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Anyone who’s been wearing earplugs and sitting in a cave on the moon might have managed to miss the fact that my new novel, ‘Vampire State of Mind’ is out on 7th of August, so I’ve been doing a lot of talks/interviews/mutterings behind my hand about writing in general, and particularly my own writing habits.

And here it is!  Put it on your wishlist now...

And here it is! Put it on your wishlist now...

This has made me think (probably wrongly) that anyone might be interested in my particular ‘wishlist’ of writing, which goes:
Peace and quiet.
Laptop on which the ‘k’ and ‘n’ keys do not stick down, because you can’t tell people that they stick down if those keys don’t work.
Tea. Hot, in a big mug.
A Big Mug who will bring me hot tea, walk the dogs and sort out meals. Edible ones. That don’t feature pizza – nasty stuff.
A window with a nice view, at which I might stare in search of inspiration.
Inspiration/chocolate (these two are interchangeable and, probably, synonymous).
Time. Lots of. Unencumbered by the need to walk dogs and cook (even pizza).
Johnny Depp. Especially if he could take off his shirt and chop down a tree somewhere I can watch him.
A tree for Johnny Depp to cut down.

That’s probably enough for now. Given all of those things I am positive I could turn out a masterpiece, but I can really only manage a couple (and one of those keeps cooking bl***y pizza). Now, tell me, what would your wishlist be, to make your life absolutely perfect?

16 thoughts on “Jane Lovering’s Wednesday Wishlist

  1. A man who knows how to massage. Oh. No. I have one of those.
    Strawberry milkshake and cheese toasties, then.
    I’m experiencing a warm glow thinking about them.

  2. Great post Jane. It’s the ‘f’ key on mine that’s gone which is rather worrying 🙂
    Mmmm. Wishlist. Rather boring I’m afraid. A new laptop, a cleaner, children who have discovered the word ‘harmony’ (and not that from their combined screams), a little shed come office in the garden, enough money to join liter life – and a classic car for hubs! The latter would ensure he didn’t keep accosting my computer and browsing car porn. And of course Time (sorry stealing from your list again) AND Johnny Depp come to think of it. I’ve the tree – shall we hatch a plan? 🙂

  3. Mine has somehow become quite expensive, encompassing as it does an office utterly removed from anyone who might wander in and ask me how the Sky remote works again, while yet still very close to things like the fridge and kettle. Said office would be lined with pictures of Richard Armitage, preferably shirtless, who would also wander in, in person, from time to time, also preferably shirtless, and ask me things that have nothing to do with the Sky remote, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

    Oh, and there would be lots of coffee.

  4. So, there’s agreement on the lack of shirtage (man variable), oh, and thanks for the tree offer, Sarah. Perhaps we could do some kind of timeshare? And I’d like a cleaner, although I have got the second best thing, an acute inability to see dirt. Laura, I’m with you on the strawberry milkshake, but not the man (they have a way of bursting in when I’m deep in thought, although they rarely want to know how the remote works, Kate….) I think we’ve all reached consensus on ‘Anything for peace and quiet’?

  5. Mine’s easy. A beach house in southern California, a weekend retreat in Monument Valley, and a private jet to take me anywhere that I feel would best suit my writing mood should the other two locations fail me. Oh, and champagne and curry. So, not much to ask for really 🙂

  6. I’m so glad it was Johnny, not *whispers* David or *coughs* Tony you wanted to chop that tree down for you! Me? I’d settle for muse who wasn’t quite such a moody-Judy and didn’t flounce off when I needed her.

  7. Chocolate (lots of it) and some time all by myself with no dogs to walk, food to cook, clothes to wash etc etc. Feel a Greta Garbo moment coming on … “I vant to be alooooone”!
    PS. If you have a shirtless man in your garden chopping down trees, he’ll ruin the peace and quiet!
    PPS. What’s wrong with pizza?
    PPPS. No, not strawberry – chocolate milkshake!

  8. Ironically was just thinking about this earlier tonight!

    -a cat to cuddle
    -hot, home-made AMERICAN (I have to hold on to _something_ from my roots!) brownies. Must be able to lick the bowl clean while (most of) the batter bakes. And don’t even think about touching the corner pieces. They’re mine.
    -a book I can’t wait to get back to when life interrupts, be it pleasure or work
    -DH sorting dinner (do I sense a theme here?), especially when on a deadline
    -and bring on the interruptions from shirtless men! (Oh how I miss Pamela Clare’s Man Titty Monday blog …)

  9. Mandy, you are very demanding! Champagne *and*curry? Together?! Chris, I did consider asking for David and Tony to come and lounge around my pond (not a euphemism) but Johnny would be more picturesque, and I wouldn’t keep stopping to talk to him. I know what you mean about the Muse…
    Margaret, sunshine is also on my list. Warmth would be a good second though, right now, eh?
    Christina, Johnny would be very quiet. Perhaps a rubber chopper? And pizza is all right as long as it’s not all bready.
    Juliet – yep, I hear you!

  10. Time, as my grandfather used to say, is all we have: it hangs in centuries around us. Though whether that has anything to do with the price of eggs when a deadline looms is moot. I write best in the quiet of the early morning, in bed, with a cup of tea, propped up against the pillows, with my favourite propelling pencil and a large A4 notebook, and a blank page and a thousand thoughts in my head.

  11. Whoa!!! What a superb cover. Love it – in a scary sort of way. Will be at front of queue with money in hot little hand. My wishlist: Cake and another 20 years to write.

    Only the former is achievable. x Carol

  12. Fennie, ditto here, I work best in the mornings, in my bed. Er. In a writing capacity, obviously…
    And Carol, thank you! I love the cover too. And cake is always a good thing. x

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