Wonderful Wednesday: Sarah’s official cover…Choc Lit’s ‘Twilight’

On this rather Wonderful Wednesday, I can share with you the official cover for No such thing as…immortality. Needless to say, I love it!

No such thing as...immortality. Choc Lit's 'Twilight'

No such thing as...immortality. Choc Lit's 'Twilight'

You may note a ‘Twilight-esque’ feel to the design. That’s for good reason. No such thing as…immortality is to be promoted as Choc Lit’s Twilight.

  • As told entirely from the hero’s perspective ― this is vampire, Nathaniel Gray’s story
  • British
  • For grown women

Controversial? Quite possibly, but these days, any powerful first person love story featuring a vampire is likely to attract comparisons with Twilight, no matter the plot or the characters. We therefore decided to embrace such comparisions, particularly as the white rose on the cover couldn’t be more perfect for Nate’s story.

So Choc Lit, the home of the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s, 2012 Romantic Novel of the Year and best New Comer awards (well done again Jane and Evonne!) will now be home to a grown-up and very British, Twilight.

Thank you Choc Lit for having the faith in me and the book to market it this way. And thank you Berni Stevens for the perfect cover. How excited and squealy am I?  And look! That’s my name on there…*squeeeeeeel*

41 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday: Sarah’s official cover…Choc Lit’s ‘Twilight’

  1. It’s fab, Sarah, very classy and intriguing – can’t wait to read it! Very squeal-worthy! MXXX

  2. I’m not sure – I still think your boys’ designs took some beating… Seriously, Sarah, it’s utterly gorgeous – beautiful colour and that symbolic rose. I’m really looking forwards to reading Nathaniel’s story. Congratulations!

  3. The darkness of vampires mixed with the purity of love (the rose) Berni has got it just right!! Love it! Enjoy your squeal! xx

  4. Bugger work, they can wait – this is important. Beautiful, beautiful cover, Sarah! So looking forward to reading it! In fact, it’s so lovely, I just want to put it on my shelf, facing outwards… x

  5. Thank you so very much guys – glad you like it. This is all now – very real!
    And LOL Juliet – that’s a very good title! And Chris – my boys are keeping very quiet about this cover – not quite what they had in mind 🙂 Classy and intriguing does it for me Margaret. And Mandy – you are so right – Berni has it spot on. Thanks for buggering work Jane – it is beautiful, isn’t it? And yes, facing outwards. To be honest though, I’d just settle for any bookshelves to place it on. All mine have collapsed so at least one has to be sorted before January! I can’t wait for that moment Evonne,. Edits first though…:)

  6. Gorgeous cover, Sarah! Simply superb, and much, much better than Twilight, if I may say so 😉

  7. It’s a fantabulous cover, Sarah!! I can’t wait to read the book.

    Liz X

  8. Thank you Liz – hope you got your eye sorted? 🙂 X

  9. She has, hasn’t she Sue? Yep I love the title font too – although have to say I particularly like the name on there 🙂 X

  10. Fabulous cover, Sarah, and it’s a great idea to embrace the inevitable comparisons with Twilight and market its differences from that starting point.

  11. Thanks so much Kath. Yep – and No Such Thing is obviously all about what Choc Lit does best – the hero!

  12. This is even more fabulous than I expected! So excited for you, Sarah, and can’t wait to read it! Xxx

  13. It has to be said that Choc Lit do some of the best covers in the business and here’s another gorgeous one to add to the collection. Congratulations, Sarah! What a wonderful moment for you!

  14. Love it, Sarah, that’s absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous colour and the rose looks perfect! I too can’t wait to read this 🙂

  15. Oooooo it looks good!! Another Mr Grey/Gray too – so is it Twilight meets Fifty Shades? LOL! It looks brilliant and you should be very proud!!

    Mandy x

  16. Thank you Victoria for your lovely comments. I totally and utterly agree with you. Choc Lit’s covers are THE BEST! Yes, a very very wonderful moment XXX

  17. Thank you Pia – it IS so so beautiful. I can’t wait for you to read it too – rather fancy fast-forwarding through edits 🙂 X

  18. LOL Mandy – the Twilight meets Fifty Shades is a very very interesting thought! I wonder…LOL. Thank you so much for your comments X

  19. Thank you so much Donna – so pleased you like it. Must confess to being pretty bowled over with it. Can’t wait for you to read it too. Hugs X

  20. I’m just looking at it again. I really, really, really, really, reeaallly want to read it NOW! See what’s happened? I’ve turned into Violet Elizabeth. xx

  21. LOL What to call you Laura? Violet Elizabeth or Soothsayer Laura? Delighted the cover is clearly working, though 🙂 I wish you could read it now too – would mean the dreaded edits were behind me:) X

  22. How exciting. Well worth me waiting to get on my laptop to have a peek. Sarah, what a stunning cover and I love what the bullet points are saying 🙂 Can’t wait to read no such thing as … immortality! x

  23. Thank you so much Sharon – so pleased you deem it worth the wait:) I am chuffed to bits with it as you can no doubt tell. Thank you again XXX

  24. Ooh it’s gorgeous! I always thought the Twilight covers were lovely pieces of design, and they’ve often been imitated poorly–but this has a really nice twist with the blue background instead of predictable red. Very eye-catching. Love it!

  25. Thank you Kate. Everyone seems to love the blue background – definitely a good choice. X

  26. Thank you Elle – I am so very very pleased with it 🙂 All the best X

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