Juliet’s Monday Hottie

Today is St George’s Day and I thought I’d offer St G as a Wednesday Hottie – except it’s Monday.


Here are his vital statistics:

Age: about 1,730 years old.

Occupation: soldier in the Roman army, rising to the equivalent rank of Colonel.

Looks: tall, fair and handsome – or so legend has it.

Status: saint and Christian martyr. Defended his beliefs against his boss, Emperor Diocletian, which did not go down well. He was beheaded in 303 AD.

Qualifications: expert dragon slayer.

Famous namesakes: (left to right in case you can’t tell!) George Clooney, George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), Giant George, the world’s tallest dog.

george-clooney george-valentin giant-george

You see – four hotties for the price of one!

10 thoughts on “Juliet’s Monday Hottie

  1. That picture of George Clooney did it for me Juliet – great way to kick off the week. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Oh for a man to slay dragons for me…..however, I do have a problem with saintliness and slaying in the same body…as per St. George….complex personality or what??

  3. The trouble with the 1,730 year old George is that he was almost certainly a misogynist – as were most men who ended up martyred for their faith. Besides having lived in Wales for thirty years I’ve always felt that the dragon in this story gets a raw deal. I mean it’s really the Europa story isn’t it? You know where the bull persuades the naive maiden to climb on his back and then flies off with her to Crete. Anyone seen a bull fly? At least the dragon had wings and a bit of central heating too. And who knows, maybe the maiden might have preferred Carmarthen anyway.

  4. Ah, Fennie, what’s not to love about Carmarthen with its links to Merlin and King Arthur? Giant George is quite a looker, Juliet – great post!

  5. Sounds great to me, Juliet, although I love dragons so would have preferred it if he hadn’t killed the poor beast 🙂 Happy St George’s Day everyone!

  6. I’m sure that Richard Armitage must have played a character called George at some point or other so you could have included him #missedopportunities

  7. I’ve never been into older men, so I’ll have to pass on this one, Juliet. However, if he’s been moisturising he might be worth a second look, but I don’t think moisturiser and dragons are a natural combination…

  8. Please can we stop all this pointless commenting about Mr Armitage? He’s fully committed to my next three projects. So he’s busy – all right? He doesn’t have time to play with any of you. I’m looking forward to seeing what he makes of playing George Oakenshield in The Hobbit.

  9. There’s an episode in one of my Prince Valiant graphic novels where a knight with a red cross on his shield slays a giant crocodile. I was always rather fond of that particular strip, except the bit where the crocodile eats his beautiful horse…. Yikes!

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