Sarah: whining on a Friday

65571_293069960759273_1915019023_nWhilst so many of my fellow Choc Lit authors and writerly friends are partying away at the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Summer Conference, I get to blog. Or whine. Because I wish I was there too!

I also wish my 8 yr old hadn’t broken his arm. If he hadn’t, there’d be nothing half way sensible (other than money ― but what’s that?) keeping me away!

dmg-60_medInstead of great company and conversation, I’m sat at my kitchen table all alone, my eldest insisting on going to school to show off his cast and I am listening to the incurable dripping tap, and the higher than usual shrill of the fridge-freezer. Because even that is joining in with the whining.

No doubt, today will be the day it decides to shrilly whine its last, pop its clogs, implode, spontaneously combust, or whatever it is fridge-freezers do in their death throes. Because of course, just to make me feel so much better, I’ve just clocked: it’s Friday the 13th.

So I’ve googled. It had to be done in my present frame of mind.

And where is my husband when I need him? Evidently, I should not be doing the school-run today. If you believe everything you read, women drivers have a 64% increased chance of death when driving on Friday the 13th. Best excuse for getting out of the school-run I’ve ever come across ― and for being in Penrith today (removing broken child from the equation)!

scaredy_cat_0515-0909-1716-2629_smuOf course I should take comfort from my googling. As far as I can see, there are no stats on increased chances of fridge-freezer implosion. And neither am I, a Knight of the Round Table back in the fourteenth century. Poor blokes. They had an appalling Friday the 13th…. Or at least I don’t think I am. Eeek! I recently got past life regressed (research for my latest work in progress) and…today is NOT the day to go there!

It’s not that I suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia (don’t you love that word to describe fear of Friday the thirteenth?) I may be a little more cautious on the day ― and will definitely be factoring in school-run avoidance in the future (really chuffed with that discovery!) ― it’s just, today…I want to be in Penrith!

For all those at the RNA Conference ― have a FABULOUS time! For all those not ― Happy Friday the 13th!

And sorry for whining. Particularly on a Friday and not a Wednesday 🙂 Quite therapeutic though!

18 thoughts on “Sarah: whining on a Friday

  1. Run that past me again… past life regression? Yikes! I’ve got enough to deal with in this one! But, not a poorly child or a poorly fridge – poor you! It’s a pity we’re not at Penrith with the rest of the gang, but hey, I have coffee and a big box of chocolate brownies, here *lobs one across cyberspace* catch!

  2. We wish you were coming to Penrith as well, but at least you don’t have to drive to get there – I do! Eek! Thanks for those stats … 🙂 Hope your son’s arm heals soon! And see you at the next conference for sure.

  3. Oh Chris – chocolate brownies! Thank YOU. I sooo could do with one of those. Not sure about the lobbing though on today of all days? 🙂 Yeah it’s a pity we aren’t there – but we can have our own party here! Re the past life regression – it was…interesting! X

  4. So sorry Pia about those stats – drive carefully! And ENJOY Penrith. Definitely hope to be at the next one 🙂

  5. Oh Sue – sorry you are having one too! Immediately sending you some of Chris’s chocolate brownies 🙂 Ditto re the taking care and the weekend improving…X

  6. Fun blog, Sarah. I enjoyed it.

    I’m not going to make your day worse by telling you that I am having a BRILL time at the RNAConf12!

    Liz X

  7. LOL Liz – so pleased you are having a BRILL time at the RNAConf12! *Grrrr…Absolutely NO chocolate brownies for Liz!* LOL Do hope you don’t get a hangover 🙂 XXX

  8. Sarah, we are having a very similar day! My breakdown is the leaky washing machine! (And now the kitchen floor!)
    Junior Trinder is poorly, as you know, so any chance of the last peaceful week before they break up next week is truly shattered!
    We should whinge together today – and I would provide cake ;o) Pffft to Friday 13th! xxx

  9. I’m joining your non-conf camp, Sarah….I’m at home, too. They can all be little fishes in a big sea up in Penrith and we, at home, are large fishes in a small sea….if you get my drift. Not talking clothes’ sizes here…:)And if it isn’t rubbing salt in woulds then I am about to make some Brownies…and a lemon drizzle cake….my birthday Monday and both are best for the keeping ….:)
    P.S. Great blog….:)

  10. TY Linda – welcome to the camp! If it carries on p-ing it down we will have a physical sea to link us! Happy Birthday for Monday. Mmmm. Lemon drizzle cake – I love! Am going to have to dig out my nigella cookery book. It’s both you and Chris talking cakes that’s done this! 🙂 X

  11. Sorry Donna – your comment has only just appeared! LOL – we did have a similar day – and SURVIVED! We will DEFINITELY whinge togther – no doubt every step of the way through the summer hols too 🙂 Do hope Junior Trinder is on the mend. And of course the washing machine (and the kitchen floor!) Cake sounds a most excellent idea. Hugs X

  12. Ditto, Sarah, I’m not in Penrith either. Hope everything has improved since Friday.

  13. Thanks Juliet – it has, I think 🙂 One of Chris’s choc brownies winging its way to you. Hope you are having a great weekend. X

  14. We missed you, Sarah! Come to Sheffield next year? Yes, it’s up to Noggin the Nog country again in July 2013!

  15. Thanks Margaret – I missed you all too! Everything crossed for Sheffield. Hope you had a FAB time! X

  16. Friggatriskaidekaphobia? When I first read that, I thought it meant fear of whining fridges (which seemed apt in your sitaution), but then I realised that Frigg or Frigga is the Norse goddess (wife of Odin), after whom Friday is named, and the penny dropped. The word itself gave me some cause for concern, though, because, you see, I suffer from hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (fear of long words)…

  17. LOL Henri – I can safely say, it WAS the longest word that would ever appear in my blog. But your hippopotomonstros thingumy is in a completely different league 🙂 Surely you must know of a word to describe fear of whining fridges…? X

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