Wednesday’s W is for Winning!

stos_coversmallThis week’s Wednesday alliteration is the word WINNING, as in fabulous prizes, which is what you will have a chance to do for the next three weeks!  Leading up to the paperback publication of my new novel, The Silent Touch of Shadows, we’ve decided to have some fun with weekly competitions rather than a launch party.  So we hope you’ll join in from the comfort of your home or office and even bring your own wine.  Not that we’re encouraging drinking on the job of course!

On publication day itself, Saturday 7th July, we’ll be giving away the top prize – a Kindle, pre-loaded with some of mine and the other Choc Lit authors’ award-winning novels! – to one lucky person who has entered the contest during the previous weeks and the final day.  To make it fair, we’ll put all the names in a hat and draw one at random.  It could be you!

Now for the first two weeks, we would like you to guess the answer to a question and we’ll be posting one clue a day on Twitter, Facebook and my blog to help you out.  During this time, there will also be random book giveaways to those folks that RT on Twitter, Share on Facebook and generally spread the word – so there’s a chance to win something every day.  What could be better?

So can you guess what this week’s prize is? Well, that’s the first question, and here’s the first clue – it’s something you can wear on your wrist (and it’s vaguely related to the book of course). As I said, we’ll be giving you four more clues – one each day, on Twitter, Facebook and my blog. Once you know the answer, please leave a comment on my blog (here). The correct one, plus the week’s winner, will be revealed there in a week’s time, together with next week’s competition.

Please keep checking Twitter (@PiaCCourtenay), Facebook and my blog for clues and best of luck everyone!

(And if you don’t want to wait, The Silent Touch of Shadows is available now on Kindle)

Christina x

21 thoughts on “Wednesday’s W is for Winning!

  1. Oh I’m loving this! Am guessing we can’t enter so good luck everyone! PS Am mid The Silent Touch of Shadows and loving that too 🙂

  2. What a fantastic prize!! As Sarah says, I guess we can’t enter…perhaps if I wore a cunning disguise and changed my name?
    Anyway I urge everyone else to enter – I have read The Silent Touch of Shadows and loved it!

  3. Wow! What a fabulous prize. I would enter the competition, but a) I’ve already got a Kindle (just lurve my Kindle…), and b) as a Choc Lit author I’d probably be disqualified automatically so I won’t. But good luck to everyone else!

  4. Thanks guys! You’re right, you’re not allowed to enter I’m afraid, but thank you for the lovely comments anyway 🙂

  5. Thanks for the guess, Tara – I won’t give the answer until next Wednesday, so we’ll see then if you’re right! Enjoy the wine 🙂

  6. What a brilliant idea!!

    I wish Choc Lit authors could enter – though I know we can’t. This is a source of great sadness as I don’t have a kindle.

    I shall, therefore, wish you Good Luck, Fennie!

    Liz X

  7. No need to enter as I have my Kindle but I am really looking forward to reading The Silent Touch of Shadows.I am here catching up on all the posts I missed during my computer woes, so good to be back.

  8. I want a Kindle! I want a Kindle!(Jumps up and down and stamps feet.) Oh well, I’ll have to make do with having had an early preview of Silent Touch .. and if you like books that take place in two time frames, have ghosts, romance and old houses – this one most definitely needs to go at the top of your list.

  9. First weeks prize is not a Kindle!
    First clue: You can wear it on your wrist – LOL!
    Happy guessing.

  10. No, the Kindle is the final prize, but the interim ones are lovely too (well, I think so 🙂 ) So good luck to everyone who enters and thank you for the comments so far!

  11. Thank you Melinda, glad you like the title and hope you enjoy the book too 🙂

  12. I have Silent Touch of Shadows sitting on my Kindle, but I’m saving it to read! Am I the only person who rations their reading – it’s such a fabulous feeling, knowing there’s a terrific book just waiting for you to start – but I want to have a long, unbroken run of reading ahead of me so that I can savour it. Roll on the holidays!

  13. Jane – I do that too, save special books for when I know I can read them without interruptions. Makes it so much more enjoyable!

    Linda – thank you, glad you like it 🙂

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