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Visual 1. Arun age 8

I thought I would share with you my visuals for No Such Thing…as immortality? Okay, they are unofficial. The official one is currently in the pipeline which is very exciting.

But these are the visuals I currently use (at home) ― produced by my two children. Up until a couple of days ago they would argue constantly, normally on the school-run amidst their constant bickering of who was speaking first, who was interrupting who, who punched who first etc ― about which of them would produce the cover for my book. So I thought, let’s give them a shot at this.

Of course, when it came to coming up with the goods, they weren’t quite so keen. It was so much more preferable to simply argue about it.

The brief didn’t particularly help:

  • A love story (Eurghhh) They are boys
  • With vampires (Yay! ‘But I can’t draw vampires’ my 8yr old advised and then insisted on a £5 fee for his services)
  • Humans (shrugs)
  • And possibly faeries (eurghggh, spit, fingers down throats, raspberries you name it and probably lots you couldn’t). Faeries can be bad, I said cunningly (‘Nah, still not a chance,’ from he who is 8. ‘Can they have horns, mummy?’ from my 5 yr old)
  • There’s a pretty cool scene on a boat ― me at my most persuasive (thoughtful pause from my 5 yr old followed by, ‘Are there sharks in your book, mummy?’ A dismissive shrug said it all from he who is 8 ― you’ve paid for a vampire and not a boat.

Visual 2. Max age 5

Visual 2. Max age 5


Visual number 1. From Arun who is 8 (and a half).arun-master-2

A vampire. He has thrown in a full moon, a couple of bats and eight stars for free, which impressed me. I have to say, I actually think he has drawn a VERY cool vampire. I didn’t give Arun a physical description, feeling Will’s finer points would not be suitably appreciated. But he got the tall and dark right…

Visual number 2. From Max who is 5.

We have vampires, faeries, a boat and bats (one hanging upside down, just as they do). To the left are three vampires. To the right are two faeries…with horns. He advises me they are demon faeries which I must say is providing me with food for thought. They are all above the safety railings on a boat. Max it would appear has gone for a cruise liner style of boat rather than a yacht (my fault, I said boat in the brief!). The boat is complete with potholes. In fact they are portholes (in yellow) but as he was drawing them he confused me for a while by referring to them as potholes. The faerie with the red all over its face has been attacked by a vampire and apparently there are two dead faeries that have gone into the sea out of the picture.

These covers might not be quite right. But I would say, I love them to bits. In fact, I fully intend to put them behind glass alongside my actual cover!

In a post sometime soon, I  hope to reveal the ‘official’ cover of No Such Thing…as immortality?

Thank you for humouring me 🙂

27 thoughts on “Sarah reveals her unofficial covers

  1. Totally wonderful! I love your descriptions of the negotiations.

    They should both be commissioned: fingers down throat, raspberries and all.

    Thank you for a gigglingly great way to start the working week!

  2. Thanks Juliet – your comments have made me giggle too 🙂 Sure we could find an angle on your book to make it appeal to them – although not necessarily your target readers 🙂 £5 a pop for their services – who said you can’t make money out of writing ? 🙂

  3. Love these, Sarah, they are absolutely brilliant! I would frame them too 🙂 And I love that I’m not the only parent who has to pay for such things – my kids used to hold me to ransom too (although sometimes payment in chocolate was accepted).

  4. Sarah – They’re totally, totally brilliant! Those boys have a bright future ahead of them, in politics, marketing, and the visual arts. All at the same time….

    My daughter did a cover for one of my books (unpubbed) a couple of years back, and I truly treasure it.

  5. Thanks Pia – glad it’s not just me who likes them 🙂 I’m only just encountering this ransom thing, but you’ve reassured me it’s a wider phenomenon. Max bless him hasn’t hit that age yet.

  6. Oh Linda – thank you – what a wonderful thing to say! But am afraid to say the boys would not necessarily agree 🙂 X

  7. Thank you Henri! And it’s funny you say that about the politics – have always thought Arun would make a great politician, although he wants to be a Chelsea footballer, the funniest man in the world, a food critic…and a writer. Max incidentally wants to be an artist as well as a nocturnal lollypop man so he can escort badgers safely across the road. Oh dear. Am in full mummy mode here. Sorry! But yes, can totally see why you treasure your daughter’s cover 🙂 X

  8. Great post, Sarah. 😀 Great sons, also.

    My son wrote the soundtrack for my book trailer, and he once played at one of my signings. I wouldn’t recommend the latter because everyone stopped buying books to listen to him!

  9. Thanks Sue. Wow – gifted son – would love to hear it. Which trailer? Will heed your advice re the signings – think non-buying of books would be the least of my worries with my two present:) Incidentally…did you have to pay him? X

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures, Sarah! Well worth treasuring (and, incidentally, producing to embarrassing effect in 20 years time – trust me, I’m an expert).

  11. Fantastic post, Sarah! I so enjoyed it. As the mother of two sons, who were the age of yours at some point many years ago, I can picture the scene so well – and the results they’ve produced are such fun. Watch our book cover designers!!

    Liz X

  12. LOL. Thanks Jane. And a VERY good point that truly makes them priceless 🙂 X

  13. Laughing at Jane’s comment, although I can’t believe either of those covers will ever ‘bite’ the boys in years to come. Jeez, am incredibly impressed with Arun’s business brain. Young Apprentice eat your heart out… oh, but that’s werewolves not vampires isn’t it? A lovely trailer for your official cover, but, gosh your boys have set the bar high for ‘our’ designer!

  14. LOL thanks Chris – believe if the pictures were produced at just the right moment, may be able to make them bite :)X

  15. Love the pictures and blog Sarah, it seems that you are not the only talented one in the family x

  16. Wonderful! – you’ve got your next book. ‘Children Designing Covers.’ Just think what they might come up with if you asked them to design a cover for Hamlet (might cost a bit though). And there aren’t any sharks – but just imagine what giant worms might be found in the grave!

  17. LOL – very good point Fennie – I like your thinking! My kids let loose on all the classics – mmmm. You’re right – and Max can draw wicked worms – it’s the millipedes that take him the time. Arun specialises in gangsters. I wonder if they’d quote me a one-off price? Have a feeling Arun would insist on an hourly rate 🙂 X

  18. But where are the trains, the turbo-wasps and the spaceships docking with the shuttle? You haven’t forgotten to put those in the story, have you, Sarah?

  19. Evonne – sorry am in stitches here…Yep so do I – particularly the one hanging upside down:) Sorry. Am shaking too much to type!! Class Evonne. Class XX

  20. LOL, Sarah, love the anecdote and the drawings. I imagine they’d demand a high fee for a Jane Austen cover – or have they already been involved in the Pride, Prejudice and Zombies one?!

  21. Yes I imagine they would Juliet – but would be very interesting to see what they came up with:) You are spot on – zombies ARE a speciality LOL X

  22. Thank you Kate – so sorry – your comment has only just appeared 🙂 X

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