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For a couple of weeks, we’ve been trying to come up with something original for W Wednesday. What we thought would be a piece of cake, proved otherwise. We did wonder if we could say one of us has a problem with our Rs, and then maybe we could get away with Womance or Wock and Woll.

But W it is – W for Who? W for Writing buddies; W for Without meeting.

So who the heck are these writing buddies, who have never met?  Collectively, Isabella Connor. Individually, Liv and Val. Val lives in Canada, Liv in England. That’s an 8-hour time difference and more than 4,000 miles in between.  We wrote a novel, working title Luke, now officially Beneath an Irish Sky, submitted it to Choc Lit, who accepted it for publication and here we are.

It wasn’t exactly easy to write a novel as a partnership, when we live on separate continents. But the internet (and the phone) made it far less difficult than it might have been, and we came to the conclusion some time ago that we do appear to share a brain. Cybermese twins, you might say, though it can get difficult if we both want the brain at the same time.

The internet didn’t just make it easier, though – it made it possible, as we actually met on an online message-board. From the beginning it became obvious that we shared the same feeling for the characters, the same direction for the novel. There have been times when we had to compromise, but even if you’re writing a book alone, there’s always a time when you have to deliberate on which route the plot or the characters should take.

Writing the novel together has been a pleasure and great fun. Sometimes a headache, but to expect no problems at all would have been totally unrealistic.

alicetweedledumtweedledee Partnerships/ pairings have existed since time began. Antony and Cleopatra, Napoleon and Josephine, Frodo and Sam, Marks and Spencer, and now there’s us …

We’re obviously Tweedledum and Tweedledee – they were the two who would finish each other’s sentences, right?

So are we a bargain? Kind of Buy one Get One Free – or Double Trouble. Time will tell!

There are other real-life writing partnerships, such as bestselling crime duo Nicci Gerrard and Sean French, writing as Nicci French, but we thought it would be fun to come up with some imaginary writing duos – ones that would be successful, and ones that wouldn’t last the day.

Successful Synergies

1. John Grisham & Fyodor Dostoevsky: “Clients and Punishment”

2. Jane Austen & Helen Fielding: “Elizabeth Bennet’s Diary”

3. Stephanie Meyer & Anne Rice: “Interview with the Vampire: the Cullen Chronicles”

Doomed to Fail

1. F. Scott Fitzgerald & Ernest Hemingway: “Jazz and Daiquiris in the Afternoon”

2. Ian Fleming & Charlotte Brontë: “The Governess Who Loved Me”

3. Enid Blyton & D H Lawrence: “The Naughtiest Girl and The Gamekeeper”

If you’ve any other suggestions, please share. 🙂

So, until next time then, it’s a goodnight from me … and a goodnight from her.




14 thoughts on “Writing Buddies – Val & Liv

  1. Wow! I think that is pretty amazing. It’s difficult enough writing alone and I often have to tell myself off, so doing that and then accommodating someone else …I take my metaphorical hat off. I like metaphorical hats because you can choose a new one every day. But as you say, your share a brain, so it must be nice an cosy in your heads. Can you tell I’m not awake yet? I expect you would love to meet one day, any plans for that?

    Anyway, congratulations both and I can’t wait to read Beneath an Irish Sky. Such a lovely title. 🙂 x

  2. Congratulations, Val & Liv, Liv & Val on your novel, ‘Beneath an Irish Sky’. What an achievement – I have enough trouble writing with myself! Partnerships that might not be so great? How about Emily Bronte and A A Milne, ‘Heathcliff at Pooh Corner’.

  3. So very excited about this book Val & Liv – and fascinating to hear how you’ve gone about it. I can see huge benefits in the brain storming and the plotting (twists and turns galore no doubt) and simply the bemoaning LOL – but to actually write it together? Wow. My hat goes off to you.
    You forgot Ant & Dec one of my favourite all time pairings. My hubs once stood at a urinal in between the two of them – too much information LOL but one of those very strange life moments. Such a shame that Enid Blyton and DH Lawrence one would be doomed to fail as am loving the title. Am loving Chris’s too. Am thinking of another doomed partnership…Stephanie Meyer and Stephen King – ‘Salem’s School Locker’?
    Huge congratulatons to you both – enjoy every moment of the process ahead of you. X

  4. Sounds amazing – both fun and difficult in equal measure, but can’t wait to read the result! Love the title!
    Ant & Dec? I think I prefer Dick & Dom (“in da bungalow”) 😀

  5. Lovely to finally ‘meet’ the pair of you. I imagine you’ve had lots of fun along the way. Congratulations and I wish you every success.
    Sarah – Did Ant & Dec still stand on the same sides they do for TV? Just asking.

  6. Fantastic to have you on board, you two! Can’t wait to read ‘Beneath an Irish Sky’…very evocative title.
    Can’t imagine how working together must be, but that is because I am an ego-driven monster who always has to have my own way, you must be much nicer people than I am!
    Could we mash up Dostoevski and Helen Gurley Brown and have ‘Crime and the Single Girl’? Actually, now I come to think of it, *that’s* a damn good title too!

  7. Great to finally meet you, Liv & Val, in cyberspace, that is, and I love the title of your book. I take my hat off to anyone who can write a novel in collaboration, because I’d find that almost impossible. It’s bad enough that I argue with myself all the time, let alone someone else… As for other successful synergies, how about Enid Blyton and Hilary Mantel: “Famous Five at Wolf Hall”.

  8. Hi to the terrible two!!! (Don’t meant that, honest.) How about Mary Shelly and some of those lovely 1950s women’s magazines, full of things to do on cold winter nights – ‘Knit your own Frankenstein monster’?

  9. I expect we’ve been called worse, Evonne. 🙂 Loving the suggestions for the co-written books, but knitting your own Frankenstein monster is especially appealing.

    Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone. xx

  10. I’m late commenting on this as I’m only just back from my hols – and what a hoot of a post to come home to. Feel there is going to be a real injection of fun on the blog…..:)

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