W is for Wonderbabes!

theromaniacstagsmallWhat Wonderbabes?

The Romaniacs!

Both as a writer and a creative writing tutor, I love the idea of writing groups. My attention’s been caught by The Romaniacs, a group that’s all about romantic fiction, made up of writers from the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme, all of whom are pretty intent on their goals.

Another thing I love is getting somebody else to write my blogposts for me. So I’ll let the Romaniacs tell you about themselves:

Every writer knows how hard it is to keep going when your mind is as blank as the page you’re staring at. That’s where finding a group of like-minded people comes in handy. For us, we believe the strings of fate brought us together.

We share aspirations, and a determination to ‘get there’. We offer a bonded support network, day and night, that isn’t just limited to our writing but is personal, too. We work together to form pieces for the blog and other sites/magazines who request it from us.

Regarding our individual writing goals, we offer feedback, critiquing, and motivational talks to each other to help better our own and each others’ careers.

Via our blog, we highlight our highs and lows to those who follow us. We’re at the beginning of our journeys and offer an in-depth account of the true road to publication. There are lots of people yet to find writing groups and buddies for themselves so our aim is to put a huge Romaniac arm around their shoulders and include them in the writing world, keeping them informed of the technical side (writing tools, interviews with authors/agent/publishers, details of competitions etc) along with the fun side of writing (the friendship, lighthearted posts and the like.)

We met through social networking – Facebook and Twitter – and over the course of a few gatherings, our friendships began to blossom and grow. As Sue Fortin aptly put it, ‘We were conceived at the Festival of Romance 2011, born at the RNA winter party, crawled around New Year and took our first steps into the big wide world in February 2012, when we launched ourselves upon the unsuspecting literary folk.’

Laura James says, ‘There is no jealousy, no selfishness and no one-upmanship. We give and receive support and encouragement, which strengthens our sometimes-fragile self-belief; we bolster each other when our foundations are rocked and keep our communications honest. Above all, we have complete faith and trust in one another.’ Jan Brigden adds, ‘We are nine different personalities, with just one voice.’

Celia agrees. ‘Personal support is a vital part of what we do – I type this whilst sitting next to a beautiful vase of flowers, delivered to me from the others after announcing the loss of my father.’

It’s the strong friendship that builds the foundation of The Romaniacs, the key to making it work.

That, and the crazy streak that runs through us all!

The Romaniacs aren’t looking for new members but are a great example of how a writing group, whether it takes place in a community centre or via the Internet, can help everybody in it.


22 thoughts on “W is for Wonderbabes!

  1. Having a good support network is so helpful both before and after publication; it can pick you up on the dark days of rejections and unkind reviews,but you’ve also got someone to celebrate with on the good days. Congratulations to you all!

  2. Thank you for having us over on the Choc Lit Blog, Sue! I have a feeling being called Wonderbabes may go to our heads this weekend. Look forward to seeing some of the Choc Lit authors at the RNA Conference.

    Catherine x

  3. Hi, Romaniacs!

    I’ve already ‘met’ you on several occasions – some of you in real time, some of you in cyber space. Yours is a fabulous, very professional blog, and I always enjoy it.

    I’m looking forward to meeting some, if not all, of you at the RNA conference this year.

    Liz X

  4. Go Wonderbabes! (Shall I be the one who lowers the tone and mentions the famous Wonder-bras? No, I don’t think so.)

  5. Thank you so much for hosting us, Sue. Some really lovely comments. Hope everybody here who is going to the conference this week has a fabulous time x x

  6. Evonne, I missed a trick! I should have asked for the pix to be of the Romaniac Wonderbabes wearing Wonderbras. Tsk.

    Sue x

  7. Love the support stuff! I am not a Romantic/Chicklit writer (I write adult/ teen crime fic)but you ladies are a wonderful example of a supportive, caring network. As to guest blogging – I just had my first guest. Great fun. Any of you care to volunteer? Love to host you! (http://carolhedges.blogspot.com/)or via Facebook. My blog is your blog…. come on over to the crime-side! x

  8. Sue – Wonderbras provide fabulous uplift, and so does belonging to a group like the Romaniacs. 🙂 Every girl’s secret weapon.

  9. Yay Yay for the Romaniacs!!! You babes are wonderful individually and phenomenal together. Here’s to you all achieving the success you deserve!

  10. You go, girls! Having a good support network makes all the difference when you are starting out – hell, it makes a difference when you’re on the way, as we Chocliteers can testify. It’s a wonderful ethos, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you, either again or for the first time, at Conference. Good luck to the lot of you!

  11. Great, great post, Sue……it reminded me of what Telly Savalas’ father did. He gave each of his sons one matchstick and told them to break their matchstick in half – which, of course, they were able to do. Then he gave each of them a bundle representing all of them and told them to break that – of course, they couldn’t. So….the analogy is….we are stronger for being in such a supportive network. Go, Romaniacs, go – and have a wonderfully supportive (with or without the Wonderbras) at the conf.

  12. Great post! It’s so important to have writing buddies and I love the way you’ve all found each other. Look forward to seeing you at the conference tomorrow!

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