Juliet’s Wednesday Ws – Wine, Women and … Writing


Tonight it’s the RNA Winter Party, where Wine, Women and Writing will be in full flow. Which got me thinking …

Do you buy it from the supermarket, or at your local specialist (if you have one) at a ‘tasting’ event with a guest speaker? Do you prefer something light and refreshing, or are you a connoisseur of the heavy stuff? And am I talking about wine, or books?

Both. Because writing covers the whole spectrum – from commercially produced, perfectly quaffable enjoyment, to rare vintages which may ultimately prove undrinkable for many of us! And then some wines/books cry out to be consumed with food (Choc Lit, anyone?), while others are best savoured on their own.

Actually, the same probably applies to women, too – and men!how-do-you-buy-books1

Looking forward to seeing you tonight, if you’re going. In the meantime, do your wine preferences match your writing/reading ones?

13 thoughts on “Juliet’s Wednesday Ws – Wine, Women and … Writing

  1. I think perhaps my taste in white wine may reflect my reading tastes (sort of, anyway). I like them dry, tart, and crisp, just as I like sparse, concise writing which isn’t too fluffy. Mind you, I also like Baileys. I wonder what sort of book that compares to…

  2. I like red, preferably Californian Zinfandell. It’s full bodied, warming and with more than a a hint of blackcurrant. I like to read full bodied meaty thrillers, mysteries and supernatural types – so I guess it is well matched! 😉

    Hope everyone enjoys the RNA party tonight. I’m being Cinders, at home…again.

  3. Matching books to wine? Well, I like drinking wine whilst reading or indeed reading whilst I’m drinking wine. In fact I like writing when I’m drinking wine too. Does that count? LOL. White. Dry. Ideally S. African. But cheap. Has to be cheap. But it mustn’t taste cheap, if you know what I mean. I quite like to buy my books when they are on offer too, so perhaps my wine preferences do indeed match my wine 🙂

  4. I’m like that, LindyLou – wine/book needs to suit my mood so wide variety is possible!

    LOL, Henri! How about a romance with a smooth, seductive Irish hero for a Baileys?

    Yes, Mandy, all that blood (hope it doesn’t put you off the drink)… Last night was lovely, thank you!

    Oh, me too, Sarah – I’m sure my writing’s better ‘under the influence’.

    Evonne, herbal = healthy, just like the benefits of reading?

  5. My very sensible daughter only ever drinks white wine when she’s out….if it spills then the stains don’t show! So, I’ve pinched that idea off her. My preference when at home is for a decent Rioja….:)
    But when I’m reading I only ever drink tea…..cups and cups of it, black, strong.

  6. I’m afraid I don’t drink (hides under desk) but when I’m reading a book set in Summer and the writing is really descriptive about the sunny, hot weather, then I always crave a non-alcoholic sparkling pear cider. For books set in winter it’s a nice steaming hot chocolate that I snuggle down with at the end of the day 🙂 Maybe I’m a hot chocolate and baileys girl for books. I like my romantic heroes romantic and heart-warming yet with a kick of bad-boy 😀

  7. I must remember that tip, Linda! Isn’t it weird when a daughter turns sensible?

    What a wicked description of a hero, Sorcha. I will definitely try hot choc and Baileys!

  8. I have a confession to make. I don’t like wine. I don’t actually like any alcohol, and the only thing I ever indulge in might be a WKD, or other alcopop. I don’t like the taste, but also, for some reason when I drink anything alcohol related, my mouth and/or gums feels like they’re becoming swollen.

    I really, really like chocolate though, so does that make up for it? And I can get very merry on a diet-coke or an Appletiser.

  9. I think mine do – I prefer light, sweet and entertaining for both 🙂 (if a wine can be said to be entertaining??)

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