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lbfLast week, Christina Courtenay and I helped on the Choc Lit stand at the London Book Fair, and Juliet Archer joined us for a while on Wednesday. For anybody who doesn’t know, the LBF is a huge trade fair, currently held in Earls Court, London. Lots of deals are done and rights are sold, there. The function of we authors was to man the stand when the others were in meetings, handing out chocolates and Choc Lit catalogues, taking the cards of people who’d like to know more and writing down details.

I also drank a lot of peppermint tea, but that wasn’t mandatory.


Christina Courtenay

For someone who spends much of their working life on their own in a room, creating a fictional world, to be in the middle of the book fair in proper office clothes is quite a culture shock. But I really enjoyed the buzz and the fact that I was doing something different. And we met all kinds of people – a Scotsman in a kilt with a whoopee cushion tucked behind his sporran (to entertain kids, apparently), a man who said he had the cure for cancer, and agents and publishers of all nationalities.

Here’s Christina, with her bowl of chocolates. (I’m afraid we had to keep testing them – they were milk chocolate hearts in pink foil – just to check that nobody would be harmed as we gave them out.


Sue Moorcroft

And wow were my feet aching at the end of three days!


11 thoughts on “London Book Fair – Sue Moorcroft

  1. Well done all of you and thanks! I think you deserved a few chocolates to help forget the aching feet!

  2. It sounds like a fun day.

    I admire your sacrificial act in testing the chocolates throughout the day to ensure consistency of quality. Indeed, you are examples to us all, and I intend to emulate that example as soon as I can get to the box of chocolates in the kitchen.

    Liz X

  3. Exhausting stuff – but by the sounds of it, entertaining – and full of characters that could be used in future books 🙂
    Thanks guys

  4. Thank you – I owe you both a big drink!

    Ooh, don’t our books look lovely?

  5. What gorgeous ambassadors (or is that ambassadresses?) you looked, too…..thanks both for working so hard for the rest of us, and Sue for the post…..great to have this insider knowledge ….and even greater to see my book up there….still on a could here …:)

  6. It was great fun, although having to test the chocolate was a bit of a hardship 🙂 – had to be done though! Yes, that man with a whoopee cushion behind his sporran gave us quite a surprise, didn’t he!? I think I prefer my own Scottish hero. And wearing shorts under his kilt is definitely cheating 😀
    The book display looked amazing and all the covers were much admired!

  7. Just shows you that Choc-lit authors can cope with any occasion as long as there is chocolate involved. The stand, and the ambassadresses, look great 🙂

  8. Sue, Christina and the Choc Lit team did a fantastic job over the 3 days – I was tired after just a few hours on the Wednesday, even with pink-heart-shaped sustenance!
    In that short space of time, I bumped into two other RNA members – Liz Fenwick and Niki (from London chapter).

  9. Wow! You both looked fabulous – and thank you for working so hard on our behalves (although looking up Scotsmen’s kilts does NOT count as working, Christina!).

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