindle. A very good moment

· I held my book in my hands for the first time

· Attended my first function as a published author, rather than as an aspiring one

· Stood beside fellow ChocLiteers as I sold and signed my first book

· I received my first review

· I received messages from readers as they read NSTAI ― and they were positive ones at that.

· Oh ― and my husband, who never read the MS, actually started reading NSTAI. The most shocking of all occurrences. But pretty momentous.

The above is of course a list. It doesn’t touch on the emotions associated with each event. The feeling of exhilaration when you realise your book is available for people to read ― followed immediately by terror. What if they hate it? Is that just me? Does that feeling go away after you’ve the first one under your belt? I am hoping the nervous-wreck moments are down to going through this process for the first time ― and the fact I am cr*p. But I have a horrid suspicion it’s not.

I LOVE the highs. Seriously high highs. I’ve not stopped cradling and stroking my book since it arrived. And receiving positive feedback? It makes it all worthwhile. I dread the moment the negative comes in. But that’s clearly part of the emotional rollercoaster of being an author. I had NO idea what an author goes through. Hats off to you all. I bow to you. Because you seem to have got through the process intact. Emotionally, mentally … Well perhaps some of you, LOL. I think, perhaps, the secret is in the support we receive from our friends and fellow writers. It has been phenomenal ― and humbling. Thank you one and all. And on that note ― thank you ChocLiteers for all your support. And of course Choc Lit! I LOVE the finished product. Well the outside. I can’t bring myself to read the inside. And congratulations go again to Choc Lit for that ‘Publisher of the Year’ win and to Pia for best historical. You see ― all within the past ten days. What a ten days 🙂

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  1. Sarah, your book is amazing. Not just the way it’s written but the originality of it. You deserve all the success it will bring. And I can definitely see it as a movie. Move over Edward Cullen and Christian Grey.

    And well done to Pia and Choc Lit. Seriously well deserved.

  2. Thank you, Juliet. I will:) Liv – I believe I love you 🙂 Thank you! And there I thought I was emotionally spent 🙂 X

  3. Sarah, so pleased you are enjoying these special days, and hope there are many more to come! (There will be :))

    Also, try not to worry about the negative, easy for me to say I know, but use the constructive elements; if they’re kind enough to leave any…and dismiss the rest. You have plenty of true, brilliant reviews to counteract it, and remember, some people just enjoy criticising others!

    I also agree with Livthomas, move over Edward and Christian…(not Jacob, no-one must ever remove Jacob from my heart!) 😀

    And yes, a huge well done to Pia and Choc Lit!


  4. I love this post, Sarah! I agree, the high ‘highs’ are utterly tremendous. Even now, months later, I still stroke our glossy paperbacks and have to pinch myself that they’re out there (all over the world, think of that!)

    I’m so looking forward to reading NSTAI – I think you could be another ‘keeper author’ for me, going by the reviews and comments I’ve read. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved, and hug those wonderful feelings to you, as they’re pretty darn special. x

  5. Enjoy the highs – you’ve worked hard for them. There will never be another first book, so savour the moments. I laughed about DH reading the book. When my mother read mine I followed her about for the whole weekend ‘How far have you got now?’ Until she told me to shoo, in no uncertain terms. I’m sure DH will love it 🙂

  6. Sarah – Love, love, love the look of your book, and can’t wait to read it! Lucky you that your DH is reading it. Mine says, “Oh, I suppose I ought to read your book, then”. “It’s in that box over there,” I reply, sighing because we’ve had this exchange several times now. Needless to say, it’s still in the box…

  7. Yep, am so going to enjoy the highs, Evonne. Not at all sure what DH will make of it 🙂 And thank you, Henri – I am so loving the sounds of Up Close too. Can’t wait to read it. And it looks fabulous! I got a sneak peek at Festival of Romance 🙂 Sorry – but am so pleased I’m not alone with reluctant hubs. Whilst I say he’s started it, I’m not sure he’ll finish it. His car magazine arrived yesterday:) Your DH may yet surprise you!

  8. I’m just a reader and occasional amateur reviewer and I have your book on my Kindle (I’ve started to download new Choc Lit titles as soon as I spot them) but haven’t read it just yet. I just wanted to say keep enjoying the good bits!

  9. You have summed that up so well – and I am thrilled for you. What I want to know is, will we get the same feeling the second time around….I’ve been told that in certain cirucmstances (well, er um, second marriages for one) things are often better the second time around. How will we cope with that amount of emotion????
    Go celebrate, Sarah, and I am soooooooo looking forward to reading it.

  10. Thank you, Joanna 🙂 It takes a stroker to know one, LOL! Congratulations on your lovelies and everything crossed you like NSTAI.
    Luci – thank you so much. I will do my very best. Thank you for buying, NSTAI – would love to hear what you think. She says. Eeek. Very very much hoping you like it 🙂

  11. Ten days that shook your world! SO thrilled for you! I think the holding your book in your hand feeling must be pretty incredible. And you will have many more fab reviews to come I’m positive of this. Enjoy the feeling, hon xx

  12. LOL, Linda – I have not the foggiest how we’ll cope. We are going to need to nursemaid each other 🙂 Or perhaps we’ll develop an emotion dampener facility LOL. Thank you! X

  13. They certainly shook my world, Mandy. Prepare yourself! Can but hope you are right re the reviews. Thank you and have a fab weekend 🙂

  14. Yes, Sarah, it’s the same feeling no matter how many books you’ve got out there – but there’s never another ‘first’ book, so you stroke away! Deal with any negatives when (and IF) they happen and for now just enjoy brandishing that book – it’s so beautiful you must feel like a mother with her newborn baby. If you can bring yourself to, try reading it – the words sound different when they’re printed up like that. And overall, ENJOY!

  15. Hi Sarah,what a great post, and one with which I think most first time authors will identify with. I tried to leave a comment yesterday but for some reason the system wouldn’t accept it. 🙁 Anyway congratulations again (one can never have too many congratulations for a new release). I’ve just started reading NSTAI and love, love, love it. Enjoy the reviews, I’m sure there will be more five star ones. Remember you will never please everyone. There may be the odd one which is not as enthusiastic as others, try to learn from it if they have a constructive point to make, although it’s often just a difference in taste. There are people out there though who love to rip apart other people’s talent because they have none of their own and it makes them feel good. I hope you never get one of those but if you do, just try to ignore it, this sort of criticism is not like constructive criticism, it’s purely there to hurt, and not worth bothering about. (I’ve been on the receiving end of one of these myself) As for subsequent books, for me nothing can equeal the thrill of holding that very first published book, but speaking personally, it was almost as thrilling the second and third time. These are our ‘babies’ and it’s an amazing experience when we welcome them into the world.

    Enjoy this time Sarah, you deserve it.

  16. Thank you, Lyn. Soooo pleased you are enjoying it! And you are right, everyone has different tastes – so I am preparing myself, accordingly. That process, of course, does NOT involve copious amounts of wine, LOL. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support. Hugely appreciated. Good luck with Beloved Enemy:)

  17. Congratulations Sarah, That first book is such a thrill. No one can truly understand except another author. Wishing you many sales and expecting many more books will follow. 🙂

  18. Thank you, Kathy and for your kind wishes. I’ll wish for those too, LOL. You are so right – it takes an author. All the best with your writing and books 🙂

  19. Thank you, Shaz. Yep. The wise woman called Donna 🙂 Thanks again X

  20. Having spent yesterday writing up the Minutes of a recent meeting, I’ve only just read your posting, Sarah. I so identify with it! You’ve brilliantly captured the emotions of one of the never-to-be beaten days for an author. I hope you enjoyed every single minute of it, and continue to enjoy the heady experience of being a published author.

    I loved our chats at the Festival of Romance, and look forward to seeing you again.

    Liz X

  21. Thanks, Liz. It’s certainly heady, LOL. Was lovely to chat – look forward to more in the future X

  22. Lovely post, Sarah – and I can tell you that the thrill of having your book out never grows old. Don’t worry about the bad reviews. My ed once told me that you can’t please everyone – and that’s very true. There might be books that say your friends enjoy but you couldn’t get into, and vice versa – so write from the heart, write what you enjoy, and that will shine through. The only time to take notice is if several reviews point out the same flaw – then try to take it as constructive criticism to learn from and do NOT take it personally 🙂 All the best with your book (and the first sentence had me hooked – I’ve just added it to my Kindle). Kate xx

  23. Thank you so much, Kate – for both your very wise words – and adding it to your kindle 🙂 Nope. Can never please everyone – am hoping it pleases you, though LOL X

  24. Those first ten days are just the start of the journey for you, Sarah. I actually went out a bought a little light for my Kindle so that I could carry on reading No Such Thing As Immortality into the wee small hours without disturbing himself! I was utterly gripped by Nathaniel Gray (oo-er!) and could not put the book down. Huge congratulations to you!

  25. Oh Chris! Thank you SO much! That means so much. And you’ve now made me bawl 🙂 Am so pleased Nate gripped you LOL. Thank you! And I am loving your little piccie X

  26. What a lovely post, Sarah! So glad you’re enjoying the moment, your first book is special! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

  27. Congratulations, Sarah. What a fabulous launch and delighted about all the positive feedback. Am off to hunt down a copy of your book.

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