Publication Day – the end of the road. Or is it?

The Road Back is officially published today.

Today, therefore, is the end of the journey that began eleven months ago when Choc Lit told me that my novel was being accepted for publication. From that moment on, I and my novel have been eagerly waiting to reach our destination – Publication Day.


But is this really the end of the journey? No, of course it isn’t. Quite the reverse. It’s the start of a very exciting new journey, a journey that will take the novel out into the world of readers where it’ll be bought ( I hope) and enjoyed (I fervently hope).

Today on Publication Day, I shall be making public the fact that I have a novel out in paperback, available for people to buy through Amazon and bookshops. I shall be doing this on twitter, on Facebook, on Radio Marlow at 11am, and on BBC Radio Oxford, at 2pm, when I shall be talking to Jo Thoenes.

Today also, I shall be getting things ready to help me say thank you at my book launch next week (Friday, 14th September, Waterstones Oxford, 6.30 to 8pm) to all of the people who have supported me throughout my writing journey. The Road Back and I haven’t got here alone. And tonight, when I raise a glass to Choc Lit, I shall also be raising a glass in gratitude to my family and friends.   Cheers, each and every one of you!

33 thoughts on “Publication Day – the end of the road. Or is it?

  1. Happy publication day!! And I am sure The Road Back and you will go down The Road Forward to huge success!! x

  2. Happy publication day, Liz! Enjoy the fizz and the wonderful feeling of achievement. Hx

  3. A wonderful day for you Liz. Huge congratulations. Have a happy happy day. Hugs Sx

  4. Huge Congratulations to you, Liz. I remember your beaming smile at the RNA winter party last November, not long after you’d found out about ChocLit accepting your novel for publication. I’m so thrilled for you and wish you bags of success with The Road Back. Happy Publication Day! 🙂 x x

  5. Happy Publication Day! A little bit like the birth of a baby and a little bit like your own birthday, isn’t it? Many congratulations – I know The Road Back will go down a storm. x

  6. Thank you, Henri, Anita, Phillipa. It’s definitely going to be a fizz-ful evening. We shall have a glass at home, and then my husband has booked my favourite restaurant. Talking of fizz, I found flowers, fizz and chocs from Choc Lit when I returned home this afternoon. Lovely Choc lit.

    Liz X

  7. Jean, Alison, Laura – many thanks for your congratulations. Part of the pleasure of the day, which was of course brilliant in itself, has been the lovely comments made my friends. The writing community is truly a very generous community.

    Liz X

  8. Sarah, Jan, Margaret. Many thanks for those kind words. It’s been a day to remember. I’m so glad that I didn’t plan the book launch for the same day – you would have had to tie me down as I feel as if I’m flying! And I haven’t yet opened the fizz!!

    Liz X

  9. Thank you for that, Jane. The baby analogy is a very good one – it’s exactly how it feels. And the good wishes from Choc Lit in the form of chocs, fizz and a plant with lovely white flowers. makes it feel even more like my birthday.

    Liz X

  10. Sorry to be so late, but happy publication day! I hope you had a wonderful day and that your interviews went well!

  11. Christina and Chris – thank you very much for your congratulations. Yesterday was marvellous – I won’t ever forget it. And I was amazed at how much I enjoyed doing the interviews. I’ve not been able to hear the morning interview, but at some point I shall gird myself mentally to hear the BBC Radio Oxford interview on iplayer. x

  12. What an exciting day for you yesterday. You came across very well in your talk on Radio Oxford. It has been a long road but certainly not back – and now you are on the super highway!


  13. Many thanks, Linda! Yup, I’m still up there, and will be till after my launch. Then there’ll be a huge thump as I land on the ground again. After all of the celebration chocs, it’ll be more of a thump than it would have been a month ago! x

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