A slightly messier version … Christina Courtenay

office11After the beautiful, uncluttered offices of Sue, Chris and Jane, I’m almost ashamed to post this photo of my work space.  It’s messy and cramped in a cubby hole next to our bedroom, but it’s how I like it and I know exactly where everything is (well, most of the time).


No, you’re not seeing double – I do have two laptops.  Not because I think I’ll write more books that way, but since I had one become infected by an internet virus, I prefer to keep my writing on one that’s not connected to the outside world.  I also have about a milliion USB pens.  What, slightly paranoid, moi? 


On the right hand side is my notice board, but since I don’t have any running medals (or medals of any kind), I stick images of possible heroes on there instead, just for inspiration you understand 😉  My book shelf next to it contains all sorts of research books and part of my TBR pile, plus other bits and pieces that might come in useful one day – drawing pins, postcards, rubber bands, pens, odd bits of paper, post-it-notes etc.  And at the top there is a collection of stuffed toys that have sentimental value in one way or another, including my first ever teddy bear who was once possibly a polar bear, but is now more or less naked and definitely not white!  (No monkeys though.)


I have put up some of my daughters’ lovely Manga drawings and my youngest dog’s winning rosettes from when he was doing the dog show circuit – a total of one third place and one first (won because he was the only dog entered!).  The rest of my “office” (which thankfully doesn’t show in the photo) contains my collection of favourite DVD’s, a poster of a sumo wrestler, umpteen files of genealogy stuff and too many other things to list here.  One of these days I’ll get organised … maybe … well, possibly not …

4 thoughts on “A slightly messier version … Christina Courtenay

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the glimpses into everyone’s working spaces and writing habits. It’s fascinating to see what different writers to to get ‘in the zone’.

  2. That’s not ‘messy’, it’s ‘homely’, and it all looks very inspirational. Hmmm, must get some pictures of men…I mean potential heroes to stick on my board.

  3. Homely? Yes, great word! Makes me feel much better about it And I’d better get a monkey too – maybe they bring luck?!

  4. It’s my birthday soon and I am definitely going to ask for a monkey…

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