When it all becomes real – by Jane Lovering

My life has been pretty exciting lately with lots of occasions to dress up and prance about in public (although I am carefully not referring to that speech which may well become known as ‘Weegate’…). But today, just as I thought everything was calming down and I could get back to living what approximates to a normal life around here, a large box arrived. Containing my author copies of Vampire State of Mind.

With all the writing, and rewriting and editing and re-editing and proof reading, we tend to forget that these books we are creating (when we aren’t talking about ‘wee’ of course, and by we I mean me. Come to think of it, by ‘wee’ I mean me too…) aren’t just word files – they are real, solid entities that go out into the world and earn their living, like children. Except, unlike children, they rarely come back to eat the contents of the fridge. Anyway. Today I have had proof that Vampire State of Mind is an entity in its own right. A glossy-faced, stiff-spined, red-draped entity, which is welcome to the contents of my fridge, any time.

So, here I am, with Cal and one of the Helgas, appreciating the reality…

Me, Cal and one of the Helgas, truly appreciating the end product.

21 thoughts on “When it all becomes real – by Jane Lovering

  1. How exciting! It looks fabulous Jane – and managed to keep a smile on your face despite what looks to be kneading claws! Fabulous. Here’s to a Vampire State of Mind being yet another award winner. Sx

  2. Lovely pic of you, the cat and the chicken, not to mention the book! How exciting to be able t hold it at last!

    As Sarah said, may this be another winner!

    Liz X

  3. Fab photo, Jane! Really looking forward to reading Vampire State of Mind. Do love that title 😉 x

  4. I’ve never read a vampire book – this will be my first! Good luck (nice cat).

    Celia xxx

  5. CANNOT wait to read this. You all look fabulous, even the chicken. Massive congratulations. x

  6. And the cover goes beautifully with your hair and clothes – what more could an author want?

  7. I’m interested in the concept of books eating the contents of the fridge – do they do it at night? Maybe that is where the last of the whip cream walnuts went – and I was blaming my mum. Nice looking book, by the way. With ‘award winning author’ on the cover … 🙂

  8. Thank you everyone, it really *is* as beautiful in real life as it looks in the pictures! Celia, I hope you enjoy it, and Evonne… books eat cheese. Little known fact.

  9. I recall commenting on this cover when it was revealed – I love red.
    Your photo reminds me of one of those puzzles – how do we get Jane, the cat and the chicken across the other side of the garden, when only two can go in the wheelbarrow ( or should that be weebarrow

  10. Crackin’ cover, Jane. And Cal could be my Bella apart from the brown tinge to the fur around Cal’s face. They must be very different in temperament though. Bella would have eaten Helga sadly. Love to know how you keep them apart! x

  11. I have to know……which came first – the book cover colour or the box from l’Oreal??? Perfect match! Another prize-winner for you in the making…..yes!

  12. Can’t wait – looking forward to finding out about the annoying and arrogant … and sexy vampires 🙂 Looks fab.
    ps striking photo – love it

  13. That’a terrific photo – the cat looks nearly as happy as you. Not sure about the chicken – do chickens do happy?

  14. Mandy, we have no probs with the cats and hens – the cats are terrified! Those Helgas are pretty menacing when they get together, you know.
    Laura -I think weebarrow is a classic Freudian slip!
    Linda, the hair is courtesy of my Lovely Chris, who ‘does’ me at regular intervals.
    Chris, of course chickens do happy, you should hear them at 4.30am, they are ecstatic round about that time…
    Everyone else – thank you. I truly hope you enjoy my vampires as much as I do!

  15. Saw the piece in the Western Morning News, Jane, with my pal Linda Mitchelmore. Very well done, the pair of you, and to Choc Lit for publishing your books! And for your award, too!
    Love the colour of the hair, too!
    And the pussy cats!
    Margaret P

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