Kate’s Wednesday Which…?

No, not witch, although it might be more interesting (note to self: write a book about witches). I’m in that lovely state between sending off my previous book and deciding what to write next. My last book, currently titled Impossible Things, is about a warlord and a blind slave and a dog called Brutus. It’s total, all-out fantasy, which has left me with a yearning to write something firmly set in the real world.

Only…I’m not great at that! Yes, I’ve written contemporaries, but they’re a little implausible, which is half the fun. I had an idea for my next book, which involved a Hollywood movie star and an ordinary girl, but ordinary is, like, way boring, so maybe she might turn out to be a con artist instead. I’m not sure (note to self: order Hustle box set).

Then there’s the other story which has been on the back burner for a while. This one has a one-legged detective and a girl who sees ghosts. Which is awesome, but it has no plot (note to self: research phantom limb and fictional possibilities thereof).

Or there’s…you get the picture. Which one do I write next?

14 thoughts on “Kate’s Wednesday Which…?

  1. I’m looking forward to the warlord one! Enjoy the thinking time, it’s fun when you’re in that in-between stage, deciding what to do next. The possibilities are endless 🙂

  2. I’d be intrigued by the one-legged detective and the girl who sees ghosts. Maybe it could be set in winter with the tagline “Icy dead people”…

    Loving the sound Impossible Things – I just love fantasy. Sounds like you could be a female version of Terry Pratchett, Kate.

  3. Yes I like the one-legged detective too. Don’t know why, it just has something…I am sitting on my hands to prevent typing bad jokes about wooden legs. 🙂

  4. Oooh, I’m intrigued by the warlord book! And the one legged detective. Sounds like things are bubbling away just nicely at Johnson Towers. Hx

  5. Liv, I love that tag line! And Mandy, I’ll have to curb my own Carry On tendencies too, come to that.

    Hope the Tasting Panel approve of Impossible Things and then you can all read about my bad tempered, sarcastic ,gruff yet kind soldier. Hm, why does that sound familiar…?

  6. I’d love to read the Hollywood and con artist one! Hmmm – we’re not being much practical help, are we? I’m looking forward to meeting the warlord, especially if he’s as gorgeous as Harker.

  7. Rather like the idea of an investigating man with one leg, Kate. All sorts of possibilities there; and Fiona who sees phantoms. ‘Same car bomb that did for Fiona, cost me my leg!’ They team up and get the villains. ‘X’ marks the plot.

  8. You didn’t mention the crocogaters in Impossible things – I hope you haven’t got rid of them. Maybe that’s how the detective lost his leg? Seeing ghosts is good – I have a partially written historical with a ghost-seeing heroine – hmmm, wonder what I did with that? What’s the betting that when you do start something it will be a completely new idea?

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