The Male Voice of Choc Lit


I’m not the first Choc Lit author to have a novel brought to life as an audiobook, courtesy of W.F. Howes at Whole Story Audiobooks. And I certainly won’t be the last.

But am I the first Choc Lit author to have one read by a man?

The bloke in question is called Jonathan Keeble and he’s currently the voice of Gareth Taylor in BBC Radio 4’s The Archers.

More importantly, in The Importance of Being Emma he’s the perfect voice for Mark Knightley. I can only imagine it’s like being wrapped naked in warm ganache. (Wikipedia defines ganache as ‘normally made by heating cream, then pouring it over chopped dark semi-sweet chocolate … stirred or blended until smooth, with liqueurs or extracts added if desired’ – get the idea?)

The book alternates between the viewpoints of Mark and Emma, so there’s also a female voice. That’s provided by Melody Grove, who sounds as delightful as her name.

Of course, in my fantasy world, Jonathan’s voice would face strong competition – Richard Armitage, Colin Firth, Matthew Macfadyen and Benedict Cumberbatch for starters.

Whose voice would you like in the audio role of your favourite hero?

11 thoughts on “The Male Voice of Choc Lit

  1. Oooh – decisions, decisions, Juliet

    Hmm…probably the first voice that springs to mind is Richard Burton – so smooth and rich, and sexy.

    Or if it’s said in Italian, so much the better 😉

    Funny you should blog this as I love men’s voices and was just talking about subject over the weekend. I couldn’t take anyone serious who had a squeaky warble.


  2. Interesting, Juliet. Simon Russel Beale, Alan Rickman and Alan Howard would be high on my list for narrators. Emila Fox for the female role. Sounds like your recording is going to be one to listen out for!

  3. I’m also audio books, Juliet,and mine are both read as first-person female, which is fine since that’s the way they’re written. To voice my heroes… I think I’d have to give another vote to Benedict Cumberbatch for his wonderful, dark-brown tones.

  4. Matthew’s voice on my audio book wasn’t quite how I ‘heard’ him! I like a slightly husky male voice, myself, which is how Matthew ‘spoke’ to me, but I’m not sure how I’d cast him. You must be thrilled to have Jonathan Keeble reading for you!

  5. Sounds great, Juliet! I’m not sure who I’d choose to do the voices for my heroes, but my favourite one is Sean Bean – he makes me want to buy an O2 sim card even though I’ve already got one! I’ll have to write a hero who talks with his northern accent I think 😀

  6. I’d pick Sean Bean too, Christina, or of course my beloved Richard Armitage! Either would be perfect for Harker. I’m not sure I could pick a voice for Luke. Someone calm, cultured, and deeply sexy. Hmm, yes, Matthew McFadyen would do nicely!

  7. I listen to The Archers every day, and I’m trying to place Gareth Taylor. Strange. I probably will when I hear him.

    So who would be the voice of Kalden? Hmm. I must give that some thought. It’s an interesting thing to think about in terms of one’s character.

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