Kate Johnson is very excited to announce…

…that not one, not two, but THREE Choc-Liteers have been shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award!

The best part is that they’re all in different categories, so we’re not even in competition with each other. Hussah!

Christina Courtenay has been shortlisted for the Historical RoNA with her wonderfully evocative Highland Storms, sequel to Trade Winds. It’s set in Scotland, with a strong-willed heroine, brave and gorgeous hero, and even a stalwart dog. What more could you want?

Highland Storms

Jane Lovering has been shortlisted for the Romantic Comedy RoNA with her hilarious and touching Please Don’t Stop The Music. Set in York, it features a heroine running from her own past and a rockstar hero with a monumental secret to hide.

Please Don't Stop The Music

And the final nominee is… me! The Untied Kingdom has been shortlisted for the Contemporary RoNA. It’s set in a third world country fighting an endless civil war… called England. Its star is a man who is neither a rockstar nor a laird, but an army major, grumpy and weary and brave. And his heroine, a girl who is haunted by the memory of lime green hotpants.

The Untied Kingdom

While we’re not in direct competition with each other, I’ve seen the shortlists and boy howdy, there are some big names and some fabulous books listed there. So cheer for us Choc-Liteers on Monday, 5th March, when we take on the titans… er, I mean when the winners are announced!

Jane, Christina, and Kate
Jane, Christina, and Kate

19 thoughts on “Kate Johnson is very excited to announce…

  1. Congratulations to the three of you!!! That is such BRILLIANT news. I’m now rooting for each of you to win your category. Fingers crossed so tightly that I can hardly write.

    Liz X

  2. Mega Congratulations – times three in fact. Here’s to 5th March and cheering you on.

    PS – Christina – loved your new cover, but blog was sulking and would not let me in to say so!

  3. Congratulations to all of you! I’ll be doing everything I can on the day to make sure you all win. Like spitting over my left shoulder, wearing an old boot, putting a rabbit’s foot in my handbag (sorry, Snuffles), and nailing a horseshoe to the doors of No. 1 Whitehall Place (while keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get arrested for that).

  4. As excuses to buy new frocks and shoes go – you have to admit, it’s a doozy! But seriously, how fantastic that Choc Lit has three of us on that shortlist. Good luck, girls…

  5. I know, it’s brilliant to have three of us! Thanks for all your congratulations, everyone, it’s all so exciting.

    And yes, I have a frock in mind, and shoes…oh, I have several of those to choose from!

  6. Massive, massive congrats to you all……just planning the celebs now for when you all win…..think positive, never mind those other big names – your names are just great! I am happy to know you all.

  7. Will definitely need new shoes or outfit! Thanks everyone for rooting for us, but perhaps no need for the spitting, Henri? 😀 (Or at least, do it outside). Maybe we can hide the horseshoe under the table?

  8. This is so fantastic, may you all win in your categories – and, as for those Titans, you have nothing to fear 🙂 !!!

  9. Very exciting news, I have the first two books on my Mt TBR and am looking forward to reading and reviewing them soon. As for your title Kate it has gone straight on my ever growing Wishlist.

  10. Evonne – I can’t wear the old boot because it’ll be (shhhh) nailed to the door. And, Christina, I’m a bit miffed that I’m not allowed to spit. It’s very important, you know 🙂

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