Kate’s Wednesday hottie

Have we mentioned Aidan Turner yet? No? Why on earth not!

Let me give a brief description. He’s tall, he’s fit, he’s funny, he doesn’t seem to mind getting his kit off, he has gorgeous chocolate-drop eyes, and he’s Irish.

I first saw him in Being Human, as the century-old rockstar-like vampire Mitchell, and then in Desperate Romantics as a rockstar-like Dante Gabriel Rosetti. Do we notice a pattern here?

He’s currently in New Zealand, filming The Hobbit. Er, as a dwarf. Well, that should be interesting!

10 thoughts on “Kate’s Wednesday hottie

  1. Goodness,yes…..there’s something about a man with longer than average and 7 o clock shadow….I’m coming over all hot and cold….and there was me thinking I was too old for the vapours …:)

  2. Oh Linda, I just laughed out loud! Given his propensity for stripping off on screen I find this a pressing question…

  3. Rachel, I know. I’m holding out for flashbacks! Also: I forgot to mention he was the younger lover in Hattie last year. Also half-dressed…

  4. Thanks for bringing him to our attention, Kate 😀 Must get the DVDs of Being Human! And Linda – LOL!

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