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It may have managed to slip past your fiercely concentrating selves, but I have an upcoming release with Choc Lit, tabled for next year. It’s called Hubble Bubble, it’s about amateur witchcraft, and it looks like this..

You know, just in case you hadn’t seen it.

Anyway.  Witchcraft and I have always had a passing fascination for one another.  I come from a line of hedge-witches, on, oddly enough, my father’s side.  My mother comes from London and wouldn’t know comfrey from a poke in the eye, but my father was born and grew up, as did his father before him, in very rural South Devon.  And this was in an age when rural meant properly isolated, not only having the one pub and being two miles at least from the nearest Waitrose.  I remember my Grandad teaching me dowsing and corn-dolly making, and my dad could always tell the weather from the feel of the air and the look of the sky.  I learned the proper uses of plants, how to tell if a cow was about to calve and how to hypnotise a chicken at an early age and all this probably accounts for my extreme ‘Nanny Oggness’ at times.

And while I remain unable to cast love spells, or perform any damage to enemies at a distance, I can still brew up a cough syrup and a poultice, if called upon to do so.  So a book which deals with the repercussions of attempting magic whilst not quite in possession of the necessary skills, seemed only natural; and no, before you ask, I didn’t run around naked in the woods waving a wand and trying to claim it was ‘research’…

18 thoughts on “Jane Lovering – Wednesday Witchcraft

  1. LOL Jane. I love the cover and am rather looking forward to this one. I’m intrigued though…how do you hypnotise a chicken? And please – because I know you are going to say this – please don’t say it involves running around naked waving a wand around 🙂 X

  2. It involves holding them still and rocking them from side to side. They are then completely in your power. Although quite what you can get a chicken to do whilst in your power is a bit of a puzzle. Pretend to be a man, perhaps?

  3. Sounds like the magic formula for a massive best-seller to me! That chicken hypnotising thing would be more useful it worked the other way round. Not you being in the chickens power, obvs, because there’s no telling where that would lead.

  4. ‘You will lay a golden egg…’ You never know? There’s got to be some use for it LOL. I may just have to give this a go on mine. Perhaps over a number of sessions it can change behaviour – ‘Stop coming into the house through the cat flap and pooping in the utility room and stop chasing the cats into the pond.’ There’s no chance of side effects is there? 🙂 X And I’m with Chris on the massive best-seller.

  5. If only I’d thought to put my skills into the book! A novel based around a woman who can hypnotise chickens..hmmm… Or, as Chris suggested, the other way around. Sarah, how do you feel about ME coming in through the cat flap and pooping in the utility room?

  6. I knew there had to be side effects LOL – but that’s a biggie. Best leave it to the professionals X

  7. Thanks, Tara and Sharon, I hope you’ll enjoy reading it when it comes out.

    There aren’t even any chickens IN the book…Am now off to practice squeezing through a cat flap with the cry ‘the chickens told me to do it…’

  8. Sounds great, Jane, can’t wait! I really think you should have featured Helga, Helga and Helga in your book though, they’ll be offended 😀

  9. Christina – yes, you are right, I have sadly neglected The Three Helgas in this book. Maybe I could put them in the dedication or something?

    Juliet – sorry, nowhere near as wonderful as Macbeth, and my witches are nowhere near as spooky. Or insane.

  10. Can’t wait to get my mits on this one, Jane. And why did the hypnotised chicken cross the road? Because you commanded it to. 😀

  11. Hypnotising chickens? Man, I have GOT to read this book!! A totally essential skill to have, even if it doesn’t work on children and tidying rooms. 😀

  12. Many thanks for your good wishes, Margaret. You’ve sold Brave to me. I like ‘seriously scared’ 🙂

    Liz X

  13. This one sounds right up my avenue……my Welsh granny was the village wise-woman – sub-text white witch, I think.
    Next year seems a long time to have to wait to further my knowledge….:)

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